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Science Fiction Speculative Inspirational


By Professor Alan Dale Dickinson


Wow! There it was just like she said it would be! It, was something, very, very unusual, to say the least. Dr. Lynn K. Graham, the national Director of the world famous ‘Griffith Park Observatory,’ which was located very close to the famous Hollywood sign in L.A. (Los Angeles), California.

The quite lovely and very old, Observatory Looked down upon the ‘City of the Angels,’ and looked up into the Galaxy, of which our little Earth, was but a speck on the never-ending palatial canvass.

The Observatory construction began in 1933 and was completed in 1935, on the land donated by the benefactor, Mr. Griffith J. Griffith. He donated the land grant way back in 1896, and it comprised 3,000 acres of very valuable Hollywood Hill top.

Very gracious Mr. Griffith, said in his will, that he wanted to make the science of Astrology, and the studies of the Heavens, accessible to the general public. There have been over 7 million visitors to the lovely old Observatory since it first opened.

Griffith Observatory was only the Third ‘Planetarium’ in the nation, and it was designed by architects Frederick Morse Ashley, and John C. Austin. It has Greek and Beaux-Arts influences, with a Greek Key Pattern.

An Observatory fundraising ‘Foundation’ was started in 1978 and it is administered by Debra, and Harold Griffith (The grandson). And also, by Edward Krupp, the observatory director from 1974 to just recently.

He has done an absolutely marvelous job with managing the lovely building and its many programs, especially for kids from the inter-city of L.A. (Los Angeles), California.

In the 1960’s, Griffith Park was used to train Apollo program astronauts for the first Lunar missions into outer space. And in 2006 the Foundation spent 93 million dollars to renovate the old observatory.                            

Mrs. Graham got her Ph.D. from the very prestigious “Rutgers University,” in New Jersey.  Also, she got her Bachelors, and Master’s degrees (in Astrology) from the oldest, and most famous College in the Country, “William and Mary.”

Mrs. Graham was highly intelligent, obviously, quite tall, with lovely dark hair and terrestrial dark brown eyes, and very, very attractive. Charlie thought to himself, but did not say it out loud, thankfully, “Mrs. Graham has a Heavenly body herself.”

Charles Warner Kennedy “Charlie” O’Brien, is an internationally known Private Investigator (or Private Eye, as he likes to refer to himself). Mrs. Graham, had called him, right after she called the ‘White House,’ to inform him, that she had just discovered something quite unusual in the far, far away starlit skies.

The White House told her that they were sending out a ‘black op’s’ team from the NSA (National Space Agency), and also from the DOD (Department of Defense) as soon as possible, to investigate her new atmospheric discovery.

“Could this be,” she asked Charlie. “Is it possible that I have unlocked the secret location of the; Highest Place, the Heavenly Place, and/or Paradise?” And then she continued, “The ultimate end and fulfillment of the deepest human longings.”

There, right before their very own eyes, they both saw, set amongst the cotton like cumulous clouds, planets of all shapes, colors and sizes, as well as meteorite’s, asteroids and comets, yes, they both saw something that neither one of them ever expected to see.

As Charlie peered through one of the best Telescopes in the World, he was convinced that it was none other than the, “Third Heaven,” and indeed it did appear to be just that.

Nowhere else in our Solar System was there anything else like it. Nothing at all. It was set upon several large cloud formations, it had ‘Pearly Gates,’ and it had streets made out of Gold.

The ‘Third Heaven,’ had walls had twelve foundations surrounding it and they were all made out of crystal clear, transparent, and unbreakable glass. Charlie noticed that there were rivers on each side of the streets.

And the streets were made out of 24 karat solid gold, and in the middle of one of the rivers was the “Tree of Life.” He also noticed that there were no lamps, or street lights, nor Sun, for the Lord God provided all of the light that was necessary.

Lynn and Charlie asked each other, “Was this the Happiest place in the terrestrial cosmos? Was this just a natural wonder? Was this the location of good karma? Was this Nirvana? Or was this a lovely constellation floating amount the consolations?”

It appeared to have the same atmosphere as our own planet Earth. Charlie said to Dr. Lynn, “We must be looking at Paradise itself, indeed.” This looks to be a happy home for all whom believe, and also a very blessed community.

A community full of our dearly departed, and sorely missed, loved ones, and friends, who preceded us. And also, a land flowing over with ‘milk and honey,’ a place of glorious sights and sounds, and destination that was completely full of love and grandeur!

The men from the NSA, and the D.O.D, arrived the next day via an overnight flight on ‘Air Force One.’ The POTUS (President of the United States), Joe Biden, allowed them to borrow his private Boeing 767 jet plane.

They looked just like the MIB (Men in Black) from the well-known, and excellent and quite funny movie, with Will Smith, and Tommy Lee Jones. They dressed all in black; black suits, black shirts, black shoes, even black socks. Hence their moniker, Men in Black!

They immediately instructed Mrs. Graham, and Charlie, not to tell anyone, anyone, about this New Discovery. And they added that it was Classified and also, it was a matter of ‘National Security.’ 

These were the same black-ops people who were called whenever anyone saw a “UFO.” Charlie thought to himself, that most of the so-called UFO’s, were either, Meteorite’s, Asteroids, or, Comets.

Or in some cases, Charlie added, that they were secret experimental aircraft, from either our own NSA or Military, and/or spy planes from our arch enemy, mother Russia.

The MIB looking like people, took all of the photos, notes, and information from Dr. Graham, said never to speak of it again, to anybody, and then in flash they were out of here.

Peering through a telescope!

February 20, 2022 19:03

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Roger Scypion
23:56 Feb 12, 2023

Excellent story! A sequel perhaps?


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