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Suspense Drama

    Today is the big day! It is the 8th grade class trip to the Science Museum. Adrian had been excited and preparing for this day for a month. It had finally arrived and he could hardly contain himself. It has always been his dream to be an entomologist because he loves to play with bugs. For Adrian to see all the different kinds of insects and bugs for the 8th time, would make his day. Each and every time, his fascination with bugs has grown.

    When Adrian arrived at school, he ran excitedly to his best friend Jamie. They had been friends since the 3rd grade. "Hey Jamie! I am so hyped about this trip. What about you?" Jamie nodded her head and threw her fist in the air, "No school today! Who hoo! Super excited!" Jamie has always wanted to be a biologist. Ever since her grandmother passed with dementia, she has made it a priority to be in the science field to find a cure. Adrian turns around and sees the trail way buses. Ms. Hayes the principal holds up her bullhorn to make an announcement. "May I have everyone's attention. Please find your teachers and line up. We will begin boarding buses shortly. Thank you." 

   Adrian looking out of the window and nudges Jamie, "We are here!" he said excitedly. Jamie laughs, "This is your 8th time coming here. Every time you come, you act like it's your first time." Adrian takes out his phone and takes pictures of him and Jamie. "What can I say? I love bugs." Adrian said and they both laughed. Ms. Ray and Mr. Kane announced to the students to line up and prepare to get off of the bus. Also that they would return to the buses for lunch, so they could leave their lunch boxes. Everyone was excited! Even the teachers. Off the bus they went! Everyone was chatting with excitement and taking group pictures when the tour guide arrived. "My name is Ryan, and I will be your tour guide. I will be showing you around and sharing some interesting facts as we go and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Also, if anyone needs to use the restrooms, please let me know so that we can stop as a group. Make sure you keep up with your group so that no one gets lost. Is everyone excited to get this adventure started?" Ryan yelled. "Yes!" Screamed the group. "That’s what I like to hear! Follow me. We will start in the aquarium and work our way around." said Ryan.

     After a two hour tour, it was time for a restroom break. Ryan turned around to the students and said, "We will now stop to take a restroom break. We will line back up in 15 minutes." All of the ladies lined up with Ms. Ray and the guys with Mr. Kane. It was now Adrian's turn and he was the last to go. When he had finished and was washing his hands, there was one other boy beside him that was also washing his hands. "This is very exciting. A really cool place isn't it?" The boy asked. Adrian looked over at the boy to reply but he was speechless. His mouth dropped open as the boy walked out smiling. He looked as if he had seen a ghost. After Adrian had finished, he walked out and had seen that the group had gone on without him. But why did they leave him, was the question that was going through his head. "Did I just see what I thought I saw? No, it couldn't be." said Adrian, shaking his head.

     Adrian walked until he saw an employee of the museum. "Excuse me sir" said Adrian. The guard looked up and as soon as he saw Adrian he yelled on his radio, "I got him! He's on the first floor by the entrance!" Adrian confused, turns around and takes off running. "Hey you, stop! Come back here you thief!" yelled the guard. Adrian was even more confused. He hadn't stolen anything in his life. Just when he thought he had gotten away, another guard jumped out in front of him and grabbed him by his arm and put cuffs on him. "We got you now." said the guard. "I didn't do anything!" yelled Adrian. "We saw you take the rare moon rocks." I don't know what you're talking about!" said Adrian. Just as they had arrived back at the front entrance, Ryan arrived with the class. "What is going on here? He's one of my students."said Ms. Ray. "This kid was seen taking rare moon rocks." said the guard. How was this possible if Adrian was with his group all day? "That's impossible. Adrian has been with us all day and here he is." said Jamie. Everyone turned around and sure enough there was Adrian standing next to Jamie. Shocked and amazed, everyone gasped. There were two Adrians but how. 

 The Adrian beside Jamie attempted to run but she caught him by his shirt. "Not so fast." said Jamie and pulled him alongside the other Adrian. They were identical. Even their clothes were the same, blue jeans, white t-shirt, and white sneakers. "But who's the real Adrian?" asked Ms. Ray. The guard placed cuffs on both Adrians. "They will have to both go downtown until we can sort this out," said the guard. "I need to call his parents!" yelled Ms. Ray as the guards were escorting them both out. "No! No! yelled Adrian. "Don't let them take me! I didn't do anything! I'm innocent! Jamie, please tell them!" The doors slammed loudly behind them as they left and the students' alarms began to ring for lunch. 

     Adrian jumps up in a cold sweat and hits his alarm. What once was excitement had now turned into anxiety. Was it all just a dream? "This can't be real! It's impossible to have a doppelganger. I must be trippin. " said Adrian. He climbs out of the bed to go and get dressed. While in the bathroom getting dressed, Adrian looks at himself in the mirror. "You are one handsome young man," he said to himself. While looking in the mirror, he heard a voice that sounded like him say yes I am and winked. "No!" Adrian Screamed as he ran away.

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