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Contemporary Horror Crime

How is someone supposed to react to the end of the world? Simple, denial. Denial is God’s gift to us all. It helps us see, that even in dire situations, nothing is actually wrong. I think a lot of people underestimate what a good pair of rose-coloured glasses can do for the soul. Sometimes it is just easier to sit back and have your opinion told to you. Even the most forward of thinkers fall victim to this. This is because we all are human, and we all prefer ignorance when times get tough. 

Ironically, everyone thinks they are above this strange phenomenon, because of course they do. This is because everyone is trapped inside their skulls, peering out two little windows when the coast is clear. We are all observers, observing the flocks all walking with purpose to the slaughterhouse, even though we are shoulder to shoulder with them.  

This is what I will say when they ask me to defend myself, to explain why I did what needed to be done. I will have glossy lips in a somber stance and be wearing a suit tailored to my needs. And I will look out into a sea of camera lenses and microphones, waiting for me to say the desired buzzwords and tell them the truth. Or at least, what they should think is the ‘truth’.

Politics is an interesting invention. A bunch of people sit in a circle and yell at one another, all without saying a thing. People in dark rooms who are rich enough to be nobodies, cast their bets as the game of ethics begins. Each one trying to choose their fighter wisely, so as not to risk it all. Most of us chose the weapon of religion, the Christian sort is a popular angle. Allows people to cry for the children, and it has the added perk of the built-in faith the church provides. Though, to follow this path is to ask hypocrisy if she would like to dance. For that reason, some go with the military, a good option if you ask me.

Nuanced enough to create flexibility, and the propaganda is much easier to produce. People like explosions, especially when it is far from their front door. I have been known to use this one here and there. Preaching how we are saving those poor innocent people, all of them corrupted by foreign ideas. How all they need is a western ideology to improve at dodging shrapnel, and how repayment for our graciousness should come in the form of oil. However, this too gets old. Especially when all those fresh-faced eighteen-year-olds come back, barely standing from the shellshock. Each expecting something in return. There are only so many times I can claim that the service should be in itself enough for them until the appeal is lost. So, I go for whatever is convenient. Though the people in those dark rooms do not really appreciate that, they always know where to place their bets.

Now back to the topic at hand, denial in the face of the world ending. It is important to remember that the world is never going to end. Meaning unless all of the world’s nuclear arsenal exploded at the exact same time, it is fair to say that this globe would keep spinning. Civilization on the other hand is on the brink of collapse from sunrise to sunset, all to start over the next day. The real miracle is that we have not yet resorted to cannibalism, openly at least. Those dark rooms do serve orderves with a distinct aftertaste. Too rare for my personal palette though. Regardless, it is important to remember that the world however you perceive it, will not end.

So, to answer the original question, the best reaction is to do nothing. Sit back, relax, and trust that those in power know what to do and are doing just that. I can assure you that we are all a superstitious bunch, so you can rest at ease that everything will be taken care of.

Whether or not the world is actually ending is not the important part. The important part is that you all keep your heads down and continue working towards that collective dream you all have. You know the one: white picket fence, manicured lawn, dinner on the table, not being too attached to your firstborn, and a brand-new car. Everything you need, everything you will ever want. You should not worry about whether or not the world is ending.

At this point you may wonder who I am, what party I represent, and what are my intentions? Unfortunately, due to national security restraints, I cannot answer such intrusive questions. But you know me, I have been on every single screen you have ever encountered. I was there for the entirety of this brief period you call your life. You saw me, but you never thought that I could see you. It is okay, being wrong happens to us all. I think that is the biggest misconception, that we do not know who you all are; how in actuality we are shells painted in a way to mimic humanity. Unaware of how the games we play put you all at stake. I can say, as an unofficial voice, that we do know—we just do not care.

We care about the now, the today is at the forefront of our objections. Yesterday and any other day that slips behind it simply no longer exists—only resurrected for convenience’s sake. And the future is nothing more than a whisp of possibility, moldable to the maker’s wants and desires. It only takes priority when it moves to the now, but even then, we will always claim that none of it was foreseeable and far from our control.  

Reality is what we allow it to be, you just have to do what you are told with a smile on your face; all while looking down.

Denial is your shield, and when someone dares to remove the veil we so lovingly created. Just remember to ‘deny, deny, deny’.

Wish away the monster and hide under the covers, if you never look under your bed then there will never be something grabbing at your heels. Your nightlight will save you, but make sure to bury your head in the pillows—suffocate if you must. Just do not be afraid.

You can trust us.

Who am I kidding? That will be far from my statement, my statement would lack such gravitas because then it would be too memorable. Too easy to pick apart by those who have no clue their head is on the chopping block. Even though it is the truth, the truth I see as I wipe that shiny gloss around that serpent tongue, and slither into a designer suit. It is not the truth of others, and it is important to keep that image as curated as possible. Instead, I will merely raise my hand to obscure my face from the cameras as I quicken my pace, claiming I am late to a nonexistent meeting. Saying only the phrase.

“No comment.”

But just between you and me, I would cash out any investments you have and buy better locks. 

July 28, 2022 03:56

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