Leave Lily Alone.

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"... And so you see, if you place a fairy door against a tree, then fairies will come and give you a present. Come see this old coin they gifted me. It must be really special."

"Oh, grow up Lily. You know that legend isn't real. That 'special' coin you got is probably just from your parents, but you're too dumb to realise."

"But I believe that the legend is real."

"Whatever. What you believe means nothing Lily, you know that? Nothing."

Miss Rose spoke. "Now, now, Ethan. Don't be rude. Lily, your passion project was beautiful. Do you buy the fairy doors or make them?"

"I painted them myself! Here, let me show you one. "

"How interesting! I'm sure you'll grow to be quite the artist. Very talented."


That was what Lily remembered of that day when she first shared her ideas with the world. She was thirteen years old, way too old to be painting fairy doors as her passion.

Stupid,Β She told herself.Β Stupid, stupid stupid. You knew they would make fun of you, why couldn't your passion project be something else?

Something less... you. Sweet, cute, innocent little Lily.

Her painting skills were not good, she was sure her teacher was only trying to be nice. Very talented at messing things up, probably.

I believe in magic, and you should too! Let's all become friends over this unrealistic fantasy! And while we're at it, let me show you all the pretty objects the 'fairies' left me.

She knew her thoughts and ideas were terrible, yet somehow throughout her whole life she could never stop expressing them.

Her artwork was trash, yet she continued. Almost everything she did she was bad at, yet she still continued.Β Why would I do that to myself? Why?


Artist? Never. Creative? No, just a dreamer. With terrible, terrible ideas.Β 

April 01, 2022 13:03

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Hey everyone, I know this might be a little bit short and boring to you, but I'm trying to teach a really important lesson with this- so please don't be negative.


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Nice, short, sweet. Don't stop dreaming. Never stop believing. I have wanted a horse as long as I can remember. I talk about when, not if, I will have one, or more. A DREAM written down with a date becomes a GOAL. A GOAL broken down into steps becomes a PLAN. A PLAN backed by ACTION becomes REALITY.


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