Aurore Perrin--A wolf’s fairy tale

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Romance Urban Fantasy Drama

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

Snarls and growls sounded outside the closet where I’d been hidden. Wrapping my arms around my knees, I huddled behind the coats and prayed to the Moon Goddess that the invading wolves wouldn’t find me. There was a loud bang and dark red blood flowed under the crack in the door. I whimpered when the door was yanked open and a naked man coated in my father's blood smiled.

I came awake growling and dripping in sweat. There had been no point in resting again since I’d need to get breakfast done for my owners. As a spoil of a war I’d had no stake in, I’d been a slave to pack since ten-years-old. Once the daughter of two Alphas, I was now the lowest ranking Wolf in this victor pack. 

And all the Wolves here were cruel animals with zero remorse and no conscience. The Cold Moon Pack was under the control of Alpha Markus and his family of furry monsters. His Luna Alice had birthed him three spoiled, heartless pups: Teresa, who was twenty-three and had yet to meet her mate, which only made her extra unpleasant. Tate, who’d just turned eighteen and was the next up in the line for Alpha. And Desiree, who was sixteen and mean as a viper. 

Making my way to the kitchen, I tied my blonde hair into a high bun and washed my hands before starting the breakfast prep. There were over sixty people in the pack that I’d been forced to cook for everyday. As a small child, it had been an overwhelming task, and I’d been beaten, often, for messing up. But as time went on, I learned to adjust, rarely making mistakes now. 

Before my tenth birthday, I’d been the only daughter of two Alphas—a rarity in our world. My mother had been the Alpha for the Hollow Wood Pack and my father had been the Alpha of Dark Fire Pack. When the Cold Moon Pack had attacked the Dark Fire Pack, my mother had been away with her own pack on a patrol for the King. If she was still alive, she’d thought me dead. No doubt.

I’d been counting down the days until my eighteenth birthday and my first shift. As a wolf and an adult, I’d be able to survive on my own, so running away from here was a gift to myself. If my mother’s pack still existed, I’d planned on making my way to them. I put the muffins into the oven to cook and was whipping the pancake mix when Tate came into the kitchen. Since he’d turned eighteen two months ago, he’d been more snarly, unpleasant, and in my face than he’d been ever before. 

“Mutt, why are you banging around here this early in the morning?” He bumped me into the oven on his way to the fridge.

“I’ve made breakfast this way for eight years,” I whispered and flinched when he slapped me hard on the back of the head. 

“No one said you needed to talk to me.” He leaned against the counter and watched me as I continued to cook. An Omega Wolf in the pack wandered in, dressed in only panties and a tank top. She snuggled against Tate. He curled his lip and shoved her away. “I said I was done, She-Wolf. Go away.”

She growled, but left swiftly. I rolled my eyes but focused on cooking. It would be a real shame if I burned this hell pit to the ground by not watching the fire. 

“Mutt, what’s wrong? You want to roll the sheets with me?” Tate leaned on his elbows and bared his teeth at me. 

I didn’t even bother acknowledging him.

He snarled, walking around the counter and whipping me around to face him. He shoved me against the counter and leaned his face close to mine. “I asked you a question, Mutt.”

Keeping my eyes averted, I ignored the pounding of my heart and whispered, “no, thank you, Master Tate.” 

“No?” He snapped his teeth at my neck and I flinched. “No one tells me no, Mutt.”

“Tate.” His mother’s voice caused him to step back. 

“We’ll finish this later.” He shoved me hard once more before he stormed away. 

I let out a slow breath and put a trembling hand to my stomach. It was past time for me to leave this place before Tate took what he seemed to hate but still want at the same time… me. 

As Breakfast finished, I poured another round of coffee for all of them. 

“Aurore!” Alpha Markus barked. 

I froze. “Yes, Alpha.”

“Tomorrow we are apparently hosting the King and a full party of all the local Alpha’s. You need to prepare a meal for over a hundred.”

“But tomorrow is my birthday. I---”

“And? I don’t care. If you talk back again, you will get no food today. Do you understand me?”

I ground my teeth. “Yes, Master.” Storming back into the kitchen, I set about cleaning the mess from cooking. And getting lunch prepared. 

Teresa slapped a list onto the counter. “Mutt, here’s the menu for tomorrow.” She smiled at me while she dumped the open bottle of juice onto the clean counter. “Oops.” Laughing, she tossed her hair and skipped out. 

Grabbing the list, I walked towards town for groceries needed for tomorrow’s big dinner. I passed the line of BMWs, Mercedes, and various other luxury automobiles as I pulled my rickety cart behind me and, on exhausted legs, walked two miles to the store. As I made it to the market, Mr. Kacky gave me a quick smile. He was an ancient Omega Wolf and the only one who’d ever actually been kind to me. 

“Miss Aurore Perrin, what brings you here during the week?” His ancient voice warmed my battered soul. 

“Alpha is hosting the King, his guard, and the local Alpha’s.” 

