Tell us why you write and Reedsy will donate $10 to the Room to Read organization.

Why are we doing this? read here to find out.


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Room to Read

Through the #IWriteBecause project, we want to raise awareness about the power of writing. Above all, writing is not just a vocation or a hobby; it’s one of the greatest ways to express our thoughts and get our message out.

At Reedsy, we believe that every child, regardless of geography, gender or economics, should have access to education and the freedom to raise their voice and share their message with the world. That’s why, for every writer who shares their story, Reedsy will donate $10 to Room to Read — a non-profit organization that seeks to provide girls in Africa and Asia with access to education.

So join the movement: tell us what you love about writing and help make an impact!

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Send us a 30 second video explaining why you write, and we will donate $10 to charity.

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