Coming of Age Friendship High School

'I got this,' I said to myself as I was beginning to walk down towards the starting line with the other contenders. It was a hot gorgeous day for lacrosse tryouts and everyone was doing their best including myself. I've always liked thia sport for the longest I could remember. I had to be at least seven years old when I first saw it on national television. Sure, I do like me some football and basketball, but lacrosse always had my full attention no matter what. 

Considerably, I wqs very active and athletic, I begged my parents to tryout for lacrosse. My dad didn't hesitate, not one bit, but my mom however wasn't easy to convince. Saying she was an very protective mother could be the understatement of the year. She would always make sure I was safe and not injured himself from any of my activities which a parent should always be. Yet however despite her good intentions, she would always have me put on a biking helmet even without me necessary biking. One time, she even had me put on band-aid when I scratch my elbow the other. It was just a small tiny scratch which would have healed within a day. Like seriously? 'Mom, I love you but a scratch is nothing,' I told myself on that day when she covered up my mark.

Anyways as I lined up with my fellow contenders, I could hear my mom shouting out loud with concern in her voice: "Run as best you can without getting hurt, Stuart! Don't be afraid to slow down! After all, they say: slow and steady wins the race!"

I could hear my dad saying for her reassurance: "Worry not Maggie, he'll be fine. I'm sure he's got this. I believe in me."

My mother replied still worried there: "I know Wilson, but I just want to make sure is all. He is our baby boy after all. I'm super nervous that he might fall on his face."

Father responded with some more reassurance and wisdom: "Sometimes in life, you stumble and fall. He'll know when to get back up."

At least my father isn't worried one bit. But it's not like everyday your parents go to their kid's tryout, but considering my mom is a worrywart full time, it's no surprise. 

We've been having at this tryouts for a good couple of hours. We just got this one final test in order to finally complete the tryouts. So far, the lacrosse coach, Mr. Pope, had us do some catching and throwing with the lacrosse stick, as well as protecting the goal with the other contenders shooting with the lacrosse balls. As I've said: we were all doing pretty good out here. These are some good completion. Coach Pope has been impressed by how we were all doing including me. I even once overheard him talking to my parents about my potential. My dad was very pleased but my mother was silent for she was still unsure about all of this.

Once everyone was officially ready to get this done and over with, the coach came up by the side and started: "On your marks..."

I closed my eyes slightly while taking a deep breath. This is it...the moment of truth...

"Get set..." continued the Coach.

'I got this,' I said to myself once again.

"Go!" shoted Mr. Pope.

The five of us tryouts ran as fast as we can. I made a slow start but I picked up the pace as soon as I found my footing. Soon I was passing the four other contenders. I could hear my parents cheering my name: "Go Stuart Go!"

Suddenly I hear a stumble while also hearing someone going: "ow", and I quickly turn my head to my right. It was one of the following contenders who had stumbled back there about 3 meters away from me. He had red hair and his face was covered with freckles. Apparently he had misstep and landed on his right knee. From the looks of it, it looked like he landed on pretty badly. With this communion happening behind me, my momentum was slowed down and the other three contenders were ahead of me eventually finishing the quick race. I could hear commotion going on among the sides although I couldn't tell who was talking and what they were saying. I just didn't bother for I was in a cross roads.

A little voice told me to continue to run but my heart was telling me otherwise. Instead of jogging forward, I went back to the red haired contender. He was still hurting as I approached and didn't even notice me coming his way. Once I was close by him, I asked: "Are you okay?"

He startled a little at first, but eventually replied: "Yeah, I think so. I just landed on my right knee badly, and it stings."

I then held out my hand without any hesitation and said: "Let me help you to take the load off."

The red haired contender was shocked to see this. All this time, we were trying out in get pick into the team but here we are both dead last. 

After a breif moment, he replied, "Thank you." And like that, he took my hand and I placed his left arm on my shoulder as we slowly walked to the finish line. 

"The name is Stuart by the way," I introduced myself to the red haired contender who was leaning on me.

He replied with: "Nice to meet you. I'm Ivan."

"I'm sorry about your knee, Ivan."

"It wasn't your doing, Stuart. I can be clumsy at times."

"Yeah, me too," I agreed.

"I am however sorry that I caused us the race," said Ivan sadly.

I reassured him by saying: "Don't mention it. I know you would have told the same if it was me."

Ivan replied: "Yeah, I guess. I would have, no doubt about it."

We eventually closed the finish line and everyone applaud. Ivan and I were dumbfounded to see the reaction from everyone including the other three contenders.

Coach Pope came over and said: "That's what I call good sportsmanship! You two are in!"

"Really!?" asked both Ivan and I at the same time.

Mr. Pope replied with a smile: "Yes, really. You both showed your full potential today. Congratulations on this accomplishment, you two. I shall see you both first thing tomorrow after school."

"Thanks Coach," I replied.

"Yes, thank you Mr. Pope," agreed Ivan.

Coach Pope replied: "No problem boys. Just make sure you celebrate tonight and we'll start the season very shortly."

"Well do," agreed Ivan and I.

I then turned my head to see my parents and I could see their smiles along with some tears upon their faces. My mom was leaning into my dad's chest as my dad stands there proudly. Once they noticed I was looking at them, they both give me a thumbs up.

I return one back at them as I was still carrying Ivan's left arm while also getting teary eyed. As I done so, I thought to myself once more: 'I got this.'

June 18, 2022 23:41

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Wendy M
21:43 Jun 29, 2022

Nice uplifting story, with a good moral you don't always win by putting yourself first. I did see a number of typos and wrong word usage, Considerably, I wqs very active and athletic, - I guessed you meant consequently. This sentence confused me, One time, she even had me put on band-aid when I scratch my elbow the other. Go!" shoted Mr. Pope. With this communion - think you meant commotion. If you were to run this story through a free grammar checker such as Grammarly or Hemmingway, it would sort most of this out and the story would ...


Sean Sorce
19:55 Jul 24, 2022

I'm glad you thought it was a nice uplifting story. It does have a good mortal. I shall check the grammar later. Thank you.


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