Everything changes in spring.

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I feel alive.

The season of rebirth is soon coming.

Everything and everyone will be reborn.

Life will burst from the earth,

blossoming from trees,

rising with the sun.

The songbirds in the morning.

Can you hear them too?

I will listen to them, each day.

Singing a spring song,

the music of every morning.

Life is bursting from the ocean.

The new tides will come in

bringing its beauty to the land,

nourishing the life within the ocean.

Life is created for the first time in spring.

After a long winter,

a bird egg hatches,

creating a new songbird to add

to the morning delights.

After a long winter,

a once caterpillar emerges

from its chrysalis,

after weeks of waiting,

after weeks of change,

as a beautiful butterfly,

a living representation of transformation

and hope for the spring to come.

After a long winter

of hiding underneath the surface,

flowers sprout and bloom,

adding life, and vibrance to the world.

For us humans,

who have strayed from nature

and built around it,

spring represents a simple change in seasons.

Why would it matter, anyway?

We live indoors,

we live inside the walls we have built

to shield us from

all of the vibrant life outside.

Who even cares?

It's just a change in the weather.

For some,

spring might even represent the worst.


Everything changes in the season of spring.

Think of spring cleaning.

After a cold and harsh winter,

we are all allowed a fresh start.

To get to change.

The close minded people think of change as a huge burden.

They want to lock themselves behind

the walls they have put up

and stay there.

They want to hide from spring.

No change. They like to stay comfortable.

what these people don't see,

is that there is no beauty in comfort.

The only beauty they see is through a window,

while they hide behind the ugly walls

they've built themselves.

The change that spring brings scares them.

Spring is a transformation.

After a cold and harsh winter,

for two months,

it rains.

But it has to rain to give life to the grass

that is growing.

It has to rain to fill our rivers and ponds.

It has to rain for things to change.

But no matter.

Stay behind your dreary walls,

and look through your blurry windows,

and hide from the rain.

Hide from your problems.

Hide from change.

Stay comfortable, by all means.

But you know the beauty in change.

The beauty in rebirth.

The beauty in spring.

Even behind your blurry window,

you can still see it.

You know what your missing out on.

A fresh start.

Yet you remain comfortable.

Those walls you've built are fit for winter,

but not spring.

Behind those walls,

You can't hear the birds singing their spring song.

You can't hear the waves crashing and falling against the sand.

You can't see the beautiful flower sprouts.

You can't watch them grow.

You can't feel the air changing from cold to warm.

You can't feel the spring rain upon your skin.

You will never be able to do any of those things

behind the wall you've built.

What are you hiding from?


You are only shielding yourself from beauty.

There is no beauty

behind your walls,

only the comfort that whatever it is your

hiding from can't get inside.

And neither can the rest of spring.

When this long, dreary, winter comes to an end,

I won't be hiding.

I'll be outside,

listening to the birds chirping, watching their hatchlings fly for the first time.

I'll be down by the ocean, watching the waves crash and fall, experiencing the sand on my skin.

I'll be planting my own flowers, watering them, and watching them sprout.

Watching them blossom.

I'll be outside smelling the difference in the air, feeling the temperature change from cold to warm.

And before the rain comes,

I'll be outside waiting for it.

Once the rain comes,

I'll be dancing in it.

Spring is a transition,

a transformation,

from the harsh cold,

to the freeing warmth.

When spring comes,

I'll be reborn.

I'll change completely.

There will be nothing left of the old me.

As winter is destruction, spring nurtures and replenishes all.

Like the rest of nature,

I was destroyed over winter.

When spring comes,

I'll be reborn in every way.

Change is the only way to completely experience spring.

The season of rebirth is starting.

Everything and everyone is reborn.

Life is bursting from the earth,

pouring like the rain,

whistling like the wind.

Flying like the birds,

swimming like the dolphins in the sea.

Swaying, like trees in the wind.

Life is everywhere in spring.

In everyone, and in everything.

A kind of beauty and vibrance is given in spring.

Like a gift to the world,

in the form of beauty.

Everything seems much more vibrant in the springtime.

Wouldn't you think so?

Nature thrives in spring.

Animals come out of hibernation.

People leave their silly walls behind.

The cherry blossoms begin to bloom,

giving the trees a kind beauty and radiance

that can only be seen in spring.

All the harshness and dullness of winter

begins to wither away.

The cold dry air that you have been hiding from is dissipating.

The whistling wind is becoming a soft spring breeze.

Animals are coming out of hibernation

and so should you.

Leave your walls behind.

Experience the change that spring brings.

Embrace it.

Nature will be embracing it.

I'll be embracing it.

Spring is a clean slate.

A fresh start given once a year.

Don't miss out.

It's beautiful.

I see the cherry blossoms,

falling from trees.

I see the sunflowers bloom.

I smell the fresh roses.

I feel the thorns.

I feel the rain on my skin.

The ocean waves on my legs.

The sand under my feet.

I feel uncomfortable.

I feel the change becoming of me.

Do you feel it too?

Have you been reborn?

I have.

I feel alive.

March 25, 2023 15:12

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