Attention! Attention! calling all dancers to the stage. Wait? How did we get here? 1 week earlier Alissa seen on Instagram that there will be a dance contest held in New York City. Allissa froze and yelled "Yes! I am so going to join that contest.

Monday, "I need to find a dance partner." Allissa thought to herself. She had the perfect song that she wanted to dance to. Whenever Allissa is in the mood to dance she finds that one song and stays focused on it. Allissa turned on her speaker and played King Promise Commando. Allissa started dancing and didn't care who was watching.

Tuesday, 6am Allissa's alarm goes off; she goes and freshens up to go to the track field across the street from her house. Allissa would always pack her speakers and laptop into a bag to take wither her whenever she would go dance on the track field. The way Allissa would dance, she would continuously play a song that she is set on and listen for every sound and word in the song.

Wednesday, Allissa posted all over social media that she needs a dance partner. Multiple people messaged her to see if they could join her in the dance contest. Allissa accepted about 2 guys out of the 7 that messaged her. She decided to try with Leon and Scion. Leon lives closer to Allissa than Scion does. Leon and Allissa could easily go to the track across the street from their house since they live only a few houses away from each other.

Thursday, *ding* goes Allissa's phone it's an email for the contest. *just a reminder the dance contest will be on Saturday at 1:30 pm.* Allissa calls Leon after she read the email. Funny thing is Leon was already waiting for Allissa on the track field. "You're late," he says to her jokingly as she walks closer towards him on the field. Leon plays the song they're supposed to be practicing to. He starts off by showing her the moves he came up with and taught them to her. Leon and Allissa danced from 11am-7pm. They forgot about the time it started to get dark out. The two was having too much fun.

Friday, Scion rings Allissa's doorbell. Allissa runs down the stairs to see Scion standing at her door. "Hey Scion," she says as she struggles to keep her balance from just waking up. "You ready for practice?" Allissa wanted to say yes but she was reminiscing on yesterday with her and Leon. Allissa was about to come out forward to Scion until her phone rang it was actually Leon. "Hey, Allissa I'll be home around 2pm for practice." Allissa smile and said "okay." She walked over to Scion and told him she would love to practice with him but she had other things to do like as if she wouldn't be able to practice at all today. In reality, Allissa would just rather dance with Leon due to the way things went yesterday. The tension she felt when the two were dancing. it's 2pm and Leon calls Allissa to come outside so that the two could get going.

Allissa flew downstairs and headed towards the field with Leon. Leon got the song started, and the two started dancing. They practiced and practiced and practiced. They made sure they were right on beat hit every sound in the song as well as the words. The dance was well put together. Leon and Allissa finally finished dancing they both recorded the dance, They seemed pretty content with how the video turned out. Hopefully, it looks the same tomorrow when they actually perform the dance.

Saturday, the day of the contest. Allissa woke up practicing in the mirror. Then she finally called Leon so that they can get one last practice in. Allissa went to Leon's house this time they just practiced one last time in his room. The time is now 11:30 am and they are getting ready. Their outfits actually respond to each other. Which will make the dance look x10 better. Leon and Allissa started heading towards the car so the two can take off and be on their way.

Leon and Allissa finally made it to the pier which is where the dance contest was being held. It was so beautiful it was right next to the water. You can hear the waves. Attention! Attention! calling all dancers to the stage, all the dancers gathered around. The host of the dance contest was Kevin Gates and his beautiful wife Dreka Gates.

The contest has begun so far 4 groups went and it was now Leon and Allissa's turn. As the Dj started playing the song that the two called dibs on. They started busting out dancing hitting every beat and word. all you heard was the audience screaming "yeeeahhhhh!!!" The two didn't even care that ie was a competition anymore they were having too much fun just doing the dance. The song ended and so did their dance. Now it was up to the audience to decide who won. As soon as Kevin said Allissa and Leon are the winners of the competition the audience started going crazy. it was such a heartfelt moment. Leon and Allissa decided to give the audience an encore in a silly way. Kevin also announced that the two will permanently be his dancers or anyone that asks for the two to come dance for them.

Leon went up to Kevin and said thank you for announcing him and his partner Allissa as the winners. Leon whispered something to Kevin that of course, nobody was able to hear what was said. Kevin gave Leon the microphone. "Allissa girl thank you for letting me be apart of something you love so much. I've watched you since forever pushing for this moment. now look at you shinning. When your spirit is happy mine is ecstatic. You are an amazing human being that I would love to get to know more about. With that being said will you be my prize and be my girlfriend?

Everyone in the audience was yelling while Allissa is just speechless. She couldn't help but notice that he makes her happy as well. The vibes are amazing whenever the two are together. She responded and said "Yes!" Leon ran to Allissa lifted her and hugged, and kissed her the two couldn't be happier. Congratulations to Leon and Allissa.

August 21, 2019 04:59

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