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Women's Point Of View

The lights are dim

And the music is slow

What happens next?

Only time will know

He walks up close

Putting a hand on my face

I am glad I chose to go

Into his place

His lips are soft…

Tender and hot

Leaving kisses down my neck

Hitting the right spot

His eyes go dark

And pleasure shows

It is night time…

And the curtains are closed…

His hands slow down

Tracing my hip,to my thigh

He applies just enough pressure

Making me feel high

I close my eyes

And savor his touch

When I realized something…

I love him very much

His tough hand…

It ignites my heart

I wonder if it has only begun,

If it's just the start

I crave him as a person

Not some useless toy

He teases me

And brings me lots of joy

His breath seems hot

And delicious to my skin

His eyes tell no lies

Along with where he has been

I yearn for more

As he continues down my leg

This tease should end

I don’t like to beg

God…his body is warm

And his hands are tough

He seems like the type

Who likes to play rough

The bed sheets are soft

And he smelled like corn

A true country boy

Happy to be born

His heart beat speeds up

Quickly,as he continues on

The smell of old spice lingered…

Even till dawn

My heart raced

As my breath grew fast

 I savored the view

Hoping it would last

His face,

So gorgeous and fine

I admired his eyes

While finishing my wine

Each touch seemed better

More precious than the last

I see a future with him

What if I had passed?

To pass up a gem

As priceless as he may be

I wake up in the morning

And he is all I continue to see

I dream late at night

For yet another kiss

I have no freedom

But this boy is complete bliss

He may only be a boy

And this love might end

I really hope it doesn’t

He has my will to bend

Just yesterday

We were talking at lunch

My friend asked why he liked me.

I have a hunch…

Before I joke and express

He speaks as if I am great

He tells that I am a good listener

And even better bait

My face glows

As he expresses more

I was about to die.

He made my confidence soar

“I love her like a white rabbit hole”

He says as I stare

I wonder what he meant by that...

At least he is willing to care!

I ask later

And he decides to tell

His true feelings are unknown

Like staring into a well

He knows he feels love

And I do as well

It’s like he triggered something…

Perhaps a strong spell

His hands wake up temptation

Ready to excite

He brings me joy

And plenty of delight

His eyes tell more

As I continue to look

I see plenty of thoughts

Most have me shook

His structure

It seems solid and tall

He reaches the skies above

As I stay nice and small

To know a boy like him

One must be open and loud

Be confident and relaxed

Standing really proud

He may be quiet

Or conserved with his heart

You should be patient

And get to know him for a start

In return

He may treat you right

However you should be careful

Some have a really red light

He will tease you endlessly

And whisper in your ear

This may be his way

Of saying “Baby I am still here”

He will enjoy every minute

That is if he truly enjoys you

Watch the signs closely

Or your heart may turn blue

Gentlemen's Advice

This also goes to gentlemen

Not just ladies

Not every girl is interested

She could like that Mercedes

So be cautious

And see her true face

She could just be a jealous bitch

Who carries only her mace

If you truly love her

This is my advice

Take her somewhere

And turn off your device

Spend time with her

And see if she enjoys you

If she is nice to others

That is a big bonus too!

She should comfort you

And stay on your side

A true girlfriend believes you

Even after she has become your bride

Her words are pretty

And her voice is sweet

If she really loves you

She may make you a seat

To sit on your lap

And tease back without end

She may kiss you gently

And wait for you to press “Send”

Some obsess beside the phone

And others overthink till they hear “Ding!”

I suggest making the first move

After your conversation,she may even sing-

If she is interested

She will want to talk more

This is my advice,

You should open the door!

Most girls question

Whether they are likable or not

Try and give subtle compliments

On something she recently bought

Or perhaps her face

And her hair

Please,please try not to linger,

Or stare

You should talk over topics

That may interest her

See if she has any pets

That have a shit load of hair-

Find out her hobbies

Or her favorite food to try

Just run for it

If she likes to stay over-the-top high!

She should not worry about money

She should worry for you

You and her can figure out something

After what all you may go through

It is OK to look at her

And appreciate the view

Just know not to get caught

Or she will have a bone to pick with you

A tight skirt

Or being really short

Whoever you like,

You should know how to court

So start slow

And get to know her well

Don't break her heart

Or you will burn in hell

She probably has a friend

She keeps close by

Do not test her

She will do more than try...

She will have you six feet under

Or down in a ditch

Don't let her fool you

She can be a bitch...

January 30, 2024 20:30

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Tulipa Palomita
17:52 Feb 21, 2024

Oh, a primeira parte expressou muita paixão em poucas palavras, é impressionante a riqueza de imaginação que sua escrita nos fornece!!! Confesso que ri na parte do "Cheirava a milho" kkkkkkk me tirou uma gargalhada sincera. E amei os conselhos, foram muito bons e de coração :3. Um beijo para você, Alli, espero que esteja bem!!! > E quanto tempo <


18:01 Feb 21, 2024

Thank you lovely! That was intended to make you laugh! I am doing well,however I do not have any recent inspirations besides love related poems.


Tulipa Palomita
18:11 Feb 21, 2024

Oh, e você está apaixonada? Seria como escrever seus sentimentos em histórias (≡^∇^≡) mais lindo do que já é!!!


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Vicente Batista
18:57 Jan 31, 2024

Those endings of yours are surprising lol so never break a girl's heart, noted! Your texts, as always, are the best to capture attention and feel the tension in each word, your writing is full of passion, wow!


19:25 Jan 31, 2024

Thanks lol. I really do try. it's challenging to make time to write in my spare time,when most of that spare time is either used to try and talk to my boy. Or with school work. I figure during school hours I should try and see him as much as possible. At the same time though,he inspires a lot in what I write.


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