It Was Only A Joke

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High School Horror Holiday

Have you ever seen the movie Frozen? And no, I am not talking about the Disney movie. I'm talking about the movie where these friends got stuck on a ski lift over the holiday weekend. If you haven't seen this movie, then I advise you to. The field trip that I'm on is just like that. It was supposed to be the best senior field trip ever, and it will be one that no one will ever forget. At least the people that have survived so far wouldn't forget it. There have been at least two deaths, and half the group has gone missing. And that's not even the worst of it. Before I get into that, I should start from the beginning. This "Winter Wonderland" field trip came to be after a few classes did a senior prank on the teachers.

We never meant to harm anyone; it was all supposed to be a colossal joke. The trick was that a student from each class would pretend to have a seizure, and all the teachers would freak out over having to save each kid within a short amount of time. There were only three classes involved, and two teachers remembered their training and were able to help the kid without further help. The third teacher was a substitute, and she ended up panicking. Instead of helping the student with the fake seizure, she ran out of the classroom screaming for help. She was banging on classroom doors, begging others to call 911. It was probably the most scared I ever saw someone. Her panic attack was so bad that it triggered her asthma, and she left her inhaler in the classroom. Before she could call out, she took her last gasp of whatever air would enter into her body and fell down a flight of stairs. You could hear each thud her body made as it plummeted to the ground floor. Everyone ran to see her lifeless body and a pool of blood at the bottom of the stairs. My best friend charlie immediately called 911, and all 40 of us in Hallway B stood there in shock.

After the police, crying, and the memorial service was over, the school never felt the same. It was a month before graduation, and no one was excited anymore. Every student involved in the prank was scared about getting arrested for murder, but, surprisingly, nobody did. Our principal made it clear that the senior trip to Hawaii would be canceled because of our tomfoolery. But there would be another field trip they felt was more appropriate. In honor of the substitute that passed, we would take a field trip to Vermont. There was supposedly a winter festival, but I don't think it was ever an actual event. All of the seniors were bummed about Hawaii but were happy we would at least do something else. So, of course, everyone bought their tickets and packed their bags for "the trip of a lifetime." It never occurred to anyone that it was still springtime, and we were going on a "Winter trip." I'm sure I was the only one who caught on, which was the first red flag. But one sketchy trip was better than none at all, and I needed to get my mind off of the prank and whether or not I got into my dream college. 

Our trip started in New Hampshire, and we rode the bus from there to the Mount Snow resort in Vermont. It was only a two-hour drive, but the part that everyone looked forward to was the new road they built on the mountain. The festival we were told about took place somewhere near the top of the mountain. None of us had been before, so no one could fact check it, and no one bothered to look up if it was true. We were only halfway up when we all heard a loud "POP" from one of the tires. There were only two busses used for the trip, and the first bus had already gone ahead of us on the trail. As soon as the teachers got off the bus to check what happened, other students tried to contact their friends and family, but there wasn't any signal.

While they figured that out, I was smart enough to move to the back of the bus so I could be nosey and get a chance to see what happened to the wheel. I could see the two teachers and the bus driver standing over the wheel and whispering. I could only make out a couple of words like "revenge" and "stupid prank." But what did the wheel have to do with that prank? Unless this was all on purpose to get back at the students. I rushed and pushed my way back to my seat to tell Charlie that I thought the teachers were pulling a prank of their own. Charlie didn't want to believe me and kept trying to message his girlfriend for help. I gave up trying to convince him, and when I looked up, my teacher Mr. Kenny was standing in front of me. He asked me to stand up and have a look at the tire. He knew that I worked on cars with my dad, so my knowledge would come in handy. When I got off the bus, the snow was thick under my feet, making it difficult to walk. From where I was standing, the tire looked fine to me. Before I turned around to let them know my opinion, I heard a girl scream from the bus. "He has a gun!"

When I turned around, Mr. Kenny had his pistol pointed at me. As the other students screamed, all I could think about was the gun. "Now that I have your attention, Bobby, I need you to escort all your fellow seniors off the bus." I nodded my head slowly and walked to the bus door while Mr. Kenny walked behind me. I looked over to see Mrs. Saundra and the bus driver with no expressions whatsoever. As I stood there, I gestured for Charlie to get out first. If it weren't for him sitting in the front, I would have had him get off last, but I didn't want the teachers knowing if I had a plan up my sleeve.

I didn't need to repeat what Mr. Kenny said to me; all the students heard and followed his directions. There were about 30 of us; if you didn't count the adults and lined up, it looked like there were at least 100 of us. After we all stood how we were told to stand, Mrs. Saundra drew her weapon and pointed it at a kid named Lance. She instructed him and 15 other students to start walking up the mountain. He did what was told, and the rest had followed. The same girl that screamed about the gun was pregnant, and her name was Diamond. She shouted as the group of students walked past the rest of us.

"Why are they walking?! You're making them walk in the snow?!? What's going on?? I want to go ho-" Before she could finish her sentence, a warm splatter of blood sprayed the side of my face and shirt. Mr. Kenny didn't give any warnings. I guess he felt like she was going to get them caught and decided to take her out quickly. Everyone was in shock and started screaming. "All of you shut up and do as I say!" Mr. Kenny pointed the gun to the sky and pulled the trigger. "You're probably wondering why we have you all out here. Well, all you little idiots are about to get a taste of your own medicine." He looked me square in my eyes as he said that. Before he could continue, that stray bullet he let off came right back down on that man's head. The odds of that happening are crazy low, so I think of it as an act of God to help us get out of this mess. Mr. Kenny's eyes rolled in the back of his head as his knees hit the snow, and the pistol fell out of his hand. The 15 of us stood there and watched as he took his last breath. We all felt relieved and scared at the same time. Mrs. Saundra and the bus driver had already walked far enough with the other students to the point where we could no longer see them or hear their footsteps. That meant we couldn't steal the bus because the driver had the keys with him, But it did mean that they had no idea what happened with Mr. Kenny, so we had a chance of getting back home without being killed. It was at that moment when I realized what Mr. Kenny meant. He and Mrs. Saundra were the two other teachers that were victims of the senior prank. They wanted their revenge by sabotaging the trip and killing all of the students who were involved. 

October 04, 2021 22:01

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Ari R
15:00 Nov 01, 2021

I loved this story


Chyna Wells
18:40 Nov 01, 2021

Aww thank you 😊


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