Forever Young, Forever Old

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He was tired of fighting, with the adults, on the big island. Drake, on the Children of the Isle, was tired. He had had wars with the adults before, but nothing compared, to the war they were in the middle of, with these big people.

They were all adults of the big people, from the big island. Thier "Children of the Isle" Island, being inhabited by only, forever children. Given, an anti growth hormone at birth, made development of adult hood, null and void. All of the children, that were shipped over from the adults "Big Island" stayed child like, all thier lives. The anti growth hormone, prevented them from ever reaching pubescent age, and kept the small race small.

The children's Isle was much lusher, and alot more worthy, of growing vegetables, and some fruit and nut trees. They were mostly vegetarian. Unless the adult Big island, felt like sending them cooked turkeys, once every year or so. When one of the adults, got some emotion of some kind, and felt generous, toward thier always bastard, shipped away, children. This was a rare treat, and the children often felt sick, after the large amount of protein, the meat provided.

She was pregnant. A big taboo, on the Big island. She knew, like many generations before her, that this child like all the others, would go to the children place, across the sea. Other Islands, that polka dotted the warm humid climates waters, had normal families, and governments. She sweated, as she cleaned restaurant after restaurant. The same thing she did everyday, for money to survive. Her boss gave her belly, a dirty look, when he brushed against it, looking for a mop. They cleaned many places, and he overlooked her work, with a fine tooth comb. Birth control, wasn't an option, it was the law. On the adult island, children were never permitted to stay. She felt little love for this baby, just wanted it to be born, and gone soon, were most of her thoughts. Her boss that she had had relations with, assured her, that his twenty five year vasectomy wouldnt have given him the ability, to have fathered her child. The twenty three year old, she secretly had an affair with, hadnt had, his twenty five year, tube ligature. She was fined, a thousand dollars, for the pregnancy. The government covering her hospital bills, this way, in the long run. This was her third baby, in her twenty five year life span, but the first one to live. Soon it would be born, and she would be free of encumbrances.

He looked at the boat, full of turkeys, no new babies had come across, for four years now, and Sasha, his friend was disappointed. She loved new babies, and treated them all, like they were precious porcelain dolls. She wasn't his girlfriend, they didn't have relationships at all, on the children's island. They were related, many of them, being the accidents, of a small group of promiscuous mothers, on the adult island. The turkeys were brought to the mess hall, and all hundred and fifteen of them, ate turkey. As said before, afterwards the glut of protein, that coursed through thier bodies, many of them had to run for the latrine.

She went into labour at 6:30, and out came a very small one pound baby girl, at 7: 10. She didn't name her, didn't hold her, didn't look to long at her. When she was passed to the doctor, from between her legs, by the nurse, the doctor asked her, if she had paid her fine. She replied "yes" and was given a series of vitamins, for post natal syndrome. Many of this group, of fertile mothers, had depression problems, that none of the doctors would treat properly, with counseling, just vitamins, were thier answer. The baby girl was rushed to the injection room, and given a series of anti growth hormones, enabling her to remain a child forever, on the other island of children. She would be welcomed over there, the mother didn't really wonder about her welcome, or her future. It was a fact of life that the big island be inhabited by adults. These adults came from all over the world. None of them ever permitted children, to be in thier company. The baby was finished with the medication, and put in an incubator, until transport, to the children of the Isle. Over there, she would remain very tiny in life, because of her low birth weight, and the growth inhibitor.

The war with the adults grew, and grew, when the children found out about a doctor doing abortions, on the big island, for one of the more heartless, promiscuous women. A small uprising of anger developed. The children sank the boats, with heavey loads of sand, and didn't remote them back. The ill fitted clothing, they donated as a charity, to the children, was a write off for taxes. The clothing was never worn, without alteration. The children's sewing, and fishing, and gardening talent, far out weighed any, the adults could do over there. The adults had to get most of thier food imported, from normal islands. The children being self sufficient.

" THEY ARE KILLING US" Sasha yelled in the loudspeaker to the group of small onlookers "they must be stopped or our race will dissappear" she looked at them all sadly. She had gotten word of a new babies arrival, sometime this week. The baby would be brought over in a remote control boat by itself, and Sasha and the appointed boy leader would pick it up when it arrived.

