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Discover the best BookTube channels of 2020 and watch everything from book hauls to book reviews and recommendations. This directory is vetted by our team to make finding your next favorite BookTube personality a breeze. Did we miss a channel? Submit it here.

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Jenna Moreci

146,060 Subscribers

My name is Jenna. I write books. I also make videos about writing books. I'm super interesting.

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Jenna

Ariel Bissett

143,567 Subscribers

Hello there, lovely human! :) Let's have some fun while talking about books.. and other stuff!

Visit channel - Active since 2012 - Hosted by Arielle


136,079 Subscribers

Reader, Booktuber. Never remembers to take a thumbnail.

Visit channel - Active since 2015 - Hosted by Lily


123,877 Subscribers

Natasha or Tashapolis (like Metropolis), Christian, BookTuber, loves to read, stalk the internet, and fangirl over my favorite movie and TV shows! Plus I'm obsessed with beauty.

Visit channel - Active since 2012 - Hosted by Natasha

Go With Flick

111,066 Subscribers

Hey! I'm Felicity and welcome to my booktube channel. Musical theatre student, avid reader and booktuber

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Felicity

Ellen Brock

75,444 Subscribers

Need help with your novel? Have a question about writing great characters, plotting your novel, outlining, or finding your voice? My videos aim to answer common novel writing questions.

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Ellen


69,254 Subscribers

My name is Heather & some of my favorite things are: Reading (obviously), Gilmore Girls, Photography, Harry Potter, The seasons Spring & Fall. On this channel you will find mostly book videos. I read a wide array of books but I really love the Young Adult genre. I review books on this channel, recommend books, show you books I've bought, unbox some cool stuff & talk about movies and t.v as well!

Visit channel - Active since 2011 - Hosted by Heather

Vivien Reis

61,059 Subscribers

I'm a young adult science fiction writer working on her debut novel. I live with my fiancé and two beautiful furbabies in Jacksonville, FL.

Visit channel - Active since 2015 - Hosted by Vivien

Jean Bookish Thoughts

58,948 Subscribers

PhD student, video maker & wannabe dragon. I create videos on literature, studying, ancient history and social issues.

Visit channel - Active since 2012 - Hosted by Jean

Rosianna Halse Rojas

58,621 Subscribers

I'm a 26-year-old Londoner who makes videos about women, books, travel, food, grief, mental health, and trying to live with less. I am trying to live in line with my values -- sustainability, ethical production, real honest to god inclusivity, global health, parity at every intersection -- and always learning learning learning. In 2017 I was selected as a YouTube Creators for Change Fellow.

Visit channel - Active since 2006 - Hosted by Rosianna


53,156 Subscribers

Welcome! Benjaminoftomes is a channel devoted to promotion of amazing books and weirdness.

Visit channel - Active since 2011 - Hosted by Ben


51,731 Subscribers

Whitney Atkinson is a 20 year-old bookworm who likes to refer to herself in third person for emphasis. She enjoys peeling dried glue off the tip of the bottle, being sassy, reading until 3 AM on school nights, raspberry sweet tea from Sonic, man buns, and that one breed of guinea pig that’s really fluffy. She hopes to one day move to New York City and work in publishing among all of her favorite authors

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Whitney


48,884 Subscribers

My name is Lala/Kayla and I have a lot of opinions about books. Welcome to my booktube channel where I mostly talk about new releases with a focus on young adult hard hitting contemporary, and adult thrillers mystery novels.

Visit channel - Active since 2014 - Hosted by Kayla (Lala)

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