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Karishma Mehta, age 29, has finished her Bachelor of Commerce degree and is looking for a job in business. She went on many interviews, and eventually her efforts paid off when she was hired by the world's largest corporation, The Oberoi empire. She's ecstatic that she's so close to realising her ambition. She is very committed to her career and plans to join The Oberoi Group. Another man is fuming since his family abandoned the mansion the moment he learned his father wanted to promote him to CEO of the company where Karishma worked. Therefore, he has delegated the management of the new office to his personal assistant. Karishma was shocked to learn from a coworker that their real supervisor was never around to see any of the office drama. But she never joins in on the chatter since she has no interest in getting involved in pointless drama. However, the assistant who had been keeping the office running smoothly was killed in a vehicle accident. Given no other choice, Karishma's old Oberoi has moved into the new office as the company's new boss. Such promise and enthusiasm for one's work impresses the old man greatly. The elder Oberoi paid a visit to Karishma's home one day to formally request her hand in marriage for his son. Even though her parents initially said no, they eventually gave in to the elderly man's request. However, she was never told by her parents. A new Oberoi enterprise has been established in the Windy City. It is Mr. Oberoi's desire to hire only the most talented individuals for his business. Karishma was also one of the lucky winners, as she received a promotion that would take her to Chicago. Together with her parents, she is bursting with joy. Karishma enjoys food very much. Therefore, she plans to look for an Indian restaurant in Chicago as soon as she arrives. There is now a noontime after a few days have passed. After working up an appetite, Karishma and her pals made their way to the cafe for lunch. Her gaze suddenly landed on an Indian restaurant. She bolted from her friend's house and made a beeline for the eatery. As soon as she walks in, she notices a dashing young man of about 30 working alone to prepare and serve the meals to the clients. She can't believe her eyes at this panorama. The tasty lunch she packed for herself has finally arrived. She was reflecting on those events in her apartment and wondering how a man could possibly do everything by himself. She began spending a lot of time at that restaurant, and she and the guy who worked there became close friends. They hit it off immediately and wind up becoming fast friends and lovers. And he started coming over to her place to spend the night, too. Everything is going swimmingly except that the guy becomes really agitated whenever Karishma asks him about his family. After a few failed efforts, she gave up on the idea of digging further. One day, out of the blue, her mom gave her a call.

I'm Karishma's mom. How are you doing today?

Karishma: Hey, Mon, how are you and the gang? I was wondering how your dad was doing.

Mother Karishma: No, we're good. I'm calling to let you know that the two of you are now engaged to be married. Wait until tomorrow.

Karishma, incredulously:

The mother of Karishma: Yes, you did.

However, Mother Karishma

Just as she started to describe her romantic experiences, the line went dead.

She spent the night sobbing in her lover's arms, and he was as helpless as she was, saying nothing the whole time. In the end, he only stays at her place for a few hours before he goes. In contrast, a man was sobbing and hurling objects around his flat when his phone rang. After checking the caller ID, he was at full blast. And yet, he still answers the phone.

The Man: Don't be shy, just say what you need to say. Unfortunately, I can't talk to random people right now.

Instantly, an elderly man's voice rings through from the other side.

In effect, the old man was telling everyone to be quiet and go back to India. Your marriage is now set in stone with one of my employees.

The Dude: What kind of hogwash is that? I won't be going anywhere at this time.

The Elder: Your mother will die if you don't arrive.

Since he has a lot of respect and affection for his mom, he agrees.

The Man: All right, I'll come home for mum, but I'm not getting hitched.

The Elder: I'll have to see about that.

His wife's mission was a success, he stated with a grin as he hung up the phone. Karishma hopes that the man would call off his wedding at the same time she does. Karishma and the guy were both passengers on the same trip, but they sat in separate rows, so they barely spoke to each other the whole time. Once Karishma got back to her house, the bridesmaids were already hard at work setting up the reception. Her parents were always too preoccupied to listen to her concerns regarding her romantic life.

A young man, on the other hand, shot an angry glance at his parents and remarked.

The Dude: Holy crap! To what end are you supporting me? I'm living it right now. A woman of my choosing shall be my wife.

Your father made a pledge to the family, therefore don't you dare break it, mom.

The Guy: Who the hell does he think he is to tell me who to marry, am I a doll?

Suddenly. The old man is the one who slapped him, and it was a good one. Join your life with the person I pick for you, and that's that.

It's fine, the guy said angrily, but keep in mind that she'll be your daughter-in-law and not my wife. Because of this, he hastily retreats to his bedroom. Karishma's final conversation with her boyfriend was a tearful one; he told her he was carrying another girl because of his father, and she spent the rest of the night sobbing. The ceremony is set to start the next day. The couple is both the bride and groom are sad. The pair exchanges wedding vows. The lifting of the veil is the only ceremony left to perform. Unsurprisingly, Karishma and her then-boyfriend, now-husband, hugged and cried when the grooms saw that it was indeed them standing behind the Veil. After then, "the end" Karishma mends her husband's relationship with her father-in-law, and she tells Mr. Oberoi that she will manage the Empire in his absence, so he should follow his own dreams. When the couple moved back to Chicago, she helped him expand his restaurant and hire many new employees. Meanwhile, Karishma expanded the international reach of the Oberoi Empire. The elderly Mr. and Mrs. Oberoi passed away a few years later.

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