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6 Places to Find Children’s Book Illustrator Jobs

Feb 07, 2020

Read on for the top six places to find children’s book illustrator jobs — and what you need to attract clients on each platform. Read more →

How to Become an Editor: A Guide for Beginners

Dec 21, 2019

If you’ve got an impeccable understanding of grammar and a discerning eye when it comes to writing, read on for a step-by-step guide on how to become an editor. Read more →

How to Find Ghostwriting Jobs as a Freelance Writer

Dec 16, 2019

Ghostwriting jobs won’t just fall in your lap. In this post, writer David Congreave reveals his top four tips for landing regular gigs as a ghost. Read more →

12 Crucial Tips for Success as a Freelance Editor

Nov 28, 2019

What does it take to be a great freelance editor? Find out in this thorough guide, with tips from top professional editors. Read more →

A Freelancer's Brief Guide to the Reedsy Publishing Marketplace

Oct 23, 2019

What does Reedsy have to offer freelance book editors, designers, marketers and ghostwriters? Find the answers to the most-asked questions right here! Read more →

How to Choose Your Proofreading Rates: A Freelancer’s Guide

Aug 15, 2019

What are good proofreading rates to charge? Find out more on average proofreading rates and the factors that affect them. Read more →

How to Set Your Freelance Editing Rates

Jan 23, 2019

Struggling to set rates for the services is a problem for many editors. In this comprehensive guide, find out how the best editors do it. Read more →

The Career I Didn’t Know I Wanted: A Ghost’s Perspective

Jan 13, 2019

Barry Napier recounts his journey to becoming a professional ghostwriter — the career he never knew he wanted, until it found him. Read more →

Copy Editing Certificates: Do You Need One and Where to Get It?

Dec 31, 2018

Are you looking to get a copy editing certificate to get more clients? Find out the pros and cons of getting one and best courses to complete. Read more →

7 Ways to Grow Your Freelance Business

Dec 17, 2018

Top tips and best practices to supercharge your freelance editing business from most successful editors on Reedsy's Marketplace. Read more →

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