Be loyal, Karma never waits!

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Christmas Teens & Young Adult Romance

"Tina! Tina! " Jayden called her. She didn't even see his face n started walking with her friend Stella. 

“ Tina, he is calling you,” Stella told her.

“ I know, ignore him” Tina continued on her way, without a glance at Jayden.

Every step of her made her remember the thing he did. She went to the coffee shop with Stella , her mood didn’t allow her to drink coffee, she asked the waiter to parcel it.Seeing her sadness, “what’s wrong Tina? tell me. He said.”

“ No nothing, just bitter memories of the past” Tina chuckled,

“ Are you sure?” Again Stella asked her with concern. 

“ Yes" She replied and got up, and went to the wash room, to wash her face. She saw one of her friends Filomina kissing Joy, the friend of Jayden in the wash room, Tina angered,

"Filomina, What rubbish are you doing with him???? 

Don't you know anything about him?? " Tina shouted with anger. Looking at Tina, Joy said,” We love each other”

“Oh ! Do you know whether he truly loves you only?”, as a friend, please reject these type of boys because they aren’t genuine “ Filomina was shocked on hearing this from Tina, Joy was stuck with fear, Tina turned towards Joy, “ if you ever cheat my friend, I will kill you" and moved out of the coffee shop.

  While she came out she saw, Jayden standing there , he approached her,

“ Tina I need to talk to you “

Tina got angry and threw the coffee over his face and went away. She came home, locked her room and cried aloud remembering the love she had with Jayden. The past hit her hard.

  That was a lovely morning, Tina heard few songs of birds and woke up from bed. She was puzzled to find a text message from a new number "Good Morning Sweetie". She thought that someone is playing with her and she didn't respond for it and kept aside. The whole day, the messages keep on tinging her mobile. Tina's thoughts went to Jayden as he was in love with her and longed to speak to her. But the conversation showed as someone close to her heart. She thought it would be Stella.

In the evening, Tina went to church as the day was special "The Christmas-Eve". She came home late enjoying the colourful sky with her friends. It's 11 p.m." You need to know about me, right? 

Will you speak if you see the real face of mine? " A message came. 

"Who is this in this time? 

" Lemme said 'yes' and found the person "her heart said to her. 

"Yes!!! "She replied. 

" Come out of your house" a reply came. 

She came out with a puzzle. She was shocked to find Jayden in front of her house. Her heart beat faster than usual "Lub-dub, lub-dub, Lub-dub".Her hands started to shiver but he looked her with happiness and showed his mobile with the message. She rushed home and closed the door but felt the happiness in her heart.

She didn't respond to his message thereafter. After Christmas vacation, she went to the college and found Jayden standing near the twin lawn. She changed her way to library and went to class late.

  As Jayden was her senior, He came inside the class and called Tina. 

"Tina! Come out, I need to talk with you. "

"Get up".he said with anger. With a fear she got up and went out of her class. 

" Listen Tina. I'm in love with you. That's true but it's your wish to love me back but please keep your promise. Just talk to me". He said and moved from that place.

  Tina started talking with him everyday on his request. Day by day, She fell in love with him knowing about his entire character. But she didn't reveal it to him. She asked and shared everything to Jayden without hesitation.

  They became closer. Both Tina and Jayden became lovers. They had many dates, Tina decided to commit with him. 

  One day, while Tina and her friend Priya, also her schoolmate were walking in the play ground sharing some memories about their school days, Tina told her that she was in love with a boy in her college, 

“ What!” Priya amazed

“Who is he, tell me?” Priya urged her, Tina took her phone and showed Jayden’s image, on seeing his image, Priya’s eyes widened “ Tina break up with him”

“What? Why?” She questioned Priya, 

“ He already loved Sanchi and broke up with her, now he loves Geny” she said and showed some photos of Jayden and Geny,

“ I can’t imagine “

“ You need to imagine Tina”

“ So he’s a cheat”

“Yes, he has relationship with many girls “ 

"Why i fell in love with him?” Asked Tina in anger, she was ashamed. 

“Did you tell Jayden that you love him?” Priya asked with concern,

“ Yes. I told him” 

“He won’t leave you then”

“ What should I do?”

“Avoid him and don’t go with him anywhere alone” Priya instructed her, Tina was very upset and sad, she grieved for loving a womaniser.

  The same day, she blocked his mobile number and luckily that was the last day of their college life. Tina never tried to meet him thereafter. But, Jayden tried often, Tina told him that he cheated her, and argued with him. Jayden didn’t admit it first, But later he accepted.

“ Yes, i have affair with many girls, i love this style of life” He said.

“ How could you be so heartless?” Tina asked in angry,

“ For me love is timepass, I don’t need you anymore, i have another waiting, Good bye” he never spoke to her after that, 

Tina texted him a final message, “ You will realise the true love” Tina was unable to forget him, she loved him truly but he broke her heart and was so daring and stubborn. She took measures to forget him and looked forward in her career. She succeeded. After a year, all his relationships abandoned him and he realized the value of Tina and the great mistake he committed with her. He wanted to unite with her again. 

  But Tina wasn’t interested and she avoided him, he pursued her but all his efforts were in vain. Tina shared her past with Stella, she was shocked on hearing that. As

they were having snacks in Canteen, Jayden showed up,

“Tina i need you, please talk to me” he pleaded,

“ How dare you?” Stella got up to slap him, Tina forbid her and said 

“ I can take care of this”

Stella was amused, 

“ Jayden I don’t love you, i hate you so much, so there is no chance of reunion “

“ But Tina give me a chance, i will be good this time”

Tina smiled wryly, 

“ i’m so sorry Jayden, i have no chance left”

“What do you mean?” He asked her in suspicion 

“ I gave chance to Henry and he succeed, we are official now”

“What! Henry! You love him” he was stunned 

“ Yes, Jayden i love Henry, I found my true love,”

“ What made you choose him? ”

“ Loyalty and trust, you don’t know what these are”

Jayden was unable to say a word, 

Tina left , leaving Jayden in surprise and sadness.

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