Ashen Tears

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Ashen Tears

Train screeches to a halt. 

Heavy doors roll away releasing the putrid smell lying within,

replacing it with the odor of my fate. 

Smoldering flames escaping chimney peaks. Remnants of past visitors who never returned. 

Those whose lives abruptly dimmed by the force of a beast. 

My empty vessel soon to be on the tip of the enemies shovel. 

Fallen Tears~ Turn To Ash

“But this is our Ancestral land! 

We’ve reaped and sowed to feed our families. 

Watch your twisted, mangled angry face, shine within your distorted blade

as it scalps my once Native American head that was once held high with pride. 

I beg of you make it fast and furious so suffer I shall not.”

Fallen Tears~Turn To Ash

“Because we stepped forward 

proudly embracing who we truly are 

be it gay, transgender, bisexual, lesbian, (LGBTQ)

We are gunned down, stabbed, verbally abused! 

Sure a law went into effect (2009) after Matthew Shepard 

was brutally beaten to death 

but did it stop…NO!

Haters still Hate!” (Orlando) 

Fallen Tears~Turn To Ash

“This face behind the veil 

You fear me yet it’s one like your own. 

You run me down with your vehicle with 7 others mistaking me for a Muslim

Repeatedly thanking Jesus Christ. 

I was in the 7th grade, now I lay in a coma. 

Will my…”

Fallen Tears~Turn To Ash

Race, ethnicity, ancestry, religion, disability etc

Justification for shallow prejudices. 

Breathing Dragons giving rise to…

Falling Tears~Turned To Ash


All Lives Matter! What? Why, Of course they do! 

No one ever said they didn’t! 

Not once did I ever hear anyone say, 

Your life doesn’t Matter! 

Then why the sudden cry for BLACK LIVES MATTER

Unfortunately, Black lives, seem to hold the least value 

within the white supremacy. 

And one more thing…

It’s not SUDDEN. It’s been 400 years of


Slavery 400 Years Ago

“Beat me not! Fo’ no wrong doin’ Masta!

Welts heal but my heart foreva’ broke. 

I’ve done washed, cleaned, cooked, sewed, bedded you!

What mo’ can I give? My sons, daughtas’, their babies too. 

My blood? Take it! Take it! Ya’ all think it’s Yo’s anyways!”

Fallen Tears~ Turn To Ash

TULSA RACE RIOT/Massacre-1921

“I’m just a shoeshiner!

Just went for a ride in the elevator. 

Didn’t assault the white elevator operator girl!

Arrested for something I didn’t do.”

Angry armed whites. Defensive armed Blacks. 

Attacks carried out on the ground from private aircraft. 

35 sq. Blocks destroyed. 

150-300 dead

The Black Wall Street


Fallen Tears~Turn To Ash

Emmett Till -1941

“I supposedly offended a white woman in her grocery store

Decades later she admits she fabricated the whole thing. 

I was abducted from my home, 



then shot in the head. 

Thrown into the Tallahatchie River.

At peace.” .

(Icon of the Civil Rights movement)

Fallen Tears~Turn To Ash

Trayvon Martin -17yrs. 

“Visiting my Dad. 

Went to the store. 

I always where my hoodie. 

Even when it’s hot! 

Not hiding nothin’. 

I really wanted to work on planes. 

Instead my life was shot down. 

Because of…


Suspicious of what?”

Fallen Tears~Turn to Ash

Michael Brown-18Yrs. 

“Yeah, I fled. 

Turned around, raised my hands. 

After he shot at my back. 

12 bullets really? 

Only 6 hit the target! 

You could’ve taken me down with one, 

If you knew how to shoot the damn thing!

One word…Why?” 

Fallen Tear~Turn To Ash

Eric Garner 

“I was tired of being harassed. 

Not selling cigarettes. Just leave me alone! 

I’m a dad of 6 and one of them just 3 mo.

Also 3 granbabies. 

I felt your filthy sweaty hands squeeze my neck like a vice. 

I told you I couldn’t breath eleven times! 

Yet, still you held on tight. 

You smashed my face into the pavement. 

