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“This is complete utter madness! Why am I doing this?!” thought Elise nervously as she shuffled in her chair and sat staring at the psychic. Her mother had recommended she come and visit this raven-haired lady.

“Now lovey, I’ll start off by tuning into you to see if I can pick up on anything.” There was silence as she closed her eyes. “Hmm... you’re very aloof, aren’t you?” she questioned suddenly. Elise stared at her blankly. Was she aloof? Well she could be at work but that was just professionalism. She had to be detached from the people she dealt with. She couldn’t listen to every single sob story going about why they needed a job.

“I see a lady. She’s dressed very smartly – very well spoken. She tells me she loves flowers.” Rita the psychic began to describe the woman which Elise recognised instantly. It was her grandmother. She was a beautiful silver-haired woman and Elise remembered she was always turned out immaculately. Elise cast her mind back to fond memories spent flower arranging with her grandmother as a child. Such happy times as they both worked to create colourful masterpieces in vases, wreaths and other beautiful arrangements. Her grandmother was kind as they snipped happily and arranged sweet smelling blooms. Wow, she missed her gran so much. Elise fought back the tears and tried to listen intently.

“You’re not happy are you?” Rita looked at her sympathetically. Was she really unhappy? She worked as a Recruitment Manager for a large corporation for 15 years and she excelled in her role. Sure, the recent merger made things a little unsettling at work and she didn’t quite have the same enthusiasm for her career as she used to have but that was normal, she argued. As for her personal life...well she was single. Friends were settled in relationships and too busy to meet up at the weekends. Whilst Elise was happy for them, she wished for companionship in life - an occasional cuddle and conversation at the end of a working day would be nice. Now that Christmas was nearly here she felt that extra pang of loneliness. Maybe Rita was right...maybe she was unhappy? She listened on.

“Your grandmother here wants you to spread your wings” Rita continued “Now let’s shuffle these cards and pick a few. Get some advice from Spirit on what lies ahead.” She handed the cards to Elise. “Now, lay them out and choose 10 cards you are drawn to” instructed Rita. Elise carefully chose and handed them back to Rita who glanced at the cards “ Hmmm... there is change ahead and I see a relationship on the horizon.” Elise stared at the woman with hope and then doubt.  They all say that don’t they concluded Elise. As Rita carried on, Elise listened with a faint glimmer of excitement. Rita peppered her conversation with promises of career fulfilment and love just waiting for her around the corner. “Open your arms to receive!”

The reading lasted for another half an hour by which time Elise was comforted but remained sceptical nonetheless. She was glad that her grandmother had come through in the reading which was a source of great joy and she loved her so but now her time with Rita was up.

“Love will find you, you know. Just believe. It’s what I tell my grandson all the time.” Rita had sat watching Elise throughout the reading as she spoke. She observed that Elise was a pretty woman with delicate features but an aura of sadness around her. She could tell she missed the lady that came through for Elise. Rita took pity on her and rose to her feet. She found a pink candle and walked towards Elise. “Here take this...to attract romance in your life.” Rita handed the candle to her. “I want you to take this, go home, carve a positive affirmation for love, rub it with oil then light it. A cosmic order if you like. Send your wish out to the universe.” Elise laughed. What a preposterous idea!  But she took the candle, handed her some money and thanked her for her time.

Elise walked home. There was a chill in the air and as she strolled past the shops with the twinkling lights and ornate decorations. She was reminded that Christmas was fast approaching and she hadn’t put her decorations up. Rita was adamant things were going to improve and Elise wanted to believe her so much. She didn’t want to be single forever. 

That night Elise was in a strangely happy mood. Most of the time she was tired and crabby due to work. She decided to decorate her flat and retrieve her tree and decorations. As she hung her decorations she thought about how her grandmother loved this time of year and how they loved decorating the tree with twinkling lights and shiny baubles. Elise recalled how her grandmother would always hand make a Christmas wreath to hang on the door. Such happy times! She glanced at the candle and decided to do what Rita had instructed. She pondered on a suitable affirmation. She carved the words 'I now attract the ideal man into my life’ but was too tired to light it. She’d do it another time she decided. Elise retired to bed early.

The next day Elise strode into work with a spring in her step. Rita had told her that things would be looking up work-wise. Maybe that promotion would land in her lap? As she began to daydream her Manager called her into her office.

Redundant! 'Surplus to requirements!' Those words were the only one that Elise recalled during her meeting with her boss. After 15 loyal years at the Company she was being made redundant and at Christmas too. How heartless! She went home and sunk into her sofa. She was being made redundant immediately and was being given the rest of the time off as it was so close to Christmas. Elise stared into a space. What would she do? Her work was her life! Thoughts began to swirl around her mind and as she did she began to feel fearful and afraid.  A tear began to roll down her cheek then the floods of tears flowed.

The next day, Elise didn’t dress. Instead she moped around the flat feeling sorry for herself. Thoughts were churning. She ignored the ringing phone. Probably her mother asking how things were going. She didn’t want to talk and just wanted to be left alone.

Three days passed and Elise was still wallowing in self-pity. Her thoughts turned to anger. She had invested so much time in her career and that company. Her eye caught sight of the candle Rita had given her. In a fit of rage, she grabbed the candle, strode over to her balcony door, opened it and threw it outside. “So come on then…love come and find me!”

Suddenly, she heard a loud “ouch!” from below. She had hit someone! She peered down and recognised Matt, her work colleague.

“Elise, is that you? It’s Matt. I’ve come to drop off your belongings that you forgot to pick up. Open up.” She buzzed Matt in, mumbled her location and he strode up the stairs.

“We were a bit worried when you didn’t pick up the phone. He glanced at Elise, then at the candle noticing the words. “Erm...is this yours?” Elise went a bright shade of crimson, mumbled an apology then grabbed her candle and cardboard box of belongings. “Errr Elise – it would be nice if we could go out for a drink, a goodbye drink if you like?” he mumbled shyly. Elise had always liked Matt but was always too busy to notice him romantically. She glanced at him now. Why not she thought to herself?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Months passed by and Elise was retraining as a florist. She was happy and content now that Matt was by her side.

“Elise” Matt called to her “I want to introduce you to my gran”. Elise turned around and next to him was the familiar face of the psychic she met at Christmastime!

“Oh hello lovey!” she exclaimed. Rita gave her a big bear hug whilst Elise stood shocked! “You see...you never know when love will hit you!” she chuckled. Matt and Elise laughed and smiled knowingly.

June 26, 2022 17:49

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