Coming of Age Fiction Middle School

“Are you there, God? It's me, Mark. Well, I wanted to speak to you for you to give me strength. To give me endurance. Amen.” 


Mark woke up to the piercing ringing of his alarm clock. He slammed the alarm clock as he groaned, getting up to change. He wearily opened his eyes as he saw his clothes in the closet. 

“Uh I don’t want to go to school,” Mark said under his breath as he got out his black shirt. 

Mark liked wearing black clothing. Even though he knew it made him look like a freak, Mark liked to wear black because it makes him skinnier. Not that he was chunky but he just liked how good it made him look. However, his appearance made him look like a gothic person. 

After Mark was done changing, he went to his desk to unplug the charger from his computer. 

Mark’s school used computers a lot. However, they still use paper sometimes. Mark didn’t like how he would always do his homework on the computer. 

Suddenly, Mark’s mother called out for him. 

“Mark!” he heard her yell as he started to get out of the room. 

When Mark reached the kitchen, he saw his mom cooking some pancakes. 

“Hey Mom,” Mark said as he sat down at the table. 

“Hello, Mark, how are you doing?” she asked him as he nodded briefly, his eyes droopy. 

“Eh, I don’t like school,” Mark murmured as he started to scratch the table with a toothpick that was near him. 

“Max, I know you don’t like school but you have to go, you know?” she replied as she gave him his breakfast.

Mark sighed loudly before eating his food in silence.


After Mark arrived at school, he saw the same people he’s always seen. Those big brothers just taunt people and ask for money. 

Mark was unlucky when he faced them. 

“Hey, you! Give us money!” the tallest one yelled, with his hand out. Mark nodded as he gave him $20. 

“Here you go,” Mark said as he walked to the entrance of the school.

Mark was used to giving them money every morning at school. That’s why he would have a lot of money in his pockets. 

When Mark went inside his classroom, he saw many of his classmates talk in their little groups. At the far left, there were the girls who would gossip. At the far right, there were the troublemaking boys. 

Mark went to his desk which was at the back. Once he sat there, he got his laptop out of the bag. Suddenly, he saw a boy come up to him. 

Not him again.

The boy had brown hair which was combed to one side and his eyes matched his hair color. He had a slim face and had a rather skinny body that could break in two. 

Mark dreaded seeing his face every morning.


“Hey, Mark, how are you doing?” he asked him as Mark looked at him. 


“I see. I was just wondering, do you love wearing black clothes?” 

Max nodded, for the umpteenth time. 

“Yes, I do,” Mark replied as the bell rang. 

“Oh I have to go, bye,” he said as he scurried back to his desk.

“Good riddance,” Mark thought as he turned on his laptop. 


For the duration of the three periods that Mark had to endure, he just wanted to go home and sleep in. Unfortunately, it was lunchtime. Mark hated going to lunch because of the seating. One group would be the gossip girls, while the other one would be the loudest and rudest boys you have ever seen. 

But there were other groups that were nice. Like the intellectual group or the chill group. 

Mark was in his own little group. The lonely group. Most of the time, people would bother him while others didn’t. Mark preferred for no one to speak to him. 

When Mark was done getting his lunch, he went to an empty table. Once he sat down, he noticed a boy come up to him. 

“Hey, dude, what’s your name?” one of the boys asked him.

“Mark,” he replied as he was eating his pizza. 

“Oh, I see, well we just noticed you,” they said as Mark nodded.

Just noticed, yeah right.

Mark got out his Thermos from his backpack which was filled with water. Whilst drinking his water, the boy started to pat Mark on the back. 

“So, Mark, would you like to hang out with my group?” he asked him as Mark started to feel numb. 


“Good, let’s go.” 

Mark didn’t know what he had just done, but he accepted it. 

“So, Mark, what do you like?” the boy asked him as Mark shrugged. 

“I like reading.” 

“Oh, I see, well how about video games?”

“No, I don’t play video games.” 

“Oh, I see. Oh, my name is Elijah, by the way.”

Mark nodded as he started to join Elijah and his group. 

There were three boys at the table. 

“Hey, guys, here’s Mark,” Elijah said as they all nodded looking at him

“Hey, my name is Branden.” 

“My name is William.” 


Mark nodded as he sat next to Elijah. 

“So, what do you think about the food?” Jack asked Mark.


“I see.” 

Mark suddenly felt out of place in this group that he just entered.

At least I don’t have to be in a lonely group. I did ask for God to help me cope with this day.

Mark was never religious but suddenly out of the blue, he started praying to God for help. Mark suddenly started to feel a bit of happiness inside of him.

“Mark, where did you get that shirt?” Branden asked him as Mark looked at his shirt. 

“Oh, Tillys,” Mark replied as he finished his pizza.

“Oh, is there a Tilly’s here?” Branden asked Mark.

“No, not here. I got it during a trip to Phoenix,” Max replied as he nodded. 

“Oh I see, well I like the shirt,” he commented. 


William chimed in. 

“Hey Mark, you look cool.” 

Mark smiled as he started to do something he had never done before



Before bed, Mark started to pray. 

“God, I have been happy today because I made a lot of friends today. I never thought I would meet so many people. I smiled for once. So I thank you for giving me the strength that I needed. Amen.” 

Mark started to look beside him to see the alarm clock he would always resent so much. Now he was looking forward to going to school.

February 10, 2022 05:23

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Kendall Defoe
19:04 Mar 20, 2022

Okay, I want to read the sequel now...


Calm Shark
23:14 Mar 20, 2022

I will consider it.


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Delia Tomkus
22:45 Feb 14, 2022

Not bad! It did seem a little rushed, but I liked the idea. Good job


Calm Shark
23:26 Feb 14, 2022

Yeah, it did feel rushed. Thank you for reading.


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Calm Shark
05:24 Feb 10, 2022

Not my best works. I had a very hard time constructing a story. So this was the best I could do. I hope you enjoy it!


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