My world, as I knew it went black. 

Still you continued your death grip. 

I lay there for 7 minutes. 


You witnessed as my soul entered into eternal bliss

Yet you didn’t do a damn thing.”

Fallen Tears~Turn To Ash

Breonna Taylor -25 Yrs. 

“They used a battering ram to force open my door! 

We thought they were intruders! 

So, my boyfriend shot out of fear. 

They shot back. 

Twenty to be exact. 

Eight hit me. 

Total disregard for human life. 

Especially mine! 

Turned out to be the wrong house! 

Better yet, those guys they were looking for? 

Yeah, they were already in custody. 

My bad!”

(No Knock Warrant indefinitely suspended!)

Fallen Tears~Turn To Ash

George Floyde -46Yr. 

“I just told ya I didn’t want to get in the car

Because I was claustrophobic. 

But, wow! 

You handcuffed me, 

then you knelt on my neck! 

Told you I couldn’t breath! 

I can’t breath! 


What about this did you not understand? 



That’s a LONG time! 

I wanted my…


For three minutes 

I lay motionless. 

Yet you did nothing 

BUT made sure you held…

Your nasty knee in my neck. 

Oh, I take that back. 

You did do one more thing. 

You stopped onlookers from helping me. 

Others who were yelling at you. 

“Get your knee off his neck!”

You didn’t listen. 

You held your ground. 

Feel better now? 

More powerful than me? 

Supremacy at its finest! 

I’m feasting with the God’s. 

Where you at?”

Fallen Tears ~Turn To Ash

Remember: Charleston Church Shooting; The Charleston Nine. 

John Crawford lll, Ezell Ford, Laquan McDonald, Akai Gurley, Tamir Rice, Antonio Martin, Freddie Gray, Jerame Reid, Renisha McBride, Jonathan Ferrell, Charley Leudeu Keunang, Dontre Hamilton, Jamar Clark, Ahmand Arbery And countless many others.

Fallen Tears~Turn To Ash 


The ending of slavery! Oldest Nationally celebrated Commemoration! 

War ended

Enslaved were free! 

January 1, 1863 official 

1865 Celebrated! (2Yrs later)

You see, there’s a specific problem,

within the African American Community 

that needs addressing ASAP. 

Some may not understand it 

or even want to for that matter.

Ignorance, denial, prejudice, thoughtless just to name a few. 

It’s in response to sustained and increasing violence against black communities globally.

It’s to bring forth legislative remedies

to end police brutality 

stricter guidelines for use of force.

All humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights. 

They are endowed with reason and conscience

And should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. 

*Scripturally Annotated Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Everyone is born with a gift. 

May cause sorrow and sacrifices along the path

 but you gain prosperity upon opening it. 

Leaving it unwrapped, leaves deep unsatisfied wounds. 

Scarred, sometimes for life, may cause

self hatred, with others, with the world. 

If happy with yourself, no need to take it out on others. 

Prejudice starts within. Hate starts with one person and spreads like wildfire. 

Inaction is costly.

Marking your life and those around you. 

What you refuse to do today

will be a heartache tomorrow. 

“The only Man who makes mistakes is the man who does nothing” ~Theodore Roosevelt 

“Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective -lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes it’s jarring gong-these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history”

~Winston Churchill 

We, as a people, as a Nation, need to come forth as a whole and take action and save…

Falling Tears From Turning Into Ash

June 12, 2020 23:31

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Sophia Wayne
10:33 Jun 21, 2020

Beautiful insight. A story that truly touches the heart.


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Angela Wade
16:49 Jun 18, 2020

Your heart really shines through your writing. Thanks for inviting me to read!


Kelly Vavala
18:10 Jun 18, 2020

Thank you for reading and your kind compliment!


Angela Wade
21:10 Jun 25, 2020

Of course!


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Rutvi Dhruva
10:41 Jun 18, 2020

What a lovely poem, Kelly. Loved the way you described every event!


