Life has got all those twists and turns. You've got to hold on tight and off you go.”1

Relocating to a new town portrays a milestone in one's life. Sure, it can possess some uncertainty but there comes a time where one also needs a change all together. Before you actually move, you can try to jazz up your daily routine or keep branching out to meet people, whether it is in your current location or new location. Sometimes you do have common interests with others. Other times, you develop new and different interests. But do not burn your bridges. There are some connections you will want to keep.

Careful planning should be a priority when considering a new location. Regular visits and conversations with those who currently reside and work in the new location are important. Technology is used to help learn about a new area by studying statistics and current events. The transition time allows you to develop a necessary budget for things that will arise.

Once you relocate and start to get accustomed, this is a perfect opportunity to take a deep breath and venture out. One may start to network at their job or through neighbors. Some people may already have connections in the new town from previous events. Depending where you relocate to, there are various “so called” welcome committees to help break the ice. They may meet at an eating establishment, a sporting venue, or county festival. Let's not forget Good Ol' Nature where parks and trails allows self discovery without added stress from a career or other life factors. Trails also create stimulation by learning about indigenous wildlife and different routes.

Research educational facilities that cater to your interests and ask them pertinent questions. Furthering your education is another way to enrich your life. It can also benefit others to make a strong teamwork setting. Even if you do not enroll to earn a full degree, you can still register for a class or seminar. For instance, you may register for a finance seminar, learn the basics about computers, or attend a cooking class.

Fitness centers may be something you would be interested in to meet people and tone up, but it is the commitment or monetary factor that may pose an issue. Walking trails and athletic stores are an option if fitness centers are not in the game plan. Garden centers and plant nurseries are similar to walking through a hands-on museum. Some plants are must-haves as where other plants are wishful thinking after you research them. Speaking of museums, it is a good way to learn about your new town's history and also current turn of events. Zoos and nature centers are a fun way to learn and see different creatures that you would not normally see.

Depending on your relocation destination, you may be in a hub where various terrains are more accessible such as the mountains, the coast or both. For example, the mountain regions have opportunities for hiking and camping. The coastal regions have access to fresh seafood and usually are in a historical setting.

This may be a non-issue for some people as they are road warriors. An electronic navigating device may help you to explore new territory but sometimes it does not work out as planned such as a lost signal. For instance, an electronic navigating system usually works better in an urban setting as opposed to a rural setting. This is partly due to the proximity of street layouts and patterns.

However, if you live in or near a city, there are plenty of activities such as concerts and cultural venues. Some of the activities you have to save and plan for whereas others you just show up. On the other side, if you want to discover nature, you have to go to a greenway like a city park, or drive a considerable distance to the outskirts.

Previously in this topic, the factor of uncertainty about relocating came up. Normally one would want to and need to research the new area before making the plunge. Sometimes the career path decides for you and this is where the uncertainty can come into play. If you are diligent, disciplined, and remain optimistic, you can still manage. Also, moving to a new destination can open up new doors depending on the market and general interests. This may spark furthering your education and knowledge as previously mentioned in this topic. But choose your path wisely and form a network of colleagues and acquaintances.

It is also important not to burn your bridges or forget where you came from. But try not to reflect too much. Some past events may have been inevitable. You can still learn from them so history will not repeat itself.

Over time, an occasional vacation is good for overall health. For instance, if you have been running hard, sometimes even a weekend getaway is beneficial for a mental break. Whether it is to see a different place, or see an old friend or family members, this will help you appreciate what is really important. Even a “stay-cation” to take time to explore your newly acquired location is beneficial, and it requires less planning due to the fact you see things around town that catch your eye.

A comfort zone2 can be beneficial on some days after you have been living in the new area for a while. But if you do not break up the monotony by meeting people or venturing out, eventually you will revert back to where you started. Remember, you don't need a new sunrise to start over, you only need a new mindset.3

About the author

This is her fifth short story. She either writes from experience or general fiction.

I incorporated a few positive quotes within to accentuate that one should “never give up on life and to hold their head up high.”4


1. from Nicole Kidman through 50 short inspirational quotes at www.goodhousekeeping.com

2. quote from @GetLanded

3. www.YourPositiveOasis.com

4. excerpt from Helen Keller quote at www.goodhousekeeping.com





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