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Human Carelessness

Well what can I say, now? Let’s quickly accelerate to the PRESENT where and when I find myself living on Earth in the year 2579 A.D.; as far as we know about all of the atrocities with the smaller landmasses than before; the world population has immensely overgrown into a grotesque number among the last 300 years of savage Human debauchery that still are unable to get along with each other. War survival tactics are daily scenes of living with the primitive laws of the jungle. It had been over two centuries since all religions have been declared outlawed and simply became redundant for reasons to quickly dispose of any further human disparities and unnecessary social divisions. Society had reached its’ point of impossibility over many centuries ago. Absolutely ‘nothing’ has changed since the devastating collapse of the late 21st Century. Anarchy is now widely spread to become a mundane way of life for last several decades.

When an apocalyptic movie is shown that either recently comes out or it has been reputedly known as the result of the possible consequences of human stupidity only if still continues to be stubborn and greedy. It can be a very frightening pieces entertainment even though we’re viewing scenes of fictional theater that was put on screen from those who had created these innovative manuscripts. The authors of these stories should also be considered as serious thinkers. They closely study the unusual behaviors of humanity where most of the homo-sapient species are each awarded a healthy brain and body at each one of their arrivals at birth to work with for the remaining time of their existences. They are subconsciously aware that most humans are secretly bent upon self-destruction. These wise authors are practically one day predicting the persisting end of Humanity as we know it. And frankly, they are NOT far off from reality, either. They are a lot closer to the TRUTH than most of the reputed scholars and notabilities are.

Can anyone imagine if humankind had lived healthy and prosperous lives within the last 100,000 years of our existence; the pain and suffering that most would have been spared by? Let alone the actual technical progress we would have had clearly able to achieve by working together, today? It would certainly a VERY different world as we know it, now. Who knows; we may also have been able to civilly communicate with other worlds outside our galaxy.

Why hasn’t the Human learning curve either been seriously studied or referred to? Otherwise, one day, our utter demise will certainly be very evident as well as practically guaranteed. As a irreversibly stubborn species, we are comfortably masochistic by nature as we allow our history to continually repeat itself because we refuse to learn from our mistakes. Why are we as a people are insubordinately brought up to take everything for granted and leave nothing substantial, behind? Within OUR most heightened moment of the last 530 revolutionary years (2022), why is that no one really neither holds any remorse nor any responsibilities for the committed crimes and damages which were left behind within that brief recorded time? Yet, everyone takes empty credit for the supposed victors and clearly dismisses the forgotten victims which had never been initially, consulted..

Defeat is an orphan, while Victory has a thousand fathers “ – U.S. President John F. Kennedy (1961-1963)

With all the literary historically recorded acts of greed which have been constantly and repetitively performed; why hasn’t anybody bothered to draw out any specific lessons out of the numerous tragedies which could have been easily preventable by the very use of common sense? Whatever happened to the idea of the well-attained Wisdom truly being sought out since the dawn of Humankind that has never been able to fully reached or retrieved? With this everlasting callous trend that we resolutely possess, humanity will NEVER achieve its’ full potential as long that there’s no one out there who exists wants to be mature enough to take the utmost responsibility over their ruthless actions and make an attempt for any possible amends.

Late 20th and early 21st century dire environmental warnings were eventually being dismissed, disregarded and accused of being alarmists for their exaggerating views and possible fear-mongering. Who knew that these people were absolutely correct within their thinking???? Neither any of those in power including politicians, captains of industry and computer giants had possessed a more dominating hands than anyone else who could actually make a difference??? It’s definitely within their reach, but since they assume that it’s too easy for them; they somehow enjoy making hard for everyone, including themselves. Unfortunately the very idea of traveling through TIME had been a wild fantasy created by the literary mind of the late British author Herbert-George Wells where our hard-cold reality can never be able to tangibly manifest. Otherwise, if it were possible, there would too much Human ambitious abuse and unnecessary confusion.

The deliberate super-impositions by these numerous dominant factions of corporate greed where profits and political alliances had been very much intertwined where it became very difficult to differentiate and distinguish from either one of them. The population of this time had refused to look forward towards the welfare of their descendants. Their swift needs had to be met in fear of the wide government takeovers which were actively being proceeded quite vigorously where the middle classes were either getting richer or immediately thrown into the desolate realms of poverty.

The would-be historians and corporate analysts of our modern-day have concluded that the last 350 years would have often disputed; yet mostly argued about what went wrong to lose so much land over the global warming issues causing the complete meltdowns of both polar caps. That the eventual uprising of the sea levels which had rapidly rose to such heights have caused many irrevocable debilitating aspects which couldn’t be overcome for the lack of government financial managements and voluntary squandering. Then to what possible measures should have been taken to preserve this planet for future generations? Why hadn’t anyone bothered to listen and properly heed the approaching dangers? The misguided listing of human priorities had overpowered anyone else who needed any special assistance. Now, the strategy of the Human Blame has still been a continuous shell game where everyone passes off their failed responsibilities to a weaker groups. This wide deterioration will progressively end into an abyss where it will become utterly irretrievable.

The continuous power-struggles over the landmass and food supply shortages throughout humanity are always getting more serious, everyday. The borders of all nations had been remodeled to determine different conflicting backgrounds of the existing populous. Assigned crop areas have become limited to those who are willing to expand more of the wealth and power in order to have a legal share in the proceeds or should I say ‘virtual spoils’.

Anyone residing within the areas of lower lying lands are closer to the limited fresh aquatic furs than those living in the mountains. They must struggle twice as hard for limiting hunt for wildlife game. While in comparison to those who are fortunate enough to find themselves in a whole safer surviving higher seclusive altitudes which are far from the public havoc of the lower lying areas. Yet, it’s the opposite factors are currently existing for them where the water supplies are a whole lot leaner to retrieve than what the remaining fresh natural landscape that has to offer.

Well who is going to finally save us? Obviously, it won’t be the powerfully elite; instead they have become a superior race of their own and only looking out for themselves while extending their endless pursuit extinguishing of the lives of the lower classes. They only care to remain wealthy at the very costs of further damaging the natural environment until every expendable resource is dried up. Their manner of thinking had been the simplest way to ‘ thin out the herd ‘ in order to only make room for their designated progenitors. Also, it’s not going any interplanetary alien societies who are going to care, either. They are highly advanced and intelligent enough to patiently play out ‘the waiting game’ until our complete human annihilation before they can fully clean up our messes and take over the planet to rule it as they see fit. The whole idea of CHANGE seems to us to become a frightening threat as well for the reluctance in welcoming a foreign guest.

September 25, 2022 18:31

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Jeannette Miller
15:16 Oct 01, 2022

First, I don't think it meets the prompt. Second, I'm not sure where this story is going and why. I feel like it starts out with a narrator just about to tell me what life is like in the future but instead of telling me a story of a first hand account, the narrator goes into a large broad sweep of too much information. I couldn't find the humanness of the story as even the narrator wasn't described in any way. It reads like a synopsis of a larger story.


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