“Yeah? That's fancy. Let’s have your list.” He held out his hand for it. “Now you sit here, little She-Wolf, and have a snack.” He set two pre-made cheese snack plates, a bottle of blue sports drink, and a plastic wrapped cupcake on the counter. 

“Thank you so much,” I murmured. He winked at me and went about shopping for the items I required. Eating like I was starving, I ignored the bell over the door and savored every bite of the treats Mr. Kacky had left for me. 


The deep voice startled me, and I jumped, dumping the food to the floor. Quickly, I picked it up and tossed it in the trash before running towards the backroom without looking at who the voice belonged to. 

“Wait, She-Wolf, come back here.” 

I hid in the back until Mr. Kacky brought my cart, full of stuff, back to me. “Go, Aurore. He wants to come back and search for you. He asks too many questions. Go.” He shoved me out the back door. 

I didn’t bother to ask who he was before I grabbed the cart and ran towards the Alpha’s house. Only stopping when I’d reached their back door. I took a few deep breaths before walking into the kitchen to get started on the feast for tomorrow night. 

It was four in the morning before all the food that could be prepared ahead of time was. I washed myself in the utility sink before crawling onto my cot and sleeping for a whole two hours.

Hissing, as my alarm went off, I rubbed my tired eyes and back. I pulled on my black work pants, white t-shirt, and black holy tennis shoes. I paused. It was my eighteenth birthday… But I hadn’t shifted. 

Frowning, I heard my wolf sleeping contently in my mind. At least she was with me still. We’d shift when it was time, I thought. I stepped out of my room and smelled a heavy scent. And drawn to it, I wandered through the house, stopping at Tate’s door. 

No. Oh, Goddess. No. There is no way this sleeze monster could be my Mate. Just no way. He would reject me or I would reject him. Either way, I couldn’t wait. Knocking on the door, I smiled as I pushed it open without waiting to for a response. Tate laid in his bed between two pretty Omega Wolves. I crossed my arms and waited. 

“Why are you here, Mutt?” He narrowed his eyes.

“I think you know, Tate.” I snarled. 

He smirked. “I have no desire to be mated to an ugly, weak She-Wolf. You aren’t good enough to roll the sheets with let alone be my Luna. A lesser Wolf with no family or legacy. Worthless. I hope the Goddess has a second chance for me, but even if not, I’d rather be unmated than with you.” 

I smiled, and his smirk faded. “Thank the Goddess. I accept your rejection. And one hundred percent agree that, as the daughter of two Alphas, I have no desire to be tied to a lesser Wolf.” 

He blanched and tears well in his eyes. “What? What do you mean you accept the rejection? You aren’t supposed to accept the rejection. You’re the daughter of two Alphas? How?”

I winked at him. “This is the best birthday present, Tate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am free and not stuck inside this awful family for the rest of my life.” 

Skipping to the kitchen, I started breakfast for the last time. While they were busy with their little political party tonight… I was leaving out the back. For freedom. For home. 

“What are you so happy about?” Desiree rolled her eyes as she shuffled into the kitchen. 

I ignored her and continued to hum under my breath. 

She huffed and stormed out. 

Alice rushed in, her face flushed and panicked. “You need to add another five people to breakfast.” 

“Okay.” I added to the muffin tin. 

“Do we have champagne and orange juice?” 


“Good, get it ready, too. The King and his guard have arrived early and are joining us for breakfast.” She buzzed out. 

I rolled my eyes. “Yay. More Wolves,” I scoffed as I slid the muffin tin into the oven before I added pancake batter to the bowl. 

The house was wild as Teresa and Desiree hurried to dress in their best outfits just in case their Mate was among the Royal’s. I’d never been allowed to be a part of the pack or even really in the world of my people. I had no idea what the King was like or even what his name was and I had zero idea if he was a fair Wolf, where he lived, or what his royal guard was like. And I didn’t care. Wolves were awful creatures, and it had thrilled me to be unmated. 

Without looking at anyone’s face, I served the coffee and mimosa as the King was being entertained by Markus and Alice. I rolled my eyes at their comments but avoided interrupting their endless pandering lies. Teresa batted her eyes at who I’d assumed must be the King. Tate stirred his coffee, but I felt his eyes on my every move.  

“Who is she?” The same deep voice from yesterday paused me in my tracks. I slowly turned to see a handsome Wolf with caramel skin, sharp nose, and beautiful gold eyes watching me. 

Markus looked between me and the Wolf. “Uh, she’s a slave. Unimportant, Your Highness.” 

I made eye contact with the King and the scent hit me like a tidal wave. Even stronger than the Mating scent with Tate. I gasped, dropping the tray I’d been carrying. The king stood, a slow smile spread across his face. 

“How?” I whispered as I continued to stare at the king.  

Alice stood at the same time as Tate and snarled at me. She grabbed me by my shirt and tossed me to the ground. “Clean up this mess, fool.” She bowed to the king. “I apologize for her incompetence.” 

The king stalked over to her, shoved her away from me, and pulled me gently to my feet. “Mine,” he snarled. You could hear a pin drop. 

