Mateo and the shark

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Drama Mystery

The storm was approaching the fishing vessel and it was spotted by Radar, Mateo was very concerned for his sea crew of sixteen sailors and since it was his last fishing mission he is keen for the safety of all the crew he never wants to die during his last fishing mission.

"Been a long time since we met Larry, how's the new baby boy or girl, and Lisa "Matteo.

"She's a girl, Sir. Lisa is fine and safe."Larry.

"I really wanted your last fishing trip with you, Larry, and here you are."Mateo.

"I hope it's a good catch, sir, and everyone comes back satisfied."Larry.

"It is important that everyone returns safely to their homes and families."Mateo.

"Some new elements have been joined, Sir."Larry.

"Yeah, I noticed. I'll get to know them at lunch."Mateo.

And after radar spotted the storm, the captain of the ship tried as much as possible to avoid it and diverted its course so as not to get into the eye of the storm. 

The storm began to approach and the three-meter-high waves and more massive tsunamis appeared.

"We did not manage to avoid the storm, sir, it is heading straight towards us."Renee.

"Try to avoid it, head south and to the nearest land we were."Mateo.

"Our nearest land is about twenty kilometers."Robin anxiously.

"Maybe we should head east.there's a beach fifteen kilometers from here."Stephen.

"It's closer From the north side, Sir."Ryan.

"We're heading towards, set the right coordinates ."Matteo is anxious and disturbed.

In spite of attempts by the crew to avoid the storm and out of her heart, but she was faster and stronger among tsunami Smash before ship.

"How far from the beach ."Mateo.

"Ten kilometers, Sir."Ashley.

"That's about two hours."Mateo.

"Sir, we have been hit by rocks , and the water has started to seep into the ship."Larry.

"So quickly, how it happened, is incredible, declare a state of emergency and evacuate the ship quickly."Mateo.

The ship was evacuated and everyone got in the lifeboats and saw their ship sink.

But the real danger for the crew had passed. and the real danger exists under them lost in the middle of a swarm of sharks sea species tiger trout and in accordance with the geographical location of where it's growing it has the real change has started.

"Sir, everyone has survived and they are heading for land immediately."Larry.

"Good, I hope everyone gets to the beach okay."Mateo.

While everyone was busy trying to survive and reach the beach, they noticed a strange movement in the water under their feet, some panicked and there was silence in the place and suddenly one of the sailors was heard screaming and disappeared into the deep water.

"What is happening, who drowned."Mateo .

"Robin drowned, something pulled him down."Larry.

"But what's underneath us."Mateo.

"It could be any predator from the depths, most likely a shark."Larry.

Yeah, it's a shark , it's a swarm of sharks that get aggressive during mating and the crew doesn't know they're in the danger zone.

The sailors kept disappearing one by one.

"I ask everyone to join us. I'll dive and see what's killing my sailors."Mateo.

"But Sir it is very dangerous, we do not know with what we are facing."Larry.

"I want a flashlight and a diving mask, I won't wait to eat."Mateo.

Mateo dived into the water and was really surprised by how much he saw, and since he was a sailor he realized that he was in the shark mating area and that they had disturbed her , he thought about how to survive.

"Sir, I'm back, what's underneath us."Larry.

"A swarm of sharks, which is at the peak of mating."Mateo.

"A swarm of sharks?."Larry is shocked.

"We have to get out of the water and immediately, everyone has to hang on to whatever they find," he told everyone."Mateo.

"Everyone, clinging to whatever he finds, get out of the water."Larry.

And the word really started to spread among the sailors and the fear and panic among them.

"Did everyone get out of the water, look for the remains of the shipwreck and cling to it."Mateo.

"Everybody's out of the water, Sir, I hope that we get to land soon."Larry.

While everyone was trying to survive on the floating remains, a giant shark suddenly emerged from the water, devoured one of the sailors and dived back into the water .

"Oh my God did you see  giant shark he must be the commander of the Sharks and is chasing us now."Mateo.

"And what to do now, sir, he will eat us one by one and you will not be able to stop him."Larry.

"I will never allow it , it must be killed and disposed of."Mateo.

"How so, sir, that would be crazy, we don't have a weapon."Larry.

"Everyone should approach each other and form a ring in a group, be vigilant and when you are attacked by this fish hit the kicks and try to hit her eyes and gills hard and repeatedly, strong blows, do not keep your hands away before hitting as this does not provide additional force underwater, you can also use the claws with the eyes and"Mateo.

"Sir, there is movement in the water."Larry.

"Keep watch carefully.don't let it surprise you, wait for it to come any time."Mateo.

"Sir, there are sharp remains from the shipwreck."Larry .

"I have to find something sharp to them ."Mateo.

Despite the crew's attempts to avoid the big fish, some of it fell prey to her, but Mateo determined to kill her.

"Keep a close eye on her movements."Mateo.

"Sir, one of the sailors found this rod from the shipwreck."Larry.

"Any moves, I will dive, where is the hat Dath morning."Mateo.

"Be careful, don't want to lose you."Larry.

"Tell Maria that I love her, bye."Matteo is smiling.

Mathieu Dive into the depths trying to find the huge fish, and was surprised by it hitting him with a powerful blow, which was quick, but he fumbled himself and kept watching her circling around him .

"Come on, stubborn fish. I'll catch you today."Mateo.

The fish tried to bite Mateo but he clung to her and began to beat her all over her body, especially her eyes, gills and face, she panicked and tried to escape but Mateo grew suspicious of her and continued to stab her one by one until she died.

Mateo climbed to the surface and the dawn sun began to appear on the surface of the water, the remaining crew members were happy to return despite the fish devouring part of his hand and at the same time they saw a ship approaching them responding to the distress call made before the ship sank.

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Michael Regan
17:09 Nov 30, 2021

I like the plot. A few things that might help. - If there are only two people talking to each other, you only need to say who is talking at the beginning. The reader will understand as you switch from one person to the other. - If you are adding the names of each speaker, you might want to put the name at the beginning of the speech instead of the end. That way the reader knows who is talking before reading what they say.


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