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Book Cover Critique with Designer Patrick Knowles

15:00 EST - May 02, 2018

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Patrick Knowles

A thirty years veteran of the publishing industry, Patrick has designed books for every major publisher in the UK. In his portfolio, you'll see illustrations designs and hand-lettering for authors such as George R.R. Martin, Anthony Horowitz, and Charlaine Harris.

The covers featured:


The Ring of Thoth

The First Murder is the Hardest

The Eighth Chamber

Ten Years Gone

Spinning Silk

Six Hard Days in Andalusia

Scale Hearts

Rings of Fire and Ice

The Rebirth

Painting Skies in Red and Blue


Out of Time


Opus of the Dead


Ifflepinn Island

A Humourless Death

The Golden Thread Project

The Dead and the Missing

C'mon Funk, Move Your Ass

Castle Danger

Calhoun: Sacrifice

Born a Poor White Girl

The Blue Light Diet

Animals in the Forest

Ace Tucker: Space Trucker