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Ellie waited with the nurse for Lander and Nick to come home with her brother or sister. Ellie chose that than niece or nephew because it made her seem old. An Aunt? She's too young to be an aunt. Lander did tell her age doesn't matter about that but she was going to stick by what she thinks.

Besides, being a big sister is an important job than being an aunt. Lander only smiled at her when she told him that. Nick chuckled and ruffled her hair. But now, she was nervous. A baby will be very noisy and Lander told her how babies need a lot of attention.

But it didn't mean they love her any less, but a baby needs help until it can do it on its own. "They should be here soon. How do you feel, honey?" The nurse asked. "Nervous, but I still want to see it," Ellie said.

The nurse rubbed her side. "Me too. This is one mixed up family, but I think this is one family that will last forever. You will be a good big sister." Ellie smiled. Soon, they heard the door open up. "Yay! They're back!" Ellie cheered and ran to the door. Lander smiled, but shush her.

"Quiet now," Lander told her. Nick held something big with the baby sleeping in it. He put it down softly and Ellie got on her knees to see. It looked weird. It had pink skin and small hands, sucking on a pacifier.

"You got a baby sister. We finally got more girls in this family." Lander said. Nick was just happy as he looked at Lander full of love. Everything was behind them and he was already thinking of the future.

"What's her name?" Ellie asked. "Her name is Bella." Lander answer. He looked at Nick and kissed him softly while Ellie smiled at the baby.

Lander's family was finally coming together and he knew right now, his mother was smiling down at him. Lander was ready to start his new chapter and this time, it will be done together.

September 13, 2019 17:34

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Abeer Asif
17:17 Sep 24, 2019

Hey, can you give me feedback on my story? I'd realy appreciate you on that!


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