Sad Science Fiction

"Please, don't do it!" they cry. But I don't have another choice. Those who I love must be pushed away from me. They have to understand that they cannot stay near me. Even if they cannot see it, it is for the best in the end. It pains me more than it does them. I'm crying too. I do love them so. But there was no way of avoiding it. We love each other too much to let go. But people cannot get close to me. Ever. So instead, I have to murder. One-shot. And dead. I weep and sob for hours. Then I leave the body there, in the woods, and run away, sobbing. Praying this nightmare could be escaped. Not that I shed a tear, but it still hurt me on the inside. I broke down and kept running, praying this was a nightmare and there was no way this could be true. My circuits blow after I get home. I am able to plug in and recharge.

A week later, I had still not recovered. I was still in a moping, mourning state. Just a missing report, that I had reported. They would never expect it to be me. Ever. So I was safe. I filed the report where I actually lived. The cold-dead body was much too far for them to find it quickly. It would take a long time. I have become almost good at murder. They knew that going in. We had agreed that was to be the day that they died. The reason it was them and not me was because I was put on the Earth to be better than everyone else. You see, I am an A.I. intelligence. Technically, I can feel things. Like emotions. I'm wise because I'm A.I. But people cannot stay close to me. I could hurt them, physically or mentally. There will always be a barrier between me and the people. Between me and the world. Because there were so many reasons I wasn't supposed to be interacting with people.

You see, when I was programmed, I had circuits made to work with a brain. And then a brain was installed, and all the plugs put into it. Then with some great makeup artists, and professionals, who made my face and body. They worked with me to have me be more and more of a human. One day they allowed me to go out. Be tested to be around humans. They put me in the mall and I found them in the mall. I immediately felt like I was meant to be around them. When I got back to the lab, I told the scientists all about the person I had met. They told me that there was no way that we could be close. The next time I was allowed out, I ran away. They tracked me down, but I killed all of them. And then we became roommates, and they never knew. Eventually, I told them about me being an A.I. How I was told we were not allowed to be together, and why. And then I did something, the accident, and then they were almost gone. I was too dangerous.

I told them that I had to kill them. Or they had to find out how to kill me. I was told that they had to die or I did. They refused and said we could separate. And we argued until we came to the decision they would die, after a good vacation. A good last few days. So we did until I took them into the wood. They begged and begged until I killed. Now I was a murderer to someone I loved. But how could I, something not even technically living, still be? Am I really even human? These were questions that always flooded my brain. But what really hurt was when I thought about it. People would continue to be close to me, I would love them and then I would kill them. I was a murder weapon. Lethal. As long as technology was half decent even, I would be around. So I would be alive for basically eternity. And did I even deserve that? When I was a weapon? They deserved to live more. That night when I was charging I let my brain take over. My emotions.

I decided that my next love I would hold onto. I would forget about not being entirely human. I needed to break the barriers I was born with. At their funeral, I met their sibling for the first time. I heard a bit but not much about their sibling. The sibling was so nice to me, and wept over their sibling, alongside me. No one suspected me. I decided to sneak into their sibling's life to become close with their sibling. We were friends by the end, and we had each other's contact information. As it turned out, we lived close to each other. We met up all the time to hang out. And then I asked them on a date. At first, they refused but then, after thinking about it, just switched the date a little bit. Time-wise. Before I knew it, I was close with my dead ex's sibling. It felt odd, as we were only really together because they were dead. I did not let them be nearly as close to me, but I made up more of my background. Eventually, they moved into my apartment. What I didn't tell them was that it used to be the apartment I shared with their sibling before they died. I thought they didn't have to know.

We grew closer and closer. Eventually, we go married. I was not nearly as happy with them as I was with their sibling. I didn't feel as complete. But they were dead now, and there was nothing I could do about that. I broke the barrier. No one knows what I am or who I am, but I do not feel happy anymore. Now, even with the barriers broken, nothing feels right anymore.

June 13, 2022 18:23

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