The Day We Met

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Drama Fiction Teens & Young Adult

TW: Briefly has drinking and partying.

It was a sunny, sticky, sweat-drenching, July on a Monday. Which also happened to be the day my least favorite person moved into the house next door. I didn't know they were my least favorite person until they settled in.

The first to notice was my best friend Annastage while we were baking chocolate chip cookies-more so I was baking the cookies while she tasted everything or talked about how annoying her rich mom was-.

"Ooo, looks like a hottie has moved into the house next door," she coos.

I roll my eyes before setting down my rolling pin to see what her fuse is. As I walk over to the spying window, I notice she's right. This guy is gorgeous! He has shoulder-length wavy brown hair that's tied into a man-bun, he has a diamond face with sharp-cutting jaws, his eyebrows are way better than my pencil-thin curves of a shape, and he has muscles the size of Chris Evans. Oh, gosh he IS perfect.

"Someone is drooling," Annastage says walking back to behind the counter.

"Am not," I say wiping my milk chocolate chin searching for drool. Which I don't find, but I did realize my mouth was hung open like an idiot.

Annastage grins at me gesturing I go talk to him. I shake my head and saunter back over to the kitchen. I continue with my rolling in the hopes Anna doesn't notice that I watch him enter and leave his house every five seconds. After a couple of stupid smirks from Anna, I eventually put my things down and head out the front door.

I try to wipe my floury hands-on pants but it's really no use. I also take my curly dark brown hair out of my ponytail in hopes the wind will help it, but there's no wind; which leaves me no choice but to put my hair back in a ponytail.

I put on a smile and walk over to the new guy's car, where he leans in the trunk grabbing more boxes. Up closer he's even hotter.

"Hi," I say standing back a couple of feet.

Hottie slowly turns around with a blank expression on his face. I continue to smile in hopes of it being contagious. It's not, it almost seems to make him even more expressionless. Maybe, he's shy.

"Who are you?" Hottie asks in a low voice that's sharp like ice.

I point to my house still beaming,

"Your neighbor!"


I laugh at how stupid I am.

"Nina. You?"

In the same ice-sharp voice, he says Tony. Dang, a hot guy with a hot name. He then turns on his heel heading into the house. He walks super fast towards his house, so fast that I have to jog to keep up.

"So," I start.

Tony stops abruptly causing me to run into him. He drops his belonging onto the gravel driveway. I instantly drop to my knees to help him but he grabs me by the arm and yanks me back.

"Excuse you!" I say surprised at his actions.

He turns to face me with a cold stare.

"Don't touch my stuff. Ever," he says.

"I was just-".

"I don't care," he growls, "get away from me."

I turn on my heel, stomp back towards the house, into the front door, back into the kitchen, and back to my cookies before giving Annastage the bird.

That was the day I decided my hot neighbor Tony, was an asshole.

. . .

Three weeks later, Tony was having a party, which was to Annastages delight.

"We should like, totally go."

Sitting on the couch watching Stranger Things Season four, I laugh and laugh and laugh until my sides hurt. Annastage stares at me like I've gone mad, I might have but I'm not letting up. I shake my head no.

"On his Facebook, it says everyone is welcome."

I roll my eyes.

"Not, everyone. In case you haven't noticed we hate each other,"

It's true, we really do. Ever since our first encounter, we have. Two days after the encounter, he had parked his car in the way, no way for me to get out. I went up to his door asking him to move his car and he told me to leave him alone, again. I then proceeded to tell him his car was blocking my way. Just go around it he said. I replied saying can't, he then closed the door in my face.

The next day he got mad at me because Annastage dropped her mom's dog at my house for the night and when morning came around her dog barked for two minutes, two freaking minutes.

Another day, I was gardening and he had one of his friends over who proceeded to catcall me while Tony did nothing but stare. What a douche.

These little nitpicks have been going on for three weeks, back and forth, and Annastage wants me to go to his party. Hell, no.

"Nope, not happening," I reply turning my focus back to El causing a girl to bleed like crazy.

I don't know how it happens but, somehow Anna gets me in a red bodycon dress with a drink in my hand at Tony's. There are a lot of people here. The amount of people here is making me sick; I hate parties if you can't tell. Anna pokes me in the rib hard making me jolt.

"Ow! What?"

Anna points at Tony. Before I can fully make the connection she's dragging me through the sticky crowd towards him. I whisper harshly trying to get her to let me go, but before I know it we're standing in front of the biggest asshole in the world. Anna elbows me after a few seconds of awkward standing.

"Tony," I say coldly, not looking him in the eyes.

"Nina," he says in the same voice back.

"Fine then," Anna says in a whisper so only I can hear, " I'm Annastage," she says to Tony smiling.

To my surprise Tony beams and takes her caramel hand, shaking it.

"What a beauty you are," Tony smiles wider.

I turn away, leaving, as well as puking in my mouth. I walk into the kitchen in hopes of finding something stronger than the Mikes' lemonade I'm drinking. After guzzling down two Cider Ale's, I go back into the living room looking for Annastage. I find no sign of her or Tony. I turn to a random person asking if they've seen Tony; they point to the staircase.

You've got to be shitting me. As I make my way to the staircase and up it, I pray they aren't having sex. As much as I love Anna, that's her go-to thing. I check the bathroom, nothing, I check an empty room, nothing, I check a closet room, nothing, the last room is closed. As I get closer to hit I can hear the bed squeaking and such. Oh no.

Then it stops.

I quietly open the door to see two naked silhouettes. Oh gosh, I quickly close the door. I can't believe her.

Angry, I turn towards the stairs, head down them, leave the house, and go back to my couch to finish Stranger Things.

May 31, 2022 14:03

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Amanda Lieser
04:22 Jun 17, 2022

Hi Ariana! Oh my gosh! I really like how you created these characters and my heart went out to your MC towards the end. I also like how you tied in Stranger things at the end. Good job!


Ariana Schultz
16:38 Aug 30, 2022

Sorry for the really late response! Thank you so much for the feedback!


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