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Tell us why you write and Reedsy will donate $10 to the Room to Read organization . Help us reach our $10,000 target!
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Featured stories

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Lauretta Hannon

Writer, Storyteller and Commentator

"I want to live on through my stories."

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Lorilyn Roberts

Award-winning Christian Fantasy Writer

"When I write it makes me feel closest to God."

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Frances Caballo

Social Media Manager & Strategist for Writers

"The love of reading developed in me the love of writing."

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Mandi Lynn

Youtuber and Writer

"I write because it just feels natural to me and I would like it to be my job someday."

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John Wood

Writer and Founder of Room to Read

"We can change the World with the power of books."

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Joanna Pruess

Award-winning Food and Travel Writer

"I love the process of creating an experience."

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Hailey LeBlanc

Youtuber and Writer

"Whenever I'm writing, I feel like I'm the truest version of myself."

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Todd Pitock

American Society of Journalists & Authors Award Winner

"I write to see the World, in a more immediate and deeper way too."

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Cerece Rennie Murphy

Sci-Fi Writer and Founder of Narazu

"Each story is a blessing, and a blessing is not complete until it's shared."

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David Heinemeier Hansson

Best-selling Author and Founder of Basecamp

"Committing your ideas to paper is the best way to think through any topic."

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Carter Wilson

USA Today Best-selling Author

"Not knowing what's coming next is what I love most about writing."

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Hadi Partovi

Founder of Code.org

"Creativity and self-expression are critical to connecting in a global World."

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Coreene Callahan

Bestselling author of Fury of Fire

"Whatever is going on in your life a good book helps you escape from that."

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Martin Cavannagh

Writer at Reedsy

"Becoming a writer made me discover an ability to read books critically."

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Terry Kay

Award-winning Novelist

"I've never written to tell a story, I've always written to discover one."

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Annie Wood

Writer and Actress

"I've been writing since I was a kid and I feel very lucky to be a writer."

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Romain Dillet

Writer at TechCrunch

"When I was a child, I wanted to become a writer - and then I became a journalist."

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Scott Bartlett

Award-winning Novelist

"I love books and I've always been an avid reader."

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Sean Moncrieff

Broadcaster, Journalist and Writer

"It's a way of figuring out the World, of thinking out loud."

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Ruth Field

Bestselling Author of Run Fat B!tch Run

"I'm motivated by trying to better understand myself and the World around me."

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Lisa Freeman

Author of the Honey Girl novel and Actress

"What happens with words when they come together into a story is incredible."

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David Orban

Author, Investor, Entrepreneur and Keynote speaker

"Spreading your beliefs in writing is the best way to gather people who resonate with your message."

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Mark Dawson

Best-Selling Action Thriller Author

"I write because I can connect - via my stories - with readers from all around the World I've never met before."

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Room to Read

Through the #IWriteBecause project, we want to raise awareness about the power of writing. Above all, writing is not just a vocation or a hobby; it’s one of the greatest ways to express our thoughts and get our message out.

At Reedsy, we believe that every child, regardless of geography, gender or economics, should have access to education and the freedom to raise their voice and share their message with the world. That’s why, for every writer who shares their story, Reedsy will donate $10 to Room to Read — a non-profit organization that seeks to provide girls in Africa and Asia with access to education.

So join the movement: tell us what you love about writing and help make an impact!

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