My name is Pisano and I live in St Lost where cats are quite uncommon especially dark-colored cats. I never realized why but I guess it just didn't matter that much. But there was this one time, when I was going to school, I saw a black cat as I went on the school bus. Wow, how interesting! I thought. Such a rare sight. Unfortunately, we had a math and science test today. Agh, I hate tests. But it got weirder when I saw 3 more black cats on the courtyard. 4 black cats in one day? What sorcery is this? They were all under one car. How interesting! On my way back home, I saw another 2 cats attempting to climb a tree. I freaked out. Six cats in one day? How is that possible! Continuing home, I saw another 4 cats, they were hiding under the tree in front of my house.

I'm sorry this story is incompleted. I have a ton of homework!

October 30, 2019 01:47

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