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My nails rapped at the stack of papers I should've been organizing, but I glared at the cerulean ceiling outside.

It was completely clear of white clouds. I gritted my teeth in frustration and slam my fist against my flimsy wooden table. It wobbles threatening to fall but I stabilize it just as Claire walks in.

"Can you chill out Ezzie, I'm trying to study." Claire still has a hair roller in her hair and her glasses are perched on her nose at the brim of falling.

I roll my eyes and hum as she leaves. I glance at the analog clock on my desk and my heart jumps.

I snatch my tote bag and phone and sprint out the door tearing my face mask off and I run my fingers through my hair as I go down the apartment elevator.

As I tie my hair half up and down he walks in sipping a drink and a hand stuck in his pocket. He looks up at me smiles nodding. I meekly smile back trying to suppress my grin. He glances at his own watch and his eyes widen and he taps the same button I did.

"So are you getting to class late too?" He asks his back still faced to me.

"Yup." I try to end the conversation so I don't say something dumb or stutter. He could notice my effort to avoid conversation but he pried.

"Want some gummy worms." He says presenting me a colorful bag of gummies.

I lick my lips and grab 4 and carefully each one stretching them in a satisfying manner.

Licking my fingers as a soft ding and the elevator opens. I follow behind him and begin to sprint full speed leaving him behind.

I had exactly 5 minutes to get to class. I didn't have time to waste on him even if I admired his perfect face. I crossed the streets with my tote bag bouncing with me.

I hiss at the crude catcalls as I finally reach the last crosswalk. I could hear nimble steps behind me and he reached me panting.

"Finally caught up with you." He fanned himself as the cars began to stop for the both of us and I didn't bother to spare a moment dawdling around.

I sprinted to the building with him sprinting next to me. Skillfully dodging passerbyers we made it to the building. I ran down the steps to room 175.

I peeked inside to find the full class and Mrs.Fyu already apologizing on my behalf.

I knock and she whips her head and the door flies open to me, sweaty and panting. He's behind me and heading towards an empty seat.

"Hello, please excuse my tardiness." I gulp more air and the students look at me pitifully.

"Today's class will be about learning how to handle gouache." I gently pull out a fancy box and a large pad of watercolor paper. I grab some paint brushes from a cup along with a plastic cup of water.

They watch as I skillfully take long strokes of paint and apply them onto the thick paper. I pause and walk around the room watching the students make attempts to paint flowers and fruits.

I walk past his desk and I watch as he paints a cloudy sky and the front of the building. A girl and boy facing each other. I blush covering my mouth and he glances up at me and makes an atrocious attempt of covering up his art.

It was dark outside as the cars drive with the occasional honk and impudent curses tossed around.

The students place their damp artworks on the wired racks along the side of the room and leave them one by one. I wait as he rinses his brush and places his artwork away.

The sky is a throng of bulging clouds ready to burst into tears at any moment. I lock up right behind him and we walk down slowly outside as the clouds begin to drizzle.

"Thank you for the class," he says smiling.

"Anytime." We stand under the building neither of us walking down yet.

" So are you free to get coffee?" He says hesitantly waiting for my rejection.

"Sure." I sigh rolling my sleeves up and I follow him into a cozy coffee shop with candles sprinkled everywhere.

We sit down after ordering an awkward silence and the low murmur of pop music fills the void.

"So how's Claire?" He says scooting his chair forwards.

"She's good. Has finals coming up so she's cramming."

"That's good." I nod back at him.

I press my lips as I begin to contemplate what to say to his angelic-looking man. He has pretty pale eyes and wispy black hair hovering over his eyes. A neat silk button-up on his broad shoulders with a nice pair of fancy gold and black leather dress shoes.

The waitress hands our drinks and she bites her lip shyly glancing at him but he ignores her futile attempt at his attention and she walks away in shame.

I quickly finish my drink and we walk out together.

"I hope we can do this again after classes." He says keeping the door open for me.

Was he really not going to confess. We've known each other for a good 2 years. His feelings we're noticeable. How much longer am I supposed to wait.

My jaw clenches and I scoff folding my arms. He's shocked at my change of posture and gazes at me questioningly. I glare at his sparkling eyes and walk down the cement stairs and gestured for him to come down.

He follows me and I hug him. A light drizzle begins to coat the area.

He hugs back.

"Is something wrong?"

"Yes," I say burying my face into the crook of his neck.

"What's going on?" He clutches my shoulders pulling us out of the hug and I groan in agony.

"I'm just pissed."


"Because you're so slow and so obvious." He thinks and begins to blush.

"What do you mean?" he says pulling away rubbing his neck looking away.

I clutch his jaw and a raindrop hit my head.

I deepen into a kiss and he's confused.

A thick shower hits my back making me shiver in joy as we part and he's radiating in joy and embarrassment.

"I love you Rain." He whispers.

"I love you Caer," I whisper back.

September 21, 2021 21:27

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