The phantom and the butterfly.

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Friendship Fiction Teens & Young Adult

They had always been different, both he and Lucas. You see, Lucas had always been the social butterfly, the life of the party, the one in the two who danced easily from person to person and entertained everyone around him. Whereas he, Peter, was the quieter one of the two, the whisper in the shadows, his presence almost non-existent if it weren’t for Lucas who would notice his absence and encourage him to be more talkative, to introduce himself to people, to expand his bubble, as Lucas would always put it. But Lucas’s words would simply flow over his head and fly away with the wind. Peter preferred his way. He enjoyed his own company and presence and usually didn’t mind the fact that all the attention would naturally go to Lucas. Silence was his best friend and he let silence go with him wherever he went, a welcoming phantom.

And today was no different. Well at first it hadn’t been different, when the sun was miserably high, its scorching heat unwelcome in Peter’s room. His nerves had been bouncing off his bedroom walls all morning, his pace as he walked back and forth increasing as he calmed his breathing. Or tried to anyway, preparing himself for that day’s battle. For that day’s plans on seeing Lucas’s friends. He was being silly, his mum had said as she thundered into his room, barging in as she complained that he was making way too much noise for 6am. Peter had apologised and sat on his bed instead, craving the want to just crawl under his duvet and sleep. Craving for anything that wasn’t socialising and meeting up with Lucas’s friends. But alas, he couldn’t turn down his friend’s invitation. Not when Lucas had crawled into his bedroom through his window at 4am, half scaring him. Of course that brute was awake at this odd time of the morning, Peter had thought in the moment as he grumbled and groaned into his pillow, ignoring his friend’s constant poking. So bothersome that boy was. But Peter still adored him. Yes, he was loud and had crawled through Peter’s window at an ungodly hour and was poking him awake, but he was the first friend to actually care about him and was always there for him. Even when Lucas was in the middle of the crowd, the spotlight on him as he received attention and compliments from everyone, that brute would still manage to crawl his way out of the crowd he had built and offer his hand to him, pulling him in and letting himself receive his attention with Peter at his side. And although Peter hated the spotlight, something in him would warm every time at this gesture and Peter would not even try to pull away. He didn’t even want to, not with his best friend, his other half, his better half standing by his side.

Currently, his other half was sitting by his side, grumbling as the rain pounded loudly against the window, hitting it like bullets. The noise was loud but a comfort to him. However, the same couldn’t be agreed by Lucas, his sulking and displeasure of the rain clear. Peter tried his best to hide his smile as he breathed in the smell of rain and tried his best not to thank the grey, gloomy skies for its blessing that it had literally poured down on them. Not when Lucas was upset that his plans had gotten ruined. “We were meant to be going out today! You don’t understand how long I’ve been waiting to taste those new spicy chickens that came out just recently at that new place,” Lucas groaned as he crossed both of his arms grumpily, “now how are we meant to enjoy the day?”

Peter offered his friend an encouraging, little smile as he said, “I mean… I’m sorry that you can’t eat those new spicy chickens that came out recently at that new place,” Lucas shot him a look but Peter continued with a chuckle, “I’m sure you can try them out soon, it’s just one day, and it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow,” and then Peter added on a bit more quietly, “and there are many ways we can have fun today without having to go outside.”

“You sound like my mum,” Lucas said, his eyes boring into Peter’s, “and what fun things can we do that doesn’t involve eating those new spicy chickens that came out just recently at that new place?”

It was Peter’s turn to shoot him a look, “can’t we forget those darn spicy chickens for a second?,” Lucas looked as though he was going to give him a passionate speech about his spicy chickens but Peter cut him off as he continued, “and we can… watch a few movies or shows? Play a game of cards? Read?”

Lucas gave him a pointed look, “seriously? Do you not know a thing about me?,” he sniffed as he dramatically placed a hand over his chest and made a face, “I feel very hurt dear friend. I also do not read or play any card games

Peter lifted his hands in surrender as he smiled apologetically at his friend, “I do apologise, I was simply suggesting things.”

“Yes, things you enjoy, and I’m very, very aware all of this,” he waved his hands around him directing his hands towards the rain and Peter’s bedroom, “is practically heaven to you but”, he smiled softly at him, “I’m glad that you’ll at least enjoy today.”

Peter returned the smile, gratitude written all over his face, “thank you, I’m glad that you won’t completely hate today,” he jabbed Lucas with his elbow, “and hey, you have me, you better enjoy my company at least.”

Lucas only threw his head back as he let out a little chuckle. Peter’s heart warmed at the sight. He loved moments like these, moments in which it was only them and he was the one putting the smile on his friend’s face. He wished these moments could last forever, keep them bottled somewhere physically so he could look back on them when the darkness was a bit too overwhelming.

“Peter?”, Lucas’s voice broke him out of his reverie and he blinked in Peter’s direction, bemused.

“Oh sorry,” Peter let out a breathy laugh, “I lost myself for a moment there, did you say something?”

Lucas gave him a worried look before returning back to his carefree self and said, “yeah, I was saying that we could order some pizza and watch some shows or movies for a while? Maybe play some video games later?”

Peter gave him a nod before the boys spent the rest of the day indoors, watching horror movies while yelling in fear but excitement as they hid behind their pizzas, and then once the pizza was all consumed they switched to playing a video game in which they were both running from zombies, defeating them with their weapons. Lost in his excitement, Peter didn’t notice the affectionate gaze his friend gave him as he watched him yell in triumph at his next kill, didn’t notice when Lucas swallowed hardly as he fought back his tears of happiness at the moment before he continued with their game, clapping Peter on the back in congratulation for his hundredth victory that night and laughing into the next day’s dawn.

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