The Loud and the Silent

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Raj and Pasquale met when they started working for the same company. Pasquale started working almost six years before Raj joined the enterprise. Both working for a major telecom player in the country.

 Their friendship began in a strange way. Pasquale was working there since 2002 and Raj came in 2008. At first, they would only talk briefly because they would meet up in the hall, or when crossing paths. Just a saying hi, hello, hey or a how are you. The had no friends or colleagues in common.

 Raj would start his shift late due to his seniority within the company. When Raj would come in at 3 PM for his shift, Pasquale would be on his way to go home. That is when they would meet up and greet each other with a mutual respect.

 Pasquale was really outgoing and loud type. A type of person that can converse with anyone on any topic. He was a sociable person. He loved the social activities and group work within the firm when it was possible.

 Raj, was more of the loner and silent type. He would talk only if he felt it was necessary. He would prefer to stay alone as much as possible. To take advantage of his time in solitude to re-energize.

 Pasquale did not know much about Raj’s personality and vice versa. Both got to know each other ironically. Pasquale was leaving TelRad Inc. Only in the last months working for TelRad, Raj and Pasquale started to talk, chat and exchange more than just a few words.

 During breaks, and lunch time, when Raj could, he would pass by and go see Pasquale at his desk. If Pasquale was not busy, then would talk for a good amount of time. It started off very gradually. Even though Raj was the introvert type, he made the first step to walk to Pasquale and begun talking about work. What can be the easiest way to start a conversation with a colleague you are not close with, right?

 It started off with work, then movies, hockey, baseball, women, etc. They started chatting towards the end of 2011 and by May 2012, Pasquale had left the company. Why? Things did not seem to go well for him. He did not feel he reached a position within TelRad Inc where he wished he could have been. He decided he would need a new challenge somewhere else.

 The fact that Pasquale was about to resign, he found someone to talk about it. That person was Raj. Raj does not open his mouth a lot but when he needs to speak up or talk to a friend, or listen to that friend, he will be there for you. More of a listener because of his introvert personality but he is a great advisor, and counsellor. Extremely good at keeping secrets. It comes also from his role has a tech support agent. To listen, have empathy, to educate, teach and help, it was in Raj’s nature.

 By the time Pasquale was about to leave the company, in the last months, he had exchange numbers with Raj and also the famous Blackberry Messenger PIN. The days when Blackberry was still ruling the smartphone world. Both of our friends had Blackberries of course operating on the OS 7. The famous Blackberry Bold and the Torch.

 When it all ended in May 2012, Pasquale was the one that went to Raj’s desk and asked him if he wanted to join him and his girlfriend to go see The Avengers. Raj did not have too many friends so it felt great when he was offered to go to the movies with his new friend.

 Raj was single back then and to meet Pasquale for the first time outside of work, with his life partner, Julie, was quite a nerve-racking social event. If felt like it was too much for a first outing with a new friend. However, Pasquale was chill, down to earth, relaxed, and made feel Raj like they were friends for years. Even though Raj is shy at first when he meets strangers, it went quite well when Pasquale introduced his girlfriend to him.

 This friendship was unique for both. Usually, Raj would hang out with introverted people and Pasquale with extroverted people. This time, our two friends formed the odd couple...that got along quite well and complemented each other.

 Pasquale’s close family and friends were a little astonished that he had a friend that was on the other spectrum of his personality. Each time Raj would visit Pasquale, Julie and Pasquale’s parents, were always happy to see him. Raj felt like a family member. Lot of times Julie would even say that Raj is the guy that calms down and makes Pasquale reason.

 By spending more time with each other, Raj learned to be more outspoken and not to always hold off on what he thinks or what he wants to say. On the other hand, Pasquale learned to be a better listener, demonstrate more understanding and empathy.

 Both of our friends shared passion for this one movie. Not any movie. A masterpiece. All-time classic. The movie is violent, aggressive, passionate, great classical music in the background, great writing, great dialogues, great cinematography, calm peaceful scenes…it has everything. Corruption, betrayal, friendship, honor among thieves, family values and respect. A film for any type of personality.

 The Godfather. A great storytelling. A movie not made for kids. A movie to watch once you are twenty. Pasquale and Raj, would debate also, on several occasions, if part I was better than part II. Both are so close and perfect. So difficult to choose one only.

 Just to say that two individuals can be best friends even though if one is an introvert and the other an extrovert.

 One thing our friends will not agree one. Well two. One is a Avs fan and the other a Habs fan. When FIFA World Cup comes, one is a Italy fan and the other roots for Argentina.    

July 30, 2021 03:24

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