It's Nice To Have Good Friends

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Coming of Age Friendship High School

Thalia, 15, had just come home from school with her younger brother, Chase. It was a Friday and she was relieved to be at home after an exhausting day at school. She goes up to her room and shuts the door as soon as she enters and plops on her bed. "Ahh, finally." She says as she stretches her arms and legs, looking like a starfish on her bed.

She stares at her bedroom's ceiling and starts thinking about what she could do for the weekend. "What to do...what to do..." She asks herself. "Ooh! Maybe I should crochet a scarf! Oh, oh! Or a dinosaur, roarrr! HAHAHA!" She thought and laughed to herself.

"Maybe I should ask my best friends if they're free and we'd go to the beach?" She thought and decided to take out her phone from her pocket. She opens her messaging app, "Y'all," She types down and sent it to their group chat.

Tal: Y'all

Kath: Yes?

Nick: Hm?

Lou: Sup?

Her friends responded within a few seconds.

Tal: You guys free this weekend? Wanna go to the beach?

She asks them.

Lou: Aww I'd love to but I got to go shopping for a gift tomorrow for my grandma's birthday on Sunday. :(

Kath: I can't too :< I need to babysit my sister, my parents gon be leaving for the weekend. Sorry

Nick: Same here, I have football practice this whole weekend. There's a game on Wednesday.

Tal: Ohh, okk. That's cool, I understand. Thanks anyway :) good luck y'all

She then put down her phone and thought of something else. "Orrrr maybe I should write a song with my guitar? Or bake a cake! Hmm, but what flavor?"

But before she could decide on that, her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her bedroom door. "Come in!" She answers sitting up but not leaving the bed.

"Honey, it's time for dinner." Her mom says as she opens her bedroom door. "Oh, okay." She hadn't realized how much time has already passed. Heck, she didn't even realize her parents had arrived home already. She stands up and follows behind her mother as they go to the dining room. Her younger brother was already seated by the table beside her seat.

As they were eating dinner, her mother asks them, "So, how was school, kids?" "It was ok." Thalia answered. "It was boring but coach said i was the fastest runner during PE class." Her younger brother Chase answered with a mouthful of food. "That's great, son!" Their father says to Chase. He then clears his throat. "But I...have a greater announcement." He says with pride. "I got promoted!" He excitedly exclaims. "Wow! That's great honey!" Their mom says in reaction. "Coolllll!" Chase responds, and Thalia claps with a smile. "Which," Her father continues. "Which means that we're going to be moving" Everyone goes silent. "When?" Thalia suddenly asks, interested. "Next week, Saturday morning." Her father enthusiastically answers. Thalia looks down at her plate, thinking, "One week..." While her mother supportingly says, "Oh! Well then, I guess we should be packing already," And Everyone goes back to eating yet still talking an planning, but Thalia. But no one noticed her inactive participation because they were too busy being excited.

After dinner, Thalia found out that they were moving a state away from her hometown. She thought about her friends and her memories. She thought about how badly she’ll miss them and was scared that they might replace her. She thought about telling them now over video chat or wait until Monday. She decides to tell them over video chat.

Tal: Guys?

Kath: Yes?

Tal: You guys free tonight?

Nick: Yeah, what’s up?

Lou: Not much going on at the moment so yeah

Tal: I need to tell y’all something. Can we video chat?

Kath: Suree

And not a minute later, there was already a video call incoming.

“What were you going tell us, Tal?” Louise asked.

“There is good news, and bad news.”  Thalia says with a serious face.

“Alright, what’s the good news?” Katherine asks.

“My dad got promoted at work.”

“Okay, what about the bad news?” Nick asks.

“We’re going to have to move a state away for it.” Thalia says with a sad tone.

Everyone falls silent.

“When?” Louise says, breaking the silence.

“Next Saturday,” Thalia says slightly irritated about the fact.

“Oh, shoot. I guess we better make the best of the remaining days, huh?” Nick says.

“Hey, it’s not like we’ll never see her again… but yes, we should.” Katherine blurts out.

“But you’ll come visit, right?” Louise asks, hoping for reassurance.

“Of course! Most probably during holidays though.” Thalia answered.

“That’s totally better than never!” Katherine says with almost teary eyes.

They all laughed and talked about other things until 10 pm came and they all said their goodbyes.

“Shoot, bye guys, got to go. Got to be up early tomorrow for practice.” Says Nick before leaving.

“Me too, I’m sleepy” Louise says as she yawns.

“Me three.” Katherine says as she stretches her arms.

“Me four. Byeeee” Thalia giggled as she ended the call.

She then took a deep breath and sighed.

The week passed by quick and soon came Friday. Thalia and her best friends decided to walk home from school.

“So, what time are you guys leaving tomorrow?” Louise asked Thalia.

“Oh, uh, they said before lunch so, around ten or eleven.” Thalia replied.

“Can we see you off?” Katherine asks.

“Sure!” Thalia said with a big smile.

“You guys want to stay up all night tonight and talk about random stuff? You know, as like a farewell party or something?”

Everyone agreed.

That night, they stayed up until midnight and talked about everything they could ever talk about.

It wasn’t long until morning came and there was a knock on their front door. “Thalia, honey can you get that?” Thalia’s mother requested. “Okie dokie,” Thalia said lazily. But that laziness vanished after opening the door.

“Surprise!!!” Thalia’s best friends all said in unison.

“What are you guys doing here? It’s still early. Heck, it’s not even nine yet!” She asked surprised.

“Well we thought we’d come early and help you guys pack.” Louise said enthusiastically.

“Aww, you guys didn’t have to!” Thalia says, visibly touched by the gesture.

“Duh! That’s what friends are for!” Katherine says.

“Hey Mrs. Thalia’s mom, what do you need help with?” Nick eagerly asks.

“Oh, hello there! You could help carrying those boxes to the truck.” Thalia’s mother points at the boxes near the door with a thankful smile.

Then came eleven o’clock. It was time for the farewell.

“That’s it. That’s all the boxes.” Nick says as he helps Thalia’s father finish loading the moving van.

The four best friends gather and do a group hug.

“I’m going to miss you guys so much!” Thalia said as they pulled away from the hug.

“Promise we’ll talk and video call as much as possible.” Louise tells Thalia.

“I promise.” Thalia assures her.

“Hey, Kath… are you…crying?” Nick questioned Katherine.

“N-no, I’m not! I-I just got something in my eye!” Katherine denies.

And they all laughed it out.

“It’s time to go guys!” Thalia’s mom calls out.

“Coming!” Thalia replies back. But once again hugs her friends before going.

“Safe travels you guys!” Louise says.

“You guys stay safe too!” Thalia says back before entering the car.

“Update us when you see cute guys!” Kahterine jokingly says.

“-or girls.” Nick added.

“Mhm, sure.” Thalia giggled and entered the car.

Thalia kept waving back at them until they were out of sight. And as she stared out the window she thought, “It’s nice to have good friends.”

February 05, 2022 15:25

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