The rain coming down fast and strong. I snuck into the broken screen door on the back entrance. I crept alongside the stairwell before disguising myself in the ruffled curtains at the bottom of the staircase. I poked my head out just enough to get a glimpse at what was taking place in the basement of that run down home that evening. A circle of strong, powerful, and confident felines talked quietly amongst themselves. Before I could truly get to cracking this case and putting these no good felines behind the bars and off the streets; my cover was blown faster than a cat snatching a fish from a dumpster. I fled the scene and raced out of the house and down the streets in the pouring rain. The gang wasn’t far behind me. I could not turn back to see how close they were, but I could feel the intensity of their presence growing nearer! These fellas meant business and were not ones to mess with. I knew they were right on my tail, but what could I possibly do now to break free? 

I searched the streets in the down pour hoping for an answer. I could hear the pitter patter of our paws on the wet cement. I had to use my cat like skills I learned and look for somewhere to jump. I started to look up in between buildings. The rain drops hitting my face harshly. There in the distance was a ladder hanging low from the building. I crouched down while still running. I counted and leaped for the ladder. Cosco got the very end of my tail with his sharp claws. I let out a meow but kept climbing not to look back. I was able to escape them. Cosco and his crew tried to get up the ladder, but the rain made it to slippery for them. I climbed up the steep fire escape that lead to the roof of the building. I didn’t dare look back to see if they managed to climb up to chase me down and possibly kill me. 

When I reached the very top, sergeant Oreo was awaiting me. He stared at me with a displeasing mannerism. He sighed and gestures me to follow him, I did so without any questions. I held my head low wondering what my end result for a failed mission would be. We have been tracking Cosco and his group for over a year now and I have blown it completely in a split second. I felt ashamed and embarrassed! How dare I call myself a double 0 agent. O16 brings me into our secret headquarters. All the others stare me down as if they already knew I failed the biggest case our team of agents could have received. 

“Milton...” O16 speaks slowly. He waits for the door to close behind me. 

“The Cosco group is very dangerous. Cosco alone, well you know his back history and who he is. What has happened back there could have been way worse. Though, these felines are no joke! I must make a drastic decision based on the safety of yourself, and the rest of our crew. Until we can be sure Cosco will get tired of the chase and move on to regular business as usual I have to do this, and I’m sorry.” O16 explains in great detail. He paces the floor groaning. Finally he stops and turns to me. He begins to speak again about what he has to do to move forward. After his big speech what is to be done with me no thanks to my slip up. He sends me away to my room. I curl up onto my bed. I take a big sigh as I settle down for the night. O16 told me I have to sign papers and be placed under a witness protection plan. My mind circled around and around what my life would be once papers are all signed and documented. I stare out the little window of my room. The storm was carrying on through the night. The wind whistling and the rain drops pattering aggressively on my the glass. I curled up tighter to keep myself warm. I watched the storm for awhile trying to erase the harsh reality of what today’s events has caused. What will my life be come tomorrow? Will I even be considered a double 00? 

The loud bang of my door opening awoke me from a deep slumber. I stretched and yawned before deciding to leave the open door. There awaiting me on the other side was O16. 

“Milton, please come with me.” He turns his back. I follow close behind him. I knew what was happening today. I hated that I let Cosco and his team get away. How on earth did I screw that up so easily? 

“Here we are.” Sergeant Oreo gives me a sad look as he passes the forms for me to sign. 

“It won’t be all bad Milton. We will still be in touch. I promise this isn’t the total end for you! I know you are a great agent.” He forces a smile. 

“If I’m so great, how did I fail our biggest mission?” I sign the papers without hesitation. I knew this was for the best and I deserved whatever protocol needed to be set in place. 

“Even great agents mess up. Trust me, do you think I got this ranking by being perfect all the time?” 016 sticks my file into a cabinet. 

“Yes. That’s how most agents get where you are.” I respond. I wait for my next orders. 

“No, Milton, you are wrong! I got here by making big wrongs and learning from them. Even someone as awesome and on top of the pack did time in the WPP. Many-many cat moons ago.” He tells me. I am actually shocked. Oreo wasn’t one to lie either, only if he was to get information out of someone. 

“I never would have thought.” I say. He kindly nods then leads me out of his office. 

“I’m sorry Milton. We won’t be going after the Cosco team for awhile now. We have to make sure he knows we aren’t on to him and know if we continue he will hurt all of us, possibly even kill us and you will be the first one he will be looking for to knock off.” O16 leads me down the hallway to our garage. 

“We cannot have any trouble and I cannot bare knowing Cosco has offed one of my many great agents.” He opens the doors and we head inside. A taxi cab with two security cats stand beside the door. 

“They are taking you where you must go to be safe. Don’t worry Milton, like I said we will be in touch and this isn’t the end.” He pats on the shoulder. 

“Are you telling me the truth or only trying to comfort me?” He winks at me then leaves me presence. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant. I hang my head low and go inside the taxi cab. I keep my head low. My eyes are busy watching crumbs bounce around during the long drive to my new home. 

‘Where is my new home? What does it mean to be a domesticated house cat?’ I question to myself. My tail flicks with each large crumb that bounces closer to me.

May 21, 2020 16:47

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Ray Van Horn
01:13 May 28, 2020

Cute personifications!


Chelsea Peseller
21:01 May 28, 2020

Haha thank you so much!! :)


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