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The journey of the snowbird is the story of the winter birds by the name of Dark- eyed Junco commonly known as the snowbird. These birds migrates every year when it's winter time from their homes in Canada to the southern United States in winter, because winter is there favourite season of the year.

Though the snowbirds love winter, and they have to travel every year for winter from their homes in Canada to southern part of the United States, there are numerous challenges as well dangers that they face while travelling but despite having these challenges while travelling they still manage to migrate for winter in the southern United States.

There are so many obstacles that the snowbirds face while travelling and below are some of the challenges that these winter birds face during their journey or while migrating for winter.

(1) Collisions with man- made objects

during migration the snowbirds faces a lot of dangers or challenges and one of the challenges they face is collision with man_ made objects such as wind turbines, tall buildings, electrical wire and poles, when these birds flying going for winter sometimes they collide with these tall buildings and when this collision happens some of these winter birds are unable to make it to their destination because some the end up breaking their wings and others they end up dying which prevents them from continuing with theri journey.some of these birds they collide with electrical wires and they die on the spot.

(2) Bad weather

Sometimes when these snowbirds are migrating from one place to another for winter, they are faced with bad weather such as sandstorm and wildfires and storms at sea sometimes can drive these birds into the waves and the birds might die when they are caught up in the wave and if it so happens that during their journey they meet up with wildfires they might all die , but despite having all these challenges on their journey they still migrate for winter to the southern United States.

(3) Hungry predators

Predators kill hundreds of thousands of birds each year, and during migration, migrating birds may be unaware of local predators at stopovers during their journey. When these snowbirds are migrating for winter from their homes in Canada to the southern part of America they have stopovers where they can refresh and have some food so that they can have energy that will help them continue with their journey, but it's so unfortunately that during these stopovers there are some local hungry predators that these birds are unaware of which becomes a threat to their lives, and sometimes these birds are eaten by these hungry predators and they don't make it to their winter holiday in the southern United States of America, which is so sad.

(4) Starvation

Sometimes during migration these birds they starve, because sometimes they don't find food at their stopovers due to different weather patterns that are found in different places at different times,and we all know how weak and tired the body become a when we are starving, so when these birds during their journey they starve due to shortage of food they might not making to their destination because of hunger.

(5) Birds do get lost

During migration of the snowbirds get lost despite their navigation skills ,because some they travel even as far as from South Africa all the way to the southern part of America because during winter in South South Africa the weather is not as cold as compared to the weather in the southern part of America during winter, so the sonwbirds have to travel all the way from South Africa to the southern region of America for winter and when they get lost some they end up dying while trying to find there way back home or while trying to reunite with their friends which is so sad.

(6) Last but not the list Tall glasses

When glasses are very tall it is very difficult for birds to fly, because sometimes they get tangled in these tall glasses and it is very difficultfor them to come out. These tall glasses are like traps set for these birds when they are migrating.

Reasons why these snowbirds migrate from their homes to the southern part of America despite the challenges they face while traveling.

While the reason why these birds migrate is because of winter, the snowbirds are winter birds they love winter and the only place where they enjoy they winter is the southern part of America because the weather patterns there during winter are very favourable for the snowbirds as they are commonly known and so no matter the challenges that they face on their journey they still find a way to be there in the southern United States for their winter.

As we have seen from the challenges that snowbirds faces while migrating for winter, we can say that their journey for winter is a very sad journey because it is filled with so many threats to the lives of the snowbirds who just want to travel and enjoy their winter. Their journey is not like any other journey where you enjoy and have fun because it is filled with so much danger, such that if they are not careful enough they might die. The journey of the snowbirds is a very sad journey because it involves( 1) getting lost if you are not careful, snowbirds get lost while traveling for winter. (2) it involves death, sometimes the snowbirds are killed by hungry predators during their journey for winter which is so sad. (3) it involves starvation sometimes the snowbirds starve to death during their journey because of food shortages due to changes in weather patterns.(4) it involves bad weather such as sandstormand wildfires which can cause death to the snowbirds and lastly their journey is a sad journey because it involves collision by man made objects which also results in death of the snowbirds which is so sad on their part because a journey is ment to fun and to be enjoyed.

In conclusion birds in general migrates from one place to another for many reasons but in the case of the snowbirds the migrate from Canada their home to the southern United States for winter because during winter there is a lot of food supplies in the southern United States compared to Canada their home due to different weather patterns.

October 16, 2020 19:29

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Hello there! I just read your story, and I think you did a spectacular job!! I can see your talent and your effort for writing this story! :)


18:06 Oct 19, 2020

Thank you


No problem!! It's my pleasure! :)


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