Friday evening had finally arrived. Holly was looking forward to curling up on the couch with her fuzzy blanket and a good book. It was her Friday evening ritual. There was too much going on at work and she had two days to recover and prepare for the new week. She wanted to leave her daily grind and become an artist. Holly spent every spare moment working on her paintings for the day she gets discovered. Often her daydreams would turn to her having a solo art show, at one of the large galleries in the city.

She had an antique Mustang in the parking garage. It was nice on weekends to get it out and take a long drive up the coast. Holly was so glad, more than once that it was a convertible. She would go to the beach early and walk, watching the waves carry away her stress, doubts, and fears. The beach walks always left her feeling inspired and ready to take on the next challenge.

Holly loved her apartment. It was a lucky find so soon after graduation from college. It came partly furnished. She landed her job and discovered it was only ten blocks from her office. Walking to work when the weather permitted would be possible. The apartment had a balcony and plenty of space for her paintings. She even grew a few vegetables in flower pots.

It had been a busy week. Holly looked out her office window. The rain was coming down in sheets. It was dark as night, even though it was just four-thirty. The workday finished, she walked downstairs to see if she could hail a cab. It was almost impossible to get a cab in the city when it is raining. Holly managed somehow to get one.

As the cab moved across the city at a snail pace, she thought about work. The taxi dropped her off in front of her building. She was glad to be home the storm was getting worst. After retrieving her mail in the lobby, Holly stepped onto the elevator to go up to the tenth floor. As the elevator doors started to close, she heard a voice, “Hold the elevator.”

Holly stopped the doors from closing. A nice young woman got on with a stack of pizza boxes. “Thank you so much, twelve please.”

Holly answered, “You are welcome.”


Chrissy just moved into her new apartment, less than a month ago. A fresh graduate from college; she just landed a dream job in advertising. She would be learning from the best in the business. Her career was getting off to a good start. Since she was a small child, she dreamed of doing national commercials.

She spent the day getting her apartment ready. To celebrate her job, she invited six of her friends over to have a pizza party. A couple of them had been placed in new jobs too. Others had interviews scheduled in the next couple of weeks. They had much to celebrate and be thankful.

Chrissy was enjoying her balcony, so was her black and brown Yorkshire Terrier, Molly. The balcony was where Molly chose to give birth to her litter of six puppies. Chrissy wanted to keep them all but knew it was impossible. She hoped she could find a good home for all of them in a few weeks.

Chrissy found Molly in a shelter and she was already expecting pups. The day she met her she knew she belonged with her. The shelter makes new pet owners foster a dog or cat for two weeks before making it official. In case for any reason, things do not work out. She officially adopted her two weeks earlier.

She had many errands to run that afternoon. The pizza was ordered on a phone app and she picked it up on her way home. It was storming and she wondered why she didn't have it delivered. It took a little while for her to catch a cab. Somehow, she flagged one down and was driven to her apartment building.

 She noticed the elevator doors getting ready to close as she entered the lobby. "Hold the elevator."

Holly stopped the doors from closing. Chrissy got on with a stack of pizza boxes. “Thank you so much, twelve please.”

Holly answered, “You are welcome.”

They began their ascent when the elevator stopped between floors. The power was out in the whole city. The emergency battery light came on inside the tiny space. Holly introduced herself to the young woman. “I am Holly, it looks like we are going to be here a while."

She smiled, “I am Chrissy. If we are stuck too long, I have pizza. It is for my party; I am celebrating my new job.”

“A new job, how exciting?” Holly smiled at her.

“Yes, finally in my field of study; marketing and advertising.”

“Really. With what company?”

“Reynolds and Abbot.”

Holly laughed, “What a small world. That is where I work.”

Holly tried to get a cell signal. After calling 911 and explaining they were stuck; she was assured by the operator it would be a little while. Emergencies were happening all over the city. The crews were working quickly to restore power. The estimate was two hours.

After she hung up with the operator. She shared what they said for about two hours. Chrissy said, "Well you could have a piece of pizza and tell me about work." She slid down to sitting in the flood.

“Holly dug in her bag, “I have three bottles of water and some chocolate snack cakes.”

“Ok, It’s a party.”

They sat down and chatted like old friends. Chrissy graduated one year behind Holly from the same college. They opened one of the boxes and started eating a pizza. It was warm and cheesy. Holly didn’t realize how hungry she was until she tasted the crispy crust, topped with double sauce and cheese. She remembered she skipped lunch to complete her project.

It had been three hours when the electric came back on and the elevator started again. They both stood, gathering their things together.

The elevator stopped on the tenth floor. "This is me," Holly spoke.

"Why don't you come on up to twelve and to my party? My apartment is number 1207."

“I will change clothes and then be right up. Thank you.”

When Holly arrived, Chrissy’s friends didn’t show because of the storm. They sat and talked more about the office. Holly shared that she wanted to be a commercial artist. She loved to create paintings.

Chrissy showed her Molly’s babies; Holly fell in love with the puppies and decided she needed the one with the pink ribbon for a collar. The tiniest one out of the litter. One of three girls, she wobbled over to Holly and placed her paw on Holly’s foot. That was all it took to melt her heart.

Holly asked, "Would you like to walk to work with me on Monday. I can introduce you around."

Chrissy was thrilled to have met Holly, "That would be great."

"I need to get going, I will see you Monday morning. Here is my number if you need it." She handed her a business card.

Chrissy reached for it, "Thanks” She wrote her number down on a piece of paper, handing it to Holly.

Holly smiled at her, "Have a good weekend." She said bye to her puppy before leaving. As she rode the elevator down to her apartment, she knew she had made a wonderful new friend. 

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