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Drama Suspense

This story contains sensitive content

**This story contains tw(foul language, substance abuse(underage), physical violence(mild)

***This is my first story, so there will be some mistakes. Feel free to offer advice or corrections

****Also, in the story I took the name “The Dime Lions” from a book since I couldn’t figure out what to name the rival gang. So all credits for that name go-to author “Leigh Bardugo” and her “Six of Crows” series, which I adore by the way. 

On the first night, it was cold. The rain was hitting the roofs of all of the buildings, and no one was aware of the crime that was just committed. On the second night, there was a witness. Shaking with terror, she tried to flee, but to no avail. Her body was left with the other. On the third night, there was no body to be found. Authorities knew a crime had supposedly taken place here, the tip-off proved it. But there was nothing, not a shred of evidence. They left, feeling slightly perturbed, unaware of the man a few feet away, sharpening his knives, prepared for the kill. Their bodies were left, just like the others. This happened for a few months, the city ravaged by this one man, and no one could stop him. Until another gang moved in and challenged the previous. No one really knew what happened, but they did know it was over when they found the body and saw the mark. 

One Year Later

“And…begin!” Direttore yelled, and Lucia sprang into action, knives came at her as she dodged and rolled. She bounced gently on the balls as her partner lunged at her. “C’mon Mateo, you have to fight like you mean it! Andiamo!” Direttore shouted, clapping his hands together. Mateo glared at Lucia and dropped his knives for two wooden rods. He swung them forward, slowly backing Lucia against the wall. 

She growled, looking around the training room quickly. She spotted the elevated beams and smirked, just a bit. Facing Mateo once more, she rolled to her left, and knocked his feet out from under him. “NO! Lucia what did I tell you, stop running.” Lucia barely heard her Direttore, as she sprinted for one of the beams, Mateo close behind her. Grabbing one of the daggers off the shelf, she flung herself on the beam. 

“Almost there.” She mumbled as she quickly aimed the dagger, waiting for the right moment. Her eyes followed Mateo, as he was running towards her. Just as he was about to jump up, she released her arm, using as much force as possible. She watched as the knife flew at his head, catching on his hood, and brought him down. She jumped to the ground and stalked towards Mateo, watching as he struggled to lodge the knife from the rubbered ground. 

“Pezzo di merda,” he spat as he futilely gave up, smacking the ground three times, “Why don’t you actually try to fight me next time?” Mateo finally pulled the knife from the ground as he stalked past Lucia, throwing it back with the others. Giving her one last glare, he gave a quick bow to Master and walked out of the room. 


“He’s right, you know,” Direttore said as he walked towards Lucia, who was trying to keep the laughter in, “In a real fight, you can’t just expect to run. You might be in a tight space, and there might not be anywhere to go. I just want you to be prepared for that.”

Lucia looked over at him as she slowly unwrapped the tape from her hands, “Just because I don’t kill people on sight doesn’t mean I’m running.” 

Direttore sighed as he walked over to her, “You know, I’ve been in this gang for more than thirty years, and I gotta say, you are one of the best fighters The Vice Lords have had for a long time. But, since Rocco died, it’s like you lost your passion.” 

Lucia sighs, “He was my brother, my everything. And, I see what The Vice Lords do, and I don’t like it. I want to le…” 

“SMACK.” Lucia lets out a breath as she gingerly touches her cheek. Her wounded eyes bore into Direttore’s eyes as she asked the silent question. 

“Not here, you know this. Non c'è possibilità.” Direttore shook his head sadly, as he raised the sleeve of his shirt. The brand of the knife was stark against the pale skin of the Direttore’s left forearm. “Lucia, you have to be careful, there are eyes everywhere. This,” He said, gripping her own forearm, “This is your livelihood. You are the daughter of The Big Boss. The heiress to this entire gang. If you do what I’m thinking, you're dead. No questions asked. The only thing your father hates more than cops, are traitors. Whatever you're thinking, do it quietly.” Direttore released Lucia’s arm and walked out of the training room. 


“Well, well. La principessa got in trouble.” Mateo laughed as he approached her.

