The Sargeant was a large bury man with a heart of gold. He didn't want a corrupt department, and they wouldn't quit betraying him in the force. They were letting this wealthy woman's empire waste away, to the Marla Mann's, in the organization's department. They were both identity thieves, one was a constable, the other an officer in the fraud department. They were thieves and Marla couldn't have won, in this hostile takeover of her corporations, with these two in the force. She was a quazillionaire and the two false women,were hot on her money trail, for fifteen years. They managed to convince two different group's of people that they were, indeed, the real, Marla. Many people actually thought that the real Marla was a mentally ill person, that thought she was rich. This was not true, she was crazy, yes, you would be too, if your fortune was compromised by these monstrosities. Her frustration,didn't win her any personality contests.

The Sargeant couldn't believe it when he was taken by surprise by them. " Keep your mouth shut" they threatened him. "We will find an identity thief that looks like you Sargeant" the fake Marla snarled at him, while he was behind his desk. He had asked her for a short meeting, after finding out, that she wasn't who she said she was. He was a little perturbed by this bad woman's hostility, towards him, but kept his mouth shut. The gun around her waist, in her belt, was looming before him, as she stood in front of him. The other "Marla walked in with a large burly man that resembled him and said to the real Sargeant" you can leave now" . He walked out with his head down and hands clenched. "Don't come back, until you can do,what we say" said the fraudulent Marla. " This is our new Sargeant" she gloated to the other. " He will adjust this situation, to our benefit, and we will get all, that is this stupid Marlas.

They wanted him to incarcerate the real Marla, and have the fake Constable Marla, be the inheritess of a dead man's empire. They had every intention of killing the real Marla, but their leader wouldn't let them, as she was a corporate leader , and they didn't know what systems to use for payment without the real one. Also, there was rumour that she created the product that started the corporations. Sargeant wouldn't have anything to do with it. "They will get theirs" he thought to himself. "It won't be an empire they receive, because I know the man that owns this empire is alive, and left it to this real woman named Marla." he fumed.

The powerful beautiful angels in the world all knew that Marla was being set up. They would take care of this. They got together and made a plan. Their plan included the reality, that others look like others in this world, aesthetically. The illicit team of no gooders, weren't the only ones, that could look like other people, were they?

All members of the police force were now look alikes, brought in by the powerful angels. They did what the fake Marla's said, for now until the time came for the to attack. They let one of the imposters steal a quazillion dollars, and put it in her daughter's name for now. The daughter thought she had won, knowing the entire police force,was a Hodge Podge of imposters now. Not knowing, that the only ones that were illegal, were the ones that stole Marla's identity, and the new Sargeant.

The powerful beautiful favorite angels of the world, conspired, and this is what they came up with. Let them both steal all of it, then find the rest of this thieft ring through their distribution of the money, then kill them. The United Nations, had given the right to kill these demons, on the spot. The ring of thieves left carnage, suffering and death everywhere they went. They were all familiar, with the goings ons, of this illegal enterprise, that preyed upon the wealthy. Many women had lost their families, to these losers, and they stood on guard, for Marla.. Greece's economy had blown up, Iraq's economical system was shut down, and they even did in India's wealthy, in their trail of destruction. Many people hated them. Now the Canadian police force, undercover with the powerful angels of the world would bring them down. Two could play, their identity thieft game. The look alikes were brought in, to do their twins jobs. They were professional world order members.

The Sargeant took a well deserved vacation, while the entire task force, came down on the two women. The funds were distributed to their compadres, and the identity thieft ring was brought down. Hard. All involved, had a mathematical equation of times, days, and amounts,that made their lair a profitable one. The best mathematician in the world, figured out the formula. This was the beginning of the destruction of the large unfriendly group.

When the new " undercover angel force" killed all three in a stand off the entire nation breathed a sigh of relief. No one was safe,with this band of takers in the country.

The real police force had their vacation,and was now a well oiled system,for corruption management. It wouldn't happen again, in this country or any other country.

All of the "good" imposters played the duck and pretended that they were criminals too.

First they sent in a squad, that played the game like clock work. The two original thieves, of Marlas identity, gone now. The rest of the fake force being beautiful powerful angels, undercover as thieves, and police workers, worked. This organization of deceit, and grievance, would never conspire and take personas again.

All of the police are now back to work. They don't know where all the look alikes that portrayed them, came from. They know now that this world is not at all what it seems. The struggle with good and evil is around us everyday. This spiritual warfare, will end someday. When the people of the world, quit trading in their lives, and ways of honesty for money. Only then will this injustice on the hardworking people of the world be over. No one should have to lose their life, or their persona to another, just because of their good fortune or talent, at being good business men. Many people of the world benefited from this task force of angels. Where they came from? Who only knows? Maybe God himself sent them. We will never know, how a whole police department was impersonated.

September 24, 2022 18:27

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