A Vision

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A young man from an esoteric land is approached by a visiting foreigner of unparalleled beauty. Though from abroad, her features are deceivingly familiar. Yes, quite familiar…except for the eyes. It is not their appearance or color for they are likewise round and brown. Instead, it is their vision, which revolutionizes his own. 

After answering a few of her questions and exchanging a sufficiently large sum of words to justify a more laborious request, the man is asked to escort her across town. He feeds her impressively well-nourished mind with more knowledge of the city, its streets, and the intricate culture. She listens as he speaks. When they share glances in between words, her eyes emit no condemnation, condescension or pity. Rather, she absorbs the reality for what it is and offers his world a comfortable seat in the household of her mind. When questions arise, she asks them considerately with no sign of performative worldliness. A spiritual connection blossoms after a few more drops of a shared gaze.

As the day carries on, she presents her philosophy to the man's curious ears. She speaks of her experiences, her beliefs, her favorite literature, her heart’s desires and life’s dreams. The words travel through him and his mind expands, creating room for a new culture and its boggling world. It’s different. He does not fully comprehend it. Still, he welcomes every part of it. 

The enticed man and the curious woman sit together at a bustling local cafe after hours of talking, walking and basking in the invigorating sun. They sip on icy lemonade flavored with freshly plucked mint leaves as they telepathically reflect on their newly discovered kinship. While they stare at each other, panting from the heat, her eyes send his a vision of where she would like to take him. It is a vision of an unprecedented journey filled with colorful adventures, ancient histories, untouched emotions, and a home. Yes, a home he had never inhabited but always longed for. A home where he could shamelessly be. She displays how he could share it with her and how she would cherish its walls with every bit of force her soul could offer. 

Atop the highest roof of the city is where they conclude the dreamlike day. As they observe the swarming city’s lights and listen to its beautiful chaos, the enchanted man admits to his fear of her eyes. Her eyebrows are lifted by his words. He proceeds to speak of his nonsensical urge to continue staring at her eyes despite his fear of them. Her eyebrows are relieved by an innocent giggle. She turns to face him then lightly clasps his hand and places his palm on her cheek. Their eyes lock once again and he sees that there’s nothing to be afraid of. The full moon’s calming light reflects on the city’s waters as the two disregard the world around them and focus solely on the vision in her eyes. The more of it he sees, the more real he wishes for the vision to be. And so he steps into her entrancing gaze until their lips meet and her vision becomes his.

They explore the world together, meeting other kind souls and absorbing countless more intricate cultures. Every day and night, they jump from one roof-top to the next sharing inspired glances, infectious smiles and soul-stirring kisses. With every discourse on philosophy, science, love and everything human, they delve deeper into one another. Never before has either felt so understood in spite of the indescribable divergence of their backstories. 

Their burgeoning friendship continues. But, where is the home he had longed to build with her? They search tirelessly until their first restful night one month from the beginning of their journey. Somewhere in the world, they lay in a wide and empty field gazing at each other under the full moon’s familiar light. It is then that he finally realizes not where, but what the home is. It is her vision. His home is in her eyes.

As the years pass in their shared home, she invests her blood and soul into solidly maintaining her vision and devotedly caring for its delicate walls. It is a burden she joyously bears. Although her body grows weary, she is determined to have his head rest comfortably on her heart for as long as life’s constraints allow. In all the years, she never resents him nor does she regret their life for a moment. She embraces every second she can and polishes the vision every day for the sake of her closest companion’s eyes. Above all else, she blatantly loves every moment of it. 

But, on the night of another full moon, her heart’s tone flattens and she exhales her last breath while the man dreams in her arms. Upon waking, he finds himself buried beneath a demolished home. He lays amidst the rubble, blinded by the absence of her vision, for he has forgotten how to see beyond it. 

Now lost, he aimlessly wanders the world with a walking stick as his guide. A month later, on a cloudy afternoon, his exerted legs beg for respite. He finds himself seated on soft grass by a flowing river. The day’s light fades and the night’s full moon overtakes the dark sky, this time beaming a magnified glow only she could be sending from above. The moon’s brightness strikes his lifeless eyes and he can see once again. A vision appears before him. Though he knows it is hers, this vision is not the same as the last. It is a vision of him and his remaining life. She sees him surrounded by kind hearts, observes him revitalizing his soul with laughter, watches him resting in a home. Yes, a home he had once inhabited but now desperately longs for. The moon vanishes, but its light remains in his eyes. A smile cracks on his face as a tear trickles down from his illuminated eyelids onto his wrinkled cheek. With his friend’s vision in sight, he climbs to his feet, scans his surroundings, and continues on his way.

June 16, 2023 14:20

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Nina H
01:11 Jun 22, 2023

What a poignant tale of two souls connected. And that connection you can feel just by looking into someone else’s eyes…you’ve captured it here. Well done.


Adam El Nabli
13:09 Jun 23, 2023

Thanks so much for taking the time to read! I'm grateful you enjoyed it!


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