Lucia grinned, “What, you’re in a better mood now? After I kicked your ass you got all pouty.” Lucia laughed as she walked out of the building, into the muggy New York weather. Mateo gently punched her as he pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his coat pocket, “Yeah whatever, you want one, cagna?” Lucia nodded as she pulled out a lighter for the both of them. 

“God, you know this is bad for us, right?” She told Mateo as she took a drag from her cigarette.

He scoffed, “So why are we doing this then? And besides, it’s not like we’ll live long anyway. Might as well do whatever the fuck we want.”

Lucia shuddered at his response, “Ragazzo, please. Don’t talk about it like that. I told you, we’ll be fine.”

Mateo looked at her as he gently put his arms around, “Hey, I kid. I didn’t mean it like that, perdonami.” As he held her, Mateo looked at the towering buildings and honking cars. “You know, maybe one day we could leave. Away from this mess.”


“Ah, mio prezioso. Would you come here?” The man said, for there was no way that Antonio Giovanni Romano would ever ask for something. He merely announced it and expected to get a result. And it was no different with his daughter. At only seventeen years of age, Lucia Aria Bianchi-Romano was one of the city’s greatest fighters. Being born into the Italian mafia meant the best of trainers and tutors.. But one thing The Vice Lords didn’t provide was love and nurture. She rarely saw her mother, as she was ordered to stay inside the Romano estate, and her father lacked the abilities to actually care for his daughter. He liked her of course, but never seemed to see her as his child, but more of his prodigy. Since his eldest Rocco died, he was putting more pressure on Lucia, trying to hone her abilities to use against the rival gang. 

“Yes Father, do you have a job for me?” Lucia slowly walked into the room. The vast walls and chandelier were always impressive, but Lucia never cared much for The Castle, the hideout where the members stayed. She much preferred the small apartment she shared with Mateo in Brooklyn, it was home for her. 

“Of course, why else would I have called you here. Dario, leave us.” The servant that shadowed her father left the room, locking the door behind him. Here, she was alone, staring up at her father, who was sitting at his throne. 

“I assume you know about The Dime Lions,” Antonio said, “Their leader, Marcus, he…what’s the word? Ah yes, he annoys me. I want him dead.” Antonio looked smug as he watched Lucia's careful expression drop from her face. 

“But, father,” Lucia protested, “I can’t just kill the leader of The Dime Lions.” Antonio’s face turned grave, 

“You can and you will. O osa interrogarmi? Lo voglio morto entro stanotte o la testa di Mateo. Capire.”

Lucia slowly bowed her head, “Ti capisco.” Antonio waved her away.


The night was cold as Lucia slowly crept down the alleyway, into The Den, the hideout of The Dime Lions. She shivered as the cold metal of her knives froze her skin. She needed to get into the club without anyone noticing her. She crept behind the club and pulled out two metal picks. With a soft click, the door swung free. As Lucia slowly walked inside, she looked around, making sure nobody was following her. Approaching the bedroom of Marcus Dubois, she pulled out a dagger. She took a few deep breaths to calm herself. As she stood over him, she raised the knife over her head. And dropped it. 

Lucia lay gasping on the ground as she struggled to figure out what happened, “I can’t do this anymore, I can’t kill someone.” She whispered as she tried to collect herself. Lucia was ready to leave, ready to run from this city, grabbing Mateo and making a home for themselves miles away from here. She was just about to walk away, and leave this life behind. But she didn’t hear the click of the pistol. The shot rang out, echoing in the dark room. Lucia didn’t even have time to react, her body lying motionless on the floor.

March 04, 2022 22:59

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Amanda Lieser
03:22 Mar 18, 2022

Hi Sasha, There were lots of things I really enjoyed about this tale. Firstly, I thought you blended the Italian into this story really well. Even though I’ve never spoken or read the language, I could infer enough for the surrounding text to understand what was going on. Personally, I like a narrative that melts into itself-meaning that I try to limit the number of specific scene breaks to one or two. I counted four. I think it’s a purely stylistic choice. I find that when we denote a scene change with those stars it briefly pulls the reade...


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