"That's a nice outfit you got there Mrs Taylor"His voice echoed through the hall.

 I turned to look at him "Oh thank you Mr Evans"That was awkward. The boss has never complimented anyone-or so I thought,and I'm so much happily married.

"Let me get back to the uhmm to everyone"He turned on his black shiny shoes walking up to where everyone was.


I looked at the beautiful view just on the balcony. It was so beautiful to watch,the starts sparkling their way through the night.


"You good?"I turned to look at this face expecting a familiar one but I was welcomed by another stranger.

"Uhmm I.. I.. d..do I know you?"I stutter narrowing my sharp eyes at him.

Smiles"No,but I know you"Ow,he knows me?

"You do?Well cool how can I help you?"I looked at him as I sip my drink.

"You can just engage with me in a conversation"He says shrugging his shoulders.

"Ow"I cleared my throat "I.. I would like to but I have to go and join everyone"I say walking out but he held my arm

"You don't have to go"He gulped down what I think it's a whiskey-yeah it's a whiskey "Join me"I shook my head as panick flowed over my face

"I really should head inside"My heart was now Beatfing fast than it was few minutes back.

I sighed Trying to calm down"Mr, please leave me alone"I shook my head looking at him from head to toe.


"You don't have to be so scared my baby, I'm here for you"What's wrong with this person? Is he crazy or what?

"Please.. please let me leave"He held my wrist so hard causing me to flinch in pain

"You're hurting me"My voice was now bold as I wanted to break down and cry my lungs out. I only pray to God;to protect me.

Hissed"You shut up and let me get done with this, everything will be fine"His voice was really thick and contained so much energy

"W.. what are you going to do with me?"I asked with my cracky voice

The balcony is so far from the office so no one will really notice what is happening. I'm just scared of what is happening in here 

"Nothing, you should ask on what we are going to do. Just the two of us"He smile and I looked at him nervously with my shaky hands.

He held my hand pulling me over to him;are there any cameras in here?

"Please...pl.. please let me go"He huffs as his hand went to my neck. It wasn't tight but he held on a little bit hard.

He left wet kisses on my earlobe as he went down to my neck"So fresh, I've been eyeing you throughout the party'He huffs making me want to vomit.

God Where are you?

"What is going on in here?"I let out a painful cry after that voice as I heard it,the person held me to him as I sobbed "Shushh everything will be fine"I was about to be raped.

How can everything be fine?


"Mrs Taylor,that guy who tried to Uhmm... I... He is in a holding cell"Mr Evans says to me as I kept on rocking myself on the bench in the Police office.

I was traumatized,how can such thing happen to me rather than everyone? What have I done!?

"I'm scared Mr Evans, I'm really scared"I snuffed my tears away as I looked up to him.

Sighed"I know that can be-really traumatizing and I'm sorry all of this happened under my company"I don't want to hear those excuses. 

They are pointless!

"Oh Baby"My husband said that aloud as soon as he approached me. I threw myself at him holding him so tight

Sniffing"H..He wanted to rape me,oh God Neo"I held on tightly as he brushes my back while I was on his warm welcoming embrace.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry I wasn't there"He says pulling me to him.

Nods"I want to go home"I say to her and he nods taking my hand into his

"Let's get you home!"He walks passed Mr Evans straight to the car. He helped me in before he also went to his side and climb in. He immediately pressed the accelerator driving off

"What really happened?"I didn't want to talk about it but knowing my husband; he'll dig within.

"I..I was at the balcony since the party wasn't Uhmm fun,you know how work Party is so I wanted to get some air" sighed "He came and ask me to engage in a conversation with him but I denied then he started talking so naughty and all"

"I'm sorry baby"I nods looking out of the window. I shouldn't have attended this stupid party!

Should have stayed at home.

"Don't beat yourself to it,I know it wasn't..it was traumatizing but you'll get justice"I nod without looking at him. 

The police are useless, corrupt and shit so I really don't know what will happen regarding this.

"Don't think about it,I know you thinking about what will happen and I promise you that I'll take care of everything"He's right!

I trust him so much and he'll do everything in his power to find Justice for Me.


I wiped off my tears as he Parked in a driveway. The walk inside the house takes longer than It usually takes. I sighed looking at my Mom; wondering When did She come down to my place.

"Mom"I called out for her

"Oh my baby"She tightly pulled me in her embrace patting my back. A tear quickly escaped from my eye as I shifted them away pulling out of the hug.

"I want to rest Mommy,I will see you"I was already making my way to my bedroom

Work-party that was; Hell!

December 28, 2019 04:33

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18:02 Dec 30, 2019

Great story Amanda. Nice job


Amanda Mnguni
07:32 Jan 01, 2020

Thank you Abigail


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Gary Phillips
19:47 Jan 04, 2020

Right away I noticed a lot of grammatical errors like missed spaces and punctuation. This made the story hard to read. I would recommend running your stories through an editing application such as Grammarly or ProWriting Aid. which will catch most of these grammatical errors. If you don't have access to those paste your story into Google Docs, Word, or Open Office Writer and run a Spelling and Grammar check. I always run it multiple times to ensure I catch as many of my errors as possible. The use of short sentences and paragraphs ensured ...


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