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So many people are standing in a crowed room full of family and friends and still feel lonely. Especially when they truly need anyone to care. It's like having a dark shadow of separation and division that continues to haunt their path. In that moment they may need your time, money or great thoughts. But most times receiving only answers of promise. A promise that you know you will not keep- you give to them anyway. For it is always better to leave a person with a yes or a no then a wishful hopeful maybe. Living in this system we learned to cover the light of good with darkness when we create unnecessary pain to others with our false hope. Although our loving feelings from our heart to help can be real- we still know our abilities in that moment; but choose to give them hope without ever considering the pain caused out of that same promise. The words spoken of hope in the promise we leave behind us. Then they wait for nothing and that nothing has the power to leave that person speechless down on the ground in the last second to solve their current issues. In panic they will rise and still learning to create lighter outcomes is when you can truly imagine wearing the same shoes that hurt. Staying in the light of life is our hope to build. When you are truthful to say what you can and will not do in that same moment of need- truth allows the person to change their dark problem into light actions by them trusting the Most High while going forward quickly out of darkness to seek his light without us creating more pain with empty promises while they are in the dark.


Promises that create separation are mostly over our time and our money. This kind of division can stop when you are honest about your abilities then your truthfulness gives a person room to search for other solutions. Why not begin to communicate differently to preserve our relationships. Sometimes we create unnecessary pain with our promises from the heart knowing our abilities and most times not understanding the unknown. I lived a longtime holding on to dead promises and, I should have kicked my own self in my black ass. The unrealistic wait on a lie caused me so much disappointment, pain and hurtful emotions. The dishonesty created bad feelings toward the people, I loved and respected. But by my own rebellious ways, I created and supported this reality. I was reaching outside myself for help by trusting other people professional abilities and not the Most High plans or power for my destiny- which ultimatly created the separation in my personal relationships.



Understanding the power and dark force of paper money is one of the safest ways to control your emotions and the decisions you make in most money transactions. Promises or an agreement concerning money has the power to change once it hits the other person hands to deliver it to you after everything that has been said in the beginning of the agreement. Watch out for the sudden change of mind- to stay open to the way the commitment may change in the middle from the beginning. Money has an ugly funny way of changing a verbal commitment that was established before the funds are given to you, if still given at all and, if it is still given it may possibly be in a lesser amount then what was originally stated. In fact, paper green money has the power to change the perception of the receiver when it’s time for them to pay you back. They just might get mad at you for asking for its return. This is necessary and needed to look at all verbal money transactions as nothing until they are completely done and the main reason to stop giving away what you are not willing to give away freely, especially when you know that brother or sister is already down on the ground suffering in financial pain.


This is not to disrespect those who have integrity and some of us do exist on this planet and had to grow to get here by our negative experiences for personal growth. For whatever the reasons the commitments changes in the amount that was first addressed maybe understandable; but most people become very self-serving and greedy to rethink their own spoken words or even “say” that they did not “say” what you know you heard them commit.


When we use the power of creation over the money that is in our hands and create more self-control in our daily decisions then we create the solutions to the current problems within our communities. If we would begin to look at the Most High beautiful trees as the value- in which they were created it just might connect us back to respecting nature again- to see the live energy in all our living black souls to realize that the green paper dollar bills will be exactly what they are green dead paper that we use to survive in this empire. We truly need to begin to appreciate the lives of our brothers and sister that is standing right in your face- which is absolute greatness in thought. Then we could grow stronger together as one power- just like the many different trees we pass by every day. There are so many beautiful trees that produce so many leaves that lives and dies in the changing seasons- just like we are born and die in a never changing system. We could create the power needed to pass our black history and our wealth to the next generation to come and that will place us all in the position to bear good fruits- just like the many trees bare good fruit and supports our lives to live in greatness.


Kash, Tanzaniyah. The Power of Creation Ahayah New Day: In the Beginning It Was Black (p. 191). Lulu Publishing Services. Kindle Edition. 

March 24, 2022 02:53

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