The Flower Girls

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Happy Teens & Young Adult Fiction

The Flower Girls

A short story

By: Emma Kate

Author’s Note: So, this is my official fourth submission because the other one never got approved, I hope this one gets approved. So, I am literally supposed to write five stories! And all of them are long, chapter stories, my blog link will be on my bio, feel free to check it out and leave feedback!

Part 1:

Lavender stood in the middle of the ‘Floral woods’, it was a colourful and bright ‘forest’ with flowers surrounding it. She tied her charming light brown hair into a neat ponytail.

“Rose!” she called out to her younger sister, who was blankly wandering about near the lemon tree. Rose quickly ran to her sister, whom she barely remembered…

“Do you remember anything…?” Lavender asked hopefully.

Rose blinked twice and slightly shook her head in a sad manner.

Lavender sighed; she could barely stop herself from crying…

She had lost her elder sister, now will she lose her younger sister as well?


She would keep trying…

The dreadful accident, which had caused temporary memory loss, to Rose.

But her heart would sink…

Every time she used to think about it.

Was she alone now?

Yes, it was true they had their parents, but Jasmine, passed away last month, and the next month, thirteen year old Rose lost her memory.

The kind lady doctor said, that it was temporary memory loss would ‘usually’ get well.


She closed her eyes.

“Can we go home?” Rose broke the silence.

“Rose, first do you remember something?”

“No.” this was all she said, wistfully.

“This is the place we three used to visit every weekend, we picked flowers, and then either decorated something from them or made bouquets.” She told her.

Rose went away and then came back with a jasmine, rose and lavender…

The three sisters…

They used to call themselves the flower girls.

Rose didn’t remember anything…and then there was Jasmine, who died, and Lavender, who felt lonely…

Lavender felt cold raindrops falling on her pink flushed cheeks.

“Better go home.” She said in a low voice to Rose. They both walked slowly together towards home.

Where Lavender locked her room and tried to hide her sadness by reading or making bracelets. She stared out her window and suddenly there was a soft knock on the door.

“It’s me.” Rose answered.

She unlocked her room and let her in. Rose took a headband and wore it, to push her blond hair back.

“I want to ask whose room is that upstairs at the corner?”

“It was Jasmine’s room, Rose.”


Part 2

Lavender didn’t give up. She tries to ‘make’ her sister, somehow remember something. But it just seemed impossible, she didn’t know why?

The flowers didn’t work did they?

She took her to the floral woods again the next weekend. But then something odd happened there.

Rose went nearer to the bridge which was at the corner of the country-side. She took a look down at the stream down. She stared deep…into the depths of the water.




Then she was driven back to the real world where she again stared at the bridge, rusty, brown, wooden bridge…

Then again back…

There was something oddly familiar with the bridge, the stream, the woods, the flowers-then there was a sudden thought, a sudden flash in her mind…

The flower girls…

She could suddenly see a picture…

A picture of three girls.

One who looked of eighteen, she couldn’t recognize her, because she couldn’t remember her, but she still looked familiar, she had charming blond curly hair, deep green eyes, and she was smiling, the other two were definitely she, Rose, herself and Lavender.

Could it be…?


She blinked.

“Rose, what happened?”

“Nothing…I—“ she stopped abruptly.


Rose was then driven again far from the real world…

Perhaps, in the world of memories…

Swirling swiftly into a strange world.

As if everything was replaying…whatever was in this bridge which kept her wondering?

Then it stopped, she swiftly went nearer to the flowers.




Flowers were just fascinating…

She thought…

“Flowers are just fascinating.” She said out loud.

Lavender look at her. “What did you say?”

“I said flowers are fascinating.” She repeated.

“This was what Jasmine used to say.” She told her, smiling.

Lavender was quite delighted the other day, Rose seemed like the ‘same’ Rose now, but not totally…she was maybe…still…remembering.

* * *

It was again a typical Friday, Lavender was sick and Mom and Dad were on a function. Rose saw that Lavender was sleeping and decided to see Jasmine’s room. rose didn’t know where the key of the room was, but suddenly, a thought again flashed in her mind. She went into the storage room, opened the drawer and picked a key, the key had ‘Jazz’ written over it.

“Jazz…” she repeated.

Then suddenly…

“it was Jasmine’s nick name.” she told herself, with a little smile on her face. She opened the room and went inside.

It looked familiar…


The three of them had a ‘Flower girl sleepover’ every weekend and made DIY lockets…

She took a necklace out of her trouser pocket, it was a locket, it had a rose on it.

Then she remembered, Lavender ad the same locket, it had a lavender on it…and she went nearer to Jasmine’s study desk. There it was…

Jasmine’s locket…

It had a jasmine on it.

Then she stared blankly at it. And then…

She ran quickly outside…towards the floral woods.




They used to come here every weekend…to pick flowers…

And again…

She was again-lost-lost, in the swiftly swirling world.

World of memories.

Then suddenly she came back, so many thoughts flashed inside her mind.

She stared at the gloomy bridge.

Yes, it was gloomy.

Something terrible happened here.

But again, she gazed at the flowers, colourful, bright, ‘joyful’, happy and full of life, flowers.

Flowers were lovely.

But what about the bridge, then suddenly, it seemed to Rose as if she had remembered everything, out of nowhere.



Jasmine, Lavender and Rose came here last month, or was it two…

Rose couldn’t remember how many months, because she didn’t want to.


Because…Jasmine…had…died here.

She didn’t want to remember anything of Jasmine’s death, but her mind automatically reminded her that Jasmine had fallen down the hard, long, stairs which led back to the floral woods from the bridge.

Then she heard a call.

It was Lavender.

“Rose, I was looking for you, what are you doing here!?”

Rose burst into tears and ran to hug Lavender.

“What happened?” she questioned her imperiously.

“Jasmine.” She answered.

“What about her?”

“She fell…I remember…but why? I suddenly miss her so much as I remember…I could’ve caught her maybe?”

“You-you got your—“

“Something happened…and I remember everything, it seems as if I forgot everything, Lavender.”

“Don’t cry…Rose.”


“No, it’s not your fault, you should remember this too, we tried to somehow, catch her by trying to hold her hands, somehow stop her, but it was too late…and then mom and dad came…”

Rose cried but after a while stopped when Lavender took her near the flowers.

They took a rose, a jasmine and lavender and set off for home. They could see the grey clouds above them, it was about to rain as they walked out of the floral woods.

Love life, love yourself and remember there is always something for happiness.

The end.

Thank you for reading!

March 21, 2021 10:47

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