Lost Heritage

 Among all of my genealogical studies; I had always enjoyed learning about my past. As far as listening to all of those family yarns which I had often heard from my elders about being directly descended from the famous historical figures which are readily mentioned in the media and Historical references. These namedroppers assume that they are more important than most people. Once, their loud and arrogant behaviors are quickly justified as charlatans; they begin to reveal their own insecurities.

 In just such a case; I have thoroughly recovered the origins my ancestors, as well of others. It’s quite irrelevant through all of the passages of all Human actions; all of their titles, accomplishments or linear statures have never possessed any real positive traits. Frankly, we are no better than those who have existed in the past. Our pathetic Human characteristics are all condensed together into an addiction that we are unable to resist nor we want help for. If the doors to survival have always existed, why doesn’t attempt to take the easy way out? Instead, we are subconsciously massachistical wired to we seek the comforting innocence of victimization.

 Most refuse to ever learn from our ancestors hasty behaviors have left behind to future generations a very poor impression that holds many insinuative illusions. How can the present complacent Youth ever want to learn from their experienced predecessors? What they are left to manage with an overpowering indoctrination that keeps politically trumping trumped those who are extremely benevolent? If the book of knowledge belonging to a dying generation is never read, the secret of eternal happiness can never be found.

 Initially, I’ve never taken any these individuals seriously because I felt that these tall-tales were created for the very sake of entertainment by people who only desparate crave the limelight in order to gain attention. These daily actors of open speech would only assume to speak about anything in a cagily manner to cleverly cover up their anxieties in order to quickly make attempts to impress those who are perceived to be more confidant than they are and where they would hopefully expect that this new listener should merit their direct attention.

 While attentively trying to listen with an open mind, one must primarily take the time to hear about the discussed subject with a grain of salt before ever getting involved into a self-imposed debate. The young can be easily and wrongfully manipulated by an educated speaker or deliberate huckster attempt to impress the listeners in order to swiftly attain undeserving admiration from those who are naive, ignorant and eager seek to learn.

 Yet most, I had discovered some kernels of Truth from the concrete pieces of evidence that I’ve been shown by reluctant relatives and reticent acquaintances. Once this moment in time finally arrives, it was always up to me, whether or not that I should strongly consider and determine that these reveal facts as legitimate or false. Without showing me any tangible bits of proof of their allegations; why am I obliged to immediate take them at their ’ word ’? Often, their hesitancies are caused by their fear of being wrongfully ostracized, immediately ridiculed or falsely being referred to as complete quacks. Within my recent experience where the recipients may not be aware of; wouldn’t it to be up to me to privately determine to them the validity of the subject that they possess? Or to permit them to keep their disillusionary beliefs?

 Otherwise, they are trying very hard enough to respect these peoples’ privacy and not to improperly used them for any of their personal gains or claims. Often upon the decided basis of Human nature ” Seeing is Believing ”, yet may it not always be credible as well as obvious. At one time or other and it’s to be expected to happen again; everyone of us has been unexpectedly and will be deliberately deceived for the reason at someone else’s selfish and hasty gains. Our need to continuously seek out more precision in our existence that has unfortunately evolved into an undiagnosed addiction.

 No one on Earth will ever admit to this obsessive behavior that sometimes that we need to be meticulous about proving the correct merits in order to feel re-assured the authenticity and give it the respect that it really deserves. Anyhow, I don’t really know myself because I don’t possess any medical training. Everything in my mind can only be considered - theoretical. It might be a hidden derivative of a symptomatic condition of Obsessive Compulsory Disorder that the medical communities may have just overlooked or possibly misinterpreted??? The whole of idea of ’ accuracy ’ is slowly unfolding into a new human fixation where the hunger of being right of about something that possesses real meaning and prosperity in society. Many of us acquire this demand for public comfort, affirmation and approval by others in order to have our spoken words fully accepted, respected and to feel emotionally gratified.

 Throughout the entire span of our limited youth while listening to any unusual verbal account where it applicably concerns their very individualities; many questions will certainly be arising towards these so-called ’ factoids ‘. Yet, there are only two kinds of individuals which eventually flourish from this group ever reaching the pinacle of adulthood.

 The very first one will certainly be the anxiously naive who seek out the immediate amazements to stimulate their once regarded as mundane lives. These revitalizing ideas will possibly grant them to misleading goals and send them to unattainable fates as well unfortunately to disappointing endings. If success has perhaps been reached through many determinations in overcoming obstacles; their fates may lead then into different directions in time if they don’t proceed, very carefully.

 One will either be hung up on speaking out too loudly by over-confidently sounding off with their ’ unwanted bragging rights ’ in order to swiftly obtain immediate respect. This action will certainly purposely annoy and shame others where it could lead to their own unforeseen demises and often being accused lying if actual proof is not provided. Also there are those who will blindly take in everything that is said and believe every statement that is mentioned as total and immediate honesty. Either way, this speaker will always be living on very dangerous grounds upon the reasons of the approaching accusal of being disbelieved and unlawfully brainwashing the the gullible.

 The second category only carries all of the skeptics, the interrogators, the multi-questioners and the cynics where the open-minded have also often joined these distrustful groups in their quests to verify any other unforeseen possibilities. Again, guaranteed and substantial proof that would be needed to definitely keep all of these harmful critics at bay. For these people to acquire any common sense of reality; they have been involuntarily sent on a literary wild scavenger hunt through the pages of Time by trying hard to carefully decipher the complexities from the fraudulent. This eternal quest is in order where it has become seemingly undaunted to rewrite History to its’ proper accuracy. Our reality certainly predicts that Success will never be reached because of the on-going stubborness to change.

 Many records of distorted history has become fully responsible for shattering the entire idea of Truth. It’s compared to a trophy case of ceramic figures which were all purposely smashed to pieces beyond recognition and repair in order to protect and distract attention from the real perpetrators who had willingly committed these crimes to only steal the credit for themselves. Our True accounted reality is now an irretrievably loss somewhere in the dark abyss of Time where the Human actuality is simply unmotivated to initiate any needed corrections to acquire a true comprehension of humankind.

 It must be said that humanity has clearly decided to deceive itself and utterly lie to its’ off-springs which neither Glory & nor Progress has ever existed in attaining by cheating and killing one another in order to get ahead. Many have stolen, yet very little have truly earned. What do we need to happen to us to wake up to our last chance of hope of survival? From this point on, our final statement of our existence has been solidified and engraved in our celebral make-up. Otherwise, this is where we’ll be forever improvising from our chosen ignorance right up until our fateful extinction.

August 09, 2021 16:20

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