“What?” Markus blanched.

Tate whined, “She was mine first.” Everyone glanced at him and he gave a one shoulder shrug. “I rejected her,” Tate whimpered. 

The king held my chin and stared into my eyes. “Tell me that story.” 

“He rejected me and I accepted because I’d rather die alone than be stuck as part of this horrible family,” I murmured. 

The king smiled. “Seems the Goddess knows what she’s doing. You’re mine now. Are you going to reject me?”

“I don’t know you.” 

He laughed. “I don’t know you either. I’m King River Wolfbane and you are?”

“I’m Aurore Perrin of the Hollow Wood and Dark Fire Packs.” 

“Aurore? That’s beautiful. Do you accept me as your Mate, Aurore of Hollow Wood and Dark Fire?” 

“Do you accept me as your Mate, King River Wolfbane?”

He narrowed his eyes at my face. He ran a finger down the scar from a beating that Markus had delivered in my early days. “I accept you as my Mate, Aurore.” 

There were collective snarls, and Tate threw a plate at the wall. 

King River winked at me and whispered in my ear, “I promise I can’t be as bad as these people have been.” He shifted my hair through his fingers. “At the absolute least, Aurore, you will be free of them. I swear. Mated or not, you are free from now on.”  

I gave him a small smile. “I accept you as my Mate, River.” 

He growled. “MINE.” And picked me up to kiss me deeply. My wolf purred, and laughing, I wrapped my legs around his waist. He glanced at the table. “We’ll be back for dinner tonight. Thank you so much for the greatest breakfast of my life.” He carried me out as the Cold River Pack watched in horror.

After climbing into his limo with me, he handed me the same cupcake I’d had yesterday with a bottle of blue sports drink. I smiled, absurdly touched, and glanced questioningly at him. 

He shrugged. “I knew yesterday you were my Mate. I asked the old store clerk what he fed the starving She-Wolf, and he told me you liked those.” 

“You knew I was your Mate? Then why did I have that issue with Tate?”

“Sometimes a female has more than one Mate. And they have to fight for her. Lucky for Tate, he’s a moron and rejected you. I’d have killed him.” 

The fierceness in his voice made me shudder. “Right.” 

“How did you end up being their whipping girl?” 

“They killed the entire Dark Fire Pack, leaving only me. They brought me home.”

“I’m sorry about your family.” 

I plucked at my pants. “Thank you. I’m sorry you got Mated to a slave, Your Highness.” 

He narrowed his eyes at me and sat as close as possible. “I trust in the Goddess and her ability to pick the best and strongest Mate for me. And that is you, Aurore. Also, you aren’t a slave. You are clearly an Alpha. I can sense it. And if I can sense it, then so could Markus and every other Alpha that has ever come in contact with you.”

“Is my mother still alive? She was the Alpha of the Hollow Wood Pack?”

“You’re the daughter who died when rogue Wolves attacked her Mate’s Pack?”

I nodded. “I suppose, but they weren’t rogues. It was Markus.” 

“I understand that now. Tonight, your mother will be at dinner. I think you should be there as the Queen of Wolves. What do you think?” River wiggled his eyebrows and winked at me. 

I smiled even though my stomach was a flutter with nerves. 

A team of unfamiliar Wolves dressed me in a full ball gown the color of strawberries and placed a golden circlet, with a diamond wolf’s head in the center, on my head. River met me at the hotel door dressed in a full black tuxedo and his golden wolf crown on his head. 

I let out a slow breath. “You look amazing, truly, Your Highness.” 

“Thank you, Aurore.” He brought my hand to his lips. “Call me River. We are Mates and soon will be Mated. I am no longer your king, but your protector, your partner, and hopefully one day, your love.” 

“I’ll work on accepting that, River.” 

He winked at me before taking my arm to escort me to the waiting limo. 

Tate was pacing in front of the Cold River Pack’s estate when we pulled up. All the others were milling around outside, and Alpha Markus was standing in the doorway with his arms crossed. 

I stepped out of the car. Everyone was already bowed to River. “Rise.” He called and slowly all the wolves obeyed. “I’d like to introduce my Mate and Queen, Aurore Perrin.” 

Although there were mutters and gasps of surprise, I only heard one. My mother. She stared at me as if she’d seen a ghost. “Aurore?” she whispered and stumbled towards me in a daze. “I thought you dead.” She wrapped me in a hug as tears poured from her eyes. “Where did you find her, Your Highness?”

“Here. The Cold River Pack is charged with first degree murder of the entire Dark Fire Pack, kidnapping of an Alpha’s child, and abuse of a minor child.” River nodded and his guards took Alpha Markus and his family into custody. He looked at me. “Go home with your mother, Aurore.” 

With tears in my eyes, I nodded. “Thank you.” 

“Hey, Aurore?”


“Do you think I could take you on a date? So maybe I won’t be a stranger anymore?”

I smiled. “I’ll be waiting for you, River.”

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