The Best Night Ever

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The Best Night Ever

Pushing back another yawn and the fact she wanted a bubble bath as well with lit candles and soft music she had another job. Getting her three year old Nerf gun, red cape wearing, superhero son to bed. While she knew he was tired and would never admit it, she also knew getting him to bed was the most challenging and rewarding for the two of them.

She got up and started a warm bath for him, as he sat in the living room playing with his latest action figure. She had already done the hard part and taken the iPad away thirty minutes ago and you thought she was telling him he wasn’t a superhero or something drastic like that. She made sure his bath had bubbles and a few toys. While it was going she went into his decked out room and picked out his bed clothes which was simple. She remembered just a year ago his room was painted in a Lion King theme. She loved that movie as a kid and so when she found out she was having a boy she had the room decorated in that theme. Now there were no traces of a lion. Superheroes of the world had taken over. Nina pulled out a white undershirt and you guessed it superhero undies. PJs with superheroes were cute ,but he always got hot at night. Even as an infant she just had him in little T shirts and diapers because he hated to be all wrapped up. 

She made his bed just a little and turned it back . He didn’t need a lot on his bed. She turned on his humidifier and his night light. Of course it had a superhero on it too. She remembers how he use to have to sleep with a sound machine, a spinning night light and humidifier. He was truly growing up. 

She called out for him as she entered the bathroom and he came running in with his toy. They battled with getting his clothes off. Nina picked him up and placed him in the tub. He was getting so big,his hair was getting long and curly again since his dad cut it last time. Not something she wanted,but it was growing in nice. His hair had always grown in curly and the biggest debate was to let it grow long or cut it short. She liked it long enough to see his curls. His dad likes to cut it all off and not leave one curl.He got in and started playing and they talked about preschool and his friends. She loved to hear him talk. His favorite colors and of course food surprisingly broccoli made the list.She wondered if he understood how this routine meant so much to her? How she would battle him everyday, tired and all just to be able to give him a bath. He tried to hide his yawn and said he wasn’t sleepy, but she could see his big deep brown eyes growing heavy. She looked at the wall clock it said eight thirty, so she was already behind schedule. She gave him a washing and he named all his body parts and he even allowed her to wash his hair. She grabbed a big blue dry off towel and got him out. He wasn’t ready, of course and she promised to give him extra time next time. If she would get a next time. That thought made her choke back tears. 

She dried him off carefully making sure his coffee creamer toned skin was fully dried, before she applied the lavender scented lotion. At least this part of the routine hasn't changed. She helped him to his room where he jumped on his big boy bed and she helped him in his undershirt and superhero undies. All the while he talked and played. This night seemed to be moving fast.  

 Once he was in his night clothes,she folded the towel and put it back. She ushered him in the bathroom to brush his teeth and she made sure his hair was towel dried. Brushing teeth was a chore because he only brushed the front. They sang the ABC song twice. Once that was done they went to the room and she let him jump on the bed a few more times before she picked a book for him. He said no to the book. She offered to let him play and then read. He still said no!

He begged for a movie on the iPad instead and she caved. They got comfortable with the lights off, except the night light and they watched Spider-Man again. He smelled so good. He was right next to her. He of course knew all the lines and songs and fifteen minutes into the movie,  he was out. He was snoring and she turned the iPad off and just laid there with him. His little head was laying on her arm and his snoring was so cute.When did that start? She didn’t want to let him go. She knew if she stayed a little longer she would fall asleep with him.

She managed to ease up and kissed his forehead and whispered.

“I love you my sweet boy.”

“I love you too.” He whispered back and turned over. She felt her heart tighten up and she felt the tears. 

She only half way closed the door and she cleaned the bathroom. Made sure the living room was clean and kitchen too. It was ten o’clock on the dot when she saw the headlights flash through the living room window.

Just like clock work in walked her ex husband and his current wife.

“So how did it go? Is he sleeping?” Asked the new wife. She had a worried mother look. Nina was taken aback, however she answered her. 

“It was the best time ever. Yes he is.” she said as her ex gave her a look.

“Great! I’m going to go check on him.” She said as she put down her very expensive purse  and tipped toed in her two inch heels and left the room. 

“Ok, Honey I will walk Nina out.”

Was all he said as she gathered her things.

“No need to! Just give OUR SON a kiss and tell him I love him when he wakes up.Thanks.” Was all She said as she went towards the door.

“This isn’t easy for him you know?” He yelled it just  loud enough for the two of them only to hear. His tone let her know he was fed up. Same tone he used when he was losing an argument between them.

“No, that’s a lie, it’s not easy on the adults.To him and myself this was and always will be the best night ever.” Nina said with tears in her eyes as she walked away from her sleeping superhero.

August 22, 2019 20:01

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