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Christmas Fiction Bedtime

Sammy The Robot Elf. 

Rachel had picked up the children from their school Joey, Charlie, Ralph and not forgetting Chloe. Rachel loved having four children even though it took a lot of organising to keep their life running smoothly. The walk home was relatively calm, the children were tired, she was able to share with them the schedule for the evening. Chloe had her dance class and the others had their swimming class. 

Within a few minutes they were walking towards their home. Chloe spotted Mr Dunning the neighbour with his dog and went running up to stroke Tammy. Chloe loved dogs but Frank wasn’t so keen on having a dog as part of the family. 

“Mum” shouted out Joey. 

“There's a parcel addressed to `The Taylor Family`. 

“I didn’t order anything” shouted Rachel from across the road. 

Rachel ushered all of the four excited children inside the house. 

“Shoes and coats of first before we open the parcel” 

They huddled around the kitchen table; Frank had come out of his office as Chloe ran in to tell him the news of having a surprise parcel.  

“Did you order anything?” Charlotte whispered to Frank 

“No, maybe my mum has sent something?” 

Frank did the honour of cutting the plastic off the box and all four children teared off the paper and opened the box. 

 What could be inside? 

Ralph held up what looked like an Elf toy with a green hat a red and green outfit and pointy ears, it was passed around everyone and Rachel looked inside for a note. 

Hello, my name is Sammy the Elf, 

Please can I be part of your family. 

Lots of Love Sammy. 

There were instructions on how to turn Sammy on and what to do with him. Dad by this point had made a coffee and was sitting studying the instructions and the manufacturer to see how it all worked. Rachel was puzzled as to where it could have come from but was pleased that someone had thought of the children. It would be their first toy robot and this one looked like it could be lots of fun. 

“Are you ready guys, I am going to switch him on” announced Dad. 

All four children stood in awe as dad switched on the Elf. What had been a tall still figure came to life, he had a friendly smile and big white teeth. Joey placed him on the floor and he started to walk towards the Christmas tree and stopped to look at it. 

“Maybe he isn't so impressed that we don’t have much on it yet.” laughed Ralph. 

The children loved playing with Sammy. 

“My name is Sammy” My name is Sammy” “My name is Sammy.” 

“Is there another button to press? Asked Rachel 

Charlie pressed another button. 

“I am from the North Pole.” 

Chloe spun around “Mum he is from the North Pole., Santa must have sent him.” 

“Oh honey.” she gave Chloe a pat on the head. 

“Time for dance class and swimming class, bags at the ready.” 

Rachel piled the kids in the car and off she set for the early evening children's activities. 


Frank went back into his office to finish off some work while everyone was out. 

Sammy set to work; it needs to be more Christmas like in here he thought to himself. Sammy may just be a robot but he was a very clever and unique one. 

“I wish it could be Christmas every day.” he sang to himself as he worked quickly magically bringing to life lights elf's, fairies for the tree and a special red bauble with the Taylor family written on it in nice gold writing. Candy canes appeared from his arms and he worked hard to place them on the tree, Christmas cookies magically appeared on a plate, Santas, Christmas trees, angels all perfectly iced. Sammy lay them on the kitchen table. 

Next Sammy went outside lifted his robot hands and there magically appeared Christmas lights all around the house and on the roof with a big blow-up snowman in the front garden and of course a giant blown up Elf. The house looked magical and certainly was the best decorated house in the street. 

“Thats better.” he smiled to himself. 

Maybe some snow he thought, he lifted his robot hands and snow appeared all around their garden. 

Sammy wandered back inside, now for some presents under the tree. Sammy lifted his robot hands and magically appeared presents for all the children and for Rachel and Frank.  

Sammy moved into the garage, noticed that two of the bikes needed fixing and got to work lifted his hands and magically the bikes were all fixed. One didn’t have a bell; he added a bell.  

Sammy wandered into each room and magically added some Christmas cheer, lights, tinsel, in the boy's room he placed a big wooden sleigh for them to sit on and in Chloes room a large toy reindeer with a red nose. 

Sammy was pleased with himself, went back into the living room and rested. He was somewhat tired, even robots become tired too. 

Rachel drove the car into the drive way and could not believe her eyes, Chloe´s mouth dropped, Ralph was the first to speak. 

“Someone decorated our house while we were out? 

“It seems so.” said Rachel in shock. 

They all jumped out of the car, “look mum we have snow.” said Joey  

Rachel looked up and down the street, they were the only house to have snow. They headed inside. 


They looked around the house at the beautiful decorations, the kids were running around in utter excitement.  

Frank came out of his office. 

“Thanks dad “Chloe ran up and hugged him. 

“What?” said dad with a puzzled look on his face. 

Rachel went over and kissed him; “how did you do all this in 90 minutes?” 

“I would love to take all the credit but it was not me.” 

Rachel looked over at Sammy the elf and went over to him. 

“Did you do all of this Sammy?”  

“It was me, MERRY CHRISTMAS:”  

Rachel gave Sammy a big hug, thankyou Sammy and welcome to our family.” 

All four children ran towards Sammy nearly knocking him over. 

“How did you do it Sammy.?” asked Charlie. 

“Its magic.”  

Sammy started to do a little robot dance and started singing his favourite song again. 

“I wish it could be Christmas every day.” 

The children and Rachel and Frank started to join in with the singing. Rachel eventually got the children into bed after all the excitement and the arguing over who would have Sammy in their room. 

“Sammy will stay down stairs.” said mum settling the argument. 

The lights went out in the Taylor house for the night and everyone fell asleep apart from Sammy who set to work, fixing, mending, painting and cleaning everything in sight. 

Rachel woke up first, went down stairs and noticed the house was simply sparkling. 

“Oh, Sammy its simply beautiful., thank you.”   

“Rachel walked into the kitchen to see the breakfast table was all set out and pancakes and fruit lay in the middle of the table. 

Rachel went to wake everyone. As they sat around the table, they set out a place for Sammy. Chloe was chatting none stop. 

“Can you believe Mum we have the best Robot ever?” 

“You certainly are a real blessing to our family.” Rachel smiled at Sammy. 

It was a mystery as to who sent the robot and why but for the Taylor family it was one of the best things to happen to them. 

Merry Christmas to all love Sammy. 

December 03, 2021 10:18

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Joy A
23:19 Dec 26, 2021

Hi Colleen. Great work on this story. It's very beautiful. I can see how much your writing has improved. ‘Time to Grief’ was not as good as this. I'm so happy for you. I could almost feel the magic myself. Now, I want someone to send me a magical package too😊. If I could maybe, chip in some helpful feedback. I think when you're proofreading the story, you should bear it in mind to be on the lookout for errors. Once you've gotten the whole story together and you're reading over, make sure you're no longer checking the concept and storyline ...


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