Fiction Bedtime Sad

CW: fire

The candle flickered.

When the night howled. It was the source of light everyone needed. 

Darkness fighted back but cowarded away, waiting for a time to return. Even the wax burned away into the unknown


The candle danced.

As it lit up the world of gloom. All the children’s fears would sink away and evaporate into the damp air. All ghosts would howl and run as the light spreads like a bushfire. All monsters under beds would growl and sneak away into the dead of night.

Spiders would crawl and hide. Light would win the battle.


The candle blazed.

It illuminated the room. Evil spirits fled away petified and scared.


The candle sizzled.

The sound was like a lullaby that helped kids get to sleep. 


The candle flared.

Nothing was in its way. There was only one 

problem that could change that from good to bad.


The candle fell.

It burned all of the floor, Spreading around like it always did. Alarms went off. Sirens wailed. Fire fighters came to put it out as the smoke went everywhere. Darkness returned. Ghosts wailed. Monsters came back to watch it spread. Spiders crawled back. The fire burned. 


The candle blew.

The water poured down, Hitting the floor. People screamed as they tried to escape their house. The candle was no candle anymore. It was a fire.


The fire swayed.

It snaked its way up trees and made them transform into the flames. Even concrete on the paved floor came apart making cracks across it. Soon it had gone everywhere.


The fire burned.

It incinerated the grass as it moved on its way. Still, water sprayed down on it, But it was no use. 


The fire smoked. 

The humans fell onto the ground choking. Smoke rose into the air making it hard for the lungs. Eyes stung and burned. The darkness still loomed over the world even though it was meant to be the beginning of the morning. People covered their faces. The fire had won.


The fire rusted objects.

The metal objects on the floor got rusted, ripped and teared. Nothing would work to protect valuable things. Otherwise it would destroy the person then go for it. All that could be done was hope you would not die from the ashes.


The fire destroyed.

The playground fell. The schools crumbled. The animals breathed its last. The harvest had been destroyed. Cars had exploded. Nothing was left. 


The fire spread.

All the shops closed as soon as they had opened. The people evacuated. The city was empty. Cars were rushing past trying to escape. Most were not lucky. The fire fighters had given up. It was hopeless.


The fire whooshed.

The cackling was ear piercing. Everyone was running for their lives. But that was just the beginning


The fire grew.

It spread through to more forests. Destroying all of them. One by one, They fell helplessly to the floor, defeated. Kids playing there would die in terror. The fire was big bunches of smoke now.


The smoke rose.

It covered the land in a heavy black blanket. Only the brightest light could shine through the blackness surrounding the air. 


The smoke killed.

Kids would run fast but not enough. Their parents would also be fed to the flames. All that would be left was ashes.


The smoke swallowed.

It burned the ground making openings in the earth. People fell in with nothing they could do. Kids would scream for help but would be quietened.


The smoke boiled.

It sizzled everyone like a sausage. There were wails of pain that echoed through the darkness


The smoke laughed.

The dark sounds of flickering made it seem that the darkness was laughing at them. Nobody would stand a chance now.


The smoke exploded. 

Flames of ashes went everywhere, Killing all creatures. Nothing stood a chance.


The smoke grabbed.

All the sea creatures tried to swim away but pollution and flames bet them to it. Now not many living things were left. The smoke was no smoke anymore. It was darkness.


The darkness shot.

All things ran but the smoke shot flames at them. All were incinerated.


The darkness stabbed. 

Choking people fell dead where they would lie there forever. Only a few people were left. And they were soon to fall.


The darkness attacked.

The monsters under beds went to eat all of the humans. Ghosts helped with spiders to pin them down. All animals were about to be destroyed. 


The darkness slowed.

Finally, the smoke stopped spreading. Still monsters lurched around the forests and spiders were crawling through every corner.


The darkness breathed its last. 

Slowly the darkness panted as it slowed. Monsters and ghosts were getting ready to hide. A few humans were let go by the flames.


The darkness stopped.

Everything went. The darkness turned into smoke then fire. Monsters went to hide under beds. Ghosts hurried into the unknown. Spiders went away. All evil creatures vanished. All that was left was a small candle. The small object that started everything.

Small can do big things has been a saying usually for good. But this is for bad. Candles have a good side in some ways. But everyone and everything comes with a bad side too.



Candles are good and bad in some ways,

sometimes it's good but on some days,

It always seems to go quite wrong,

because its heat is very strong,

Like once a little boy called Ned,

Was lying on his fashioned bed,

But little did that young Ned know

that he was really very slow

So when his candle took a turn…

He did not get out… so learn

that candles can make a turn,

Then fire comes and that will spread,

maybe leaving people dead,

Or learn lesson from a wife

Who loved her jewels more than life,

So when her candle happened to fall…

Her jewels were safe, but her life; not at all, 

So be careful with your candles girls and boys,

And just remember, THEY ARE NOT TOYS.


May 02, 2021 05:03

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Nadya Garza
18:48 May 02, 2021

Wow! This story was so breathtaking!! I really loved everything about it, congratulations, it's such an amazing story! The descriptions here are just stunning, and I loved the evolution from the candle to the fire to the darkness. This was so creative.


Ed .
19:59 May 02, 2021

Thanks so much! I am quite proud of this story too.


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14:07 May 02, 2021

Excellent story! I love how the whole thing is like a poem. Great job!


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Chase .
05:27 May 02, 2021

Great Job! Loved it! :)


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19:47 May 05, 2021

Great story! a little thing can make a big difference indeed.


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Arwen Dove
05:05 May 02, 2021

This is great! I love your ideas!


Ed .
05:15 May 02, 2021



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