She looked at her small flat belly and sighed, a sigh of relief, that no one would give her the evil eye any more for procreating, on this big island. She knew other islands kept thier babies, but this was her home. She did follow the governments rules, about no children. Her boyfriend didn't even ask about the labour, with the little girl, or anything. They picked up where they left off at, about seven months later . It's not that she was unable to feel emotion, because she had missed her boyfriend. They talked, and decided he would go for his vasectomy, early in life, at twenty three years old. It was approved by the child hating government. She would continue her birth control named "Provera", the combination, would keep them from having an accidental pregnancy. If you let the government know you had a partner, and you both were free from procreating, there were supplements you could get monetarily. They cashed in on this, and didnt even donate to the turkey buying this year, for the children. The children knew they were on thier own, mostly, but never really gave much thought to the adults lives, until the great abortion controversy.

They were making a youth dew, on the big island, out of aborted fetuses. The government there having no morals, the children said. The children found out who, and demanded to know where the mothers were that were linked, to the youth dew. The children thought, it might have something to do with buying the fetuses, from the ignorant, greedy mothers. It seemed that the five year, to, two year olds, were absent on the small people's island. They had killed them all, aborted them for money, instead of exporting them. This made the little ones so angry, that they planned an attack. So, when the bundle of the little, one pound girl came, feelings of hostility towards the adults, were muted. Focusing on thier new member. She grew up with Sasha, as a surrogate mother, like many, many, before her did. She was loved by all the other children, and loved by the 43 year old eternal child woman, named Sasha.

When Sasha and Drake died, at eightnine years old, within a month of each other. The children cried, then went on as a race and a community.

Once a member of the other normal island, came over. He was run off, with the threat of being thrown into the chicken coop, and beheaded. The children, since the ending of the turkey give away, from the big island, now raised chickens. The older adult man had showed them how eggs could become chickens. They appreciated this but he started to dictate to them, rules, from his normal island, he was ignored. The eggs hatched into cute fuzzy, chick's, and little yellow birds, ran amongst the little people. The children often raced to feed them. This chore, being the best chore, any of them could have. They watched them turn into ugly adult chickens, put the chickens in coops, and then harvested them. They ate the adult chicken as protein now. The eggs gave them, even more food.

The government on the big childless island abolished abortion, not long after Sasha and Drake died. The government on the adult island also banned, the anti growth hormone. Giving the babies, to the small children people, still though. The children of the Isle, became a larger breed, and at sixteen, were hustled to normal islands, or to the island of adults, that they were born on. Never allowed to visit thier teeny tiny leader, that was now, in her fourties. She like Sasha, loved her other little ones feriosiously,and missed them when they left the island at sixteen now. This little leader would never know the adult world, and would be forever child like in her love, for everyone. She had no others in her age group, because of the great abortion tradgedy. This made her a well respected leader on the small people's, children of the Isle. Never again would people kill her underling, loved ones, and mutate them into staying small. The people of the children of the Isle, had no idea that this small leader, was ninety when she died. The offspring, of the adults, the leaders of the future being fifteen and sixteen, before they left. This small people's island was now run by real children. They did well and grew up very smart, and generous with all they worked for, with the other small children. The governments on the normal islands left them alone, and noone on the adult island, came into peronal contact with them ever. Only accepting the sixteen year olds back, if they wanted to live on thier adult island, no younger than sixteen, were accepted. Many flourished as leaders, of the normal islands, and they were a well respected breed.

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Noa L
04:57 Mar 10, 2022

Wow! I wanna know more about this world! The concept of a Neverland like island and corrupt government is absolutely fascinating. In terms of constructive feedback, you have quite a few grammar and punctuation errors throughout that make some spots difficult to put together. Also, despite my love for the different viewpoints of Drake and Sasha, it is a little bit confusing to switch so quickly between them with no clear transition. Overall though, amazing story and concept.


06:51 Mar 10, 2022

Thanks for your honest feedback...appreciate it. LEE-ANNE


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