Sad Teens & Young Adult

When I was young, I had everything I could ever want. My parents were always busy, but when they were not at work, we would be a three-person family who was so happy together. As I got older, my parents taught me about their business and had me enrolled in the most prestigious school in the area. I was so happy, and so were they. There was nothing more that they wanted than the perfect child I was. When I was thirteen, I began to work in the company. I just was a simple secretary. But as I got older and better, I worked in higher jobs. I was to inherit the business, and everything was set and perfect. I was happy, and so were they. There was nothing else that we wanted.

Until our business began to fail. It was no longer the perfect business we had had before. We were no longer the perfect family. We moved into a small house. I thought we could have a fairytale ending, and my father could regain the business. But it became apparent that we would never be as happy again when my mother contracted cancer. We were so focussed on the business, that treatments were sometimes missed, and cancer began to spread all over her body. She ignored it, and then one day she didn't wake up. We were crushed, and we had her body sent off for science. My dad's business was finally on the upside.

But just because we were once more financially stable, did not mean we were as happy as before. The only person in our lives who remained optimistic about our situation was my mom. My dad put me in an online school and had my work harder than ever in the business. Soon, we were back in a mansion. One slightly smaller than the last. But bigger than the house we had to live in while the business was failing. My dad said just because it was the two of us, did not mean that we weren't living the dream. Which made me cry the same night we moved in. I was a princess who was motherless. I was never going to have that fairytale ending. And why? Because my mother is now dead. In fairytales, the father would remarry, and there would be a stepmother.

The stepmother would be the villain. But a fairy godmother would come along and poof! The girl would marry the prince and they lived happily ever. But I feel that even if I did marry the prince, I would be incomplete. What if the princess was wanting not the prince, but the mother back. If I could have one wish, it would be for my mom. But I knew that was impossible. Every night I would cry, and pray she was in a better place. That last week, she was in so much pain. I knew that she wished the pain would go away. Whatever it took. She passed so silently, and we knew nothing about it until I came in with her breakfast. Seeing her dead made me scream.

My dad came running and we cried together. There was nothing in this world that had hurt me more than that. My dad and I were nowhere near as happy as before, and I felt kind of isolated as the only reason why he would talk to me would be for business purposes. My old friends texted me soon after she died. But they said nothing else after that. They didn't visit me or anything else. But they said they were sorry. So none of my friends or family surrounded me anymore. I felt lonely. I had never been so alone in my entire life. I graduated from high school. My dad than just gave me the business, and he retired. The business was very easy to handle. In fact, I had no problems, and it felt not much different than my job before.

I was still lonely. I worked for a year, and I was becoming depressed. My dad had arranged a marriage for me. My marriage was nowhere near as nice as it could have been. My husband and I were more successful every day. We rarely talked or saw each other. If he was with someone else, I would have been happy for him. Frankly, there was nothing in the world for me besides the business. My dad and I never talked. Not that I really wanted to after my marriage to someone I didn't like. Life was not a fairytale. I may have been rich, with a rich husband. A loving dad and a mansion. But that was nothing as good as my life before my mom died. I had my happily ever after as a beginning. And from there, it was all downhill. Life was not perfect.

My father came to me after I was married for two years. I saw him, hoping that he was going to tell me that we were to make amends. "Daughter," he boomed, "you need to have a child. A boy child. Your mother providing you were a slight disappointment. But you, are young. You can easily provide heirs to the business. So, make yourself a family. That is all. I will be on my way now, thank you for seeing me. I hope you every happiness and the best of luck." I was enraged. I had barely seen my husband once monthly, much less had we thought about children. I was too much emerged in my work to hold a family. My husband or I would not really have the chance to take off for the child.

I dismissed it. My dad bugged me about it continually, however. That was annoying. Eventually, I gave in. I talked to him about it, calling an emergency dinner. He agreed and said that we wanted no children. After that, my dad no longer bugged me about it. Not only that, but my husband stopped seeing me at all. I guess I scared him away with the thought of a child. I mean, I would feel similar if he did the same to me. I was sad. I no longer even had our monthly seeing as a couple anymore. My dad quit trying to talk to me. The only conversations I held were work or light hearted ones about the weather. Not a fairytale ending. The world doesn't; work like that.

May 24, 2022 20:14

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