Kelly Vavala
18:10 Jun 18, 2020

Thank you very much for reading! 💕


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12:35 Jun 17, 2020

There's one injustice you mentioned that I'm just learning about. It's Breonna Taylor's story. The way you wrote about it, just a few lines, is something I still can't explain. It's touching. Everything is.


Kelly Vavala
14:09 Jun 17, 2020

Breonna’s story was so heart wrenching! Like so many of the others…but I feel like hers was really touching like you said. I feel for her 😓Thank you for taking the time out to read my poem! Really appreciated 💕


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Laurentz Baker
10:36 Jun 17, 2020

Well done, Kelly. Stories, poems, novels, documentaries, movies about the Birmingham church bombing, The Trail of Tears, MLK, Emmett Till, Matthew Shepard, the African Slave Trade, Anne Frank teach of past atrocities so they are not committed by following generations and remind the rest of us so they are not repeated. Time marches on...Keep writing.


Kelly Vavala
11:26 Jun 17, 2020

Thank you Elliott. So true. I regret not tying in Ann Frank as I read the book so many times as a teenager. Although I did capture the holocaust in general. Unfortunately, too many circumstances to mention. But like you said, each one done is our way of saying do not repeat! Thank you for reading


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Anja Z
23:25 Jun 16, 2020

Lovely poem. Good job keep writing.


Kelly Vavala
00:25 Jun 17, 2020

Thank you so much for reading and your kind compliment!


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Conda Douglas
20:40 Jun 16, 2020

Very cool poem!


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Kristine Murdock
18:46 Jun 16, 2020

You asked me to read this story so here I am! I loved the way you depicted what you were trying to communicate! Although I don't agree with everything and I saw where you and I disagree, I think this made your point about racism very effective and beautiful, and I'm with you on that!


Kelly Vavala
00:26 Jun 17, 2020

Thank you for taking the time to read it! Appreciate your words!


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18:20 Jun 16, 2020

Beautifully explained every event, wow! I like to read more from you!


Kelly Vavala
00:27 Jun 17, 2020

Thank you very much for your kind words and taking the time to read!


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E. Jude
18:03 Jun 16, 2020

You asked me to check out this story, so here I am!!! Truly beautiful and heartwrenching. I loved it! It completely made my day! XElsa


Kelly Vavala
00:27 Jun 17, 2020

Thank you for taking the time to read and your beautiful compliment 💕


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Batool Hussain
17:41 Jun 16, 2020

Great story Kelly:)


Kelly Vavala
01:37 Jun 17, 2020

Thank You!


Batool Hussain
05:50 Jun 17, 2020

No problem:)


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Evelyn ⭐️
17:29 Jun 16, 2020

You asked me to read your story so hear I am!! I am absolutely blown away by how good this was!!! It had a lot of detail in parts which made it understandable! There was just a few grammatical errors here and there, but other than that it was an amazing story! Can't wait to read more of them!!! Keep writing and stay safe!!


Kelly Vavala
00:28 Jun 17, 2020

Thank you very much for your kind words and for taking the time out to read it! 💕


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Show 1 reply
15:07 Jun 16, 2020

WOW....Great story Kelly! You really describe the story of the victims so perfectly!Loved it!😁😊 Keep writing and have a great day Kelly!❤️️


Kelly Vavala
15:39 Jun 16, 2020

Thank you for taking the time out to read it! Very appreciative 💕 Can you give me a like lol


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Lata B
15:07 Jun 16, 2020

This was written really well. I enjoyed reading every word. Great job! Keep writing!


Kelly Vavala
15:39 Jun 16, 2020

Thank you for reading! Appreciate 💕 Can you give me a like?


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May Mills
14:30 Jun 16, 2020

Wow, your story really hit hard as you wrote out occasions of injustice throughout history. I thought it was fascinating how you put yourself in the shoes of the victims, it was well written. Good job and stay safe and well!


Kelly Vavala
14:54 Jun 16, 2020

Thank you for taking the time out to read and for your kind compliments! Very appreciative! Stay safe as well!


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Unknown User
19:14 Jun 16, 2020

<removed by user>


Kelly Vavala
00:25 Jun 17, 2020

Thank you for taking the time to read! Appreciate!


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