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1,933,716 Subscribers

Comic Books dramatically read by the Eligible Monster Team. DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Indie alike, nothing is free from our dramatic readings.

Visit channel - Active since 2014 - Hosted by Comicstorian


1,510,616 Subscribers

This channel was designed to assist in answering all of your questions about Marvel Comics and DC Comics in an easy to understand way.

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Robert

Poland Bananas Books

396,259 Subscribers

My name's Christine Riccio! I love comedy and reading fantastic books. I make what I like to think are funny videos every Tuesday and other days of the week too...I usually upload more than once a week - about books and book related pop culture stuff!

Visit channel - Active since 2010 - Hosted by Christine


371,315 Subscribers

Hello Everybody! My name is Sasha and I am a book-o-holic (and proud) I talk about every aspect of reading on my channel from book/movie reviews and tags to sketches and event vlogs! I also love to fangirl so if you need a friend to just freak out about a book or movie with, I got you!

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Sasha


251,794 Subscribers

Hi, my name is Kat! I own a ton of books, drink a LOT of coffee, and spend more time online than off.

Visit channel - Active since 2009 - Hosted by Kat

Peruse Project

249,077 Subscribers

I am Regan and I like to talk about books. Let's chat, people.

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Regan

Hailey in Bookland

183,914 Subscribers

Hello, I'm Hailey and I'm a 22 year old book lover from Canada! I have a passion for books that I would love to share with the people of the Internet so sometimes I ramble about them endlessly to a camera and then put it on the internet for your viewing enjoyment.

Visit channel - Active since 2014 - Hosted by Hailey

Little Book Owl

180,532 Subscribers

Hello! I am Catriona, or Caz. I love reading and sharing my passion for books within the wonderful BookTube community. I enjoy long walks through bookstore and cuddling up in bed with a block of chocolate. I post every Friday with videos from book reviews to hauls, tags to bookshelf tours and more.

Visit channel - Active since 2011 - Hosted by Catriona

Read by Zoe

179,520 Subscribers

My name is Zoë Herdt and I am a 22 year old college student who doesn't get nearly enough sleep. I also have a slight book obsession and would like to share it with the world. I make book reviews and discussions (which have both a spoiler-free and non-spoiler section), fun book tags, book-themed sketches, and other book related content! I hope you enjoy and welcome to the book nerd family

Visit channel - Active since 2013 - Hosted by Zoë

Books and Quills

176,772 Subscribers

Hoi! I'm Sanne. Five years ago I moved from the Netherlands to London, where I'm currently working in book publishing. On my channel I talk about books, language, London, travel and life advice. I love connecting people with books and speaking publicly about the things that inspire me.

Visit channel - Active since 2008 - Hosted by Sanne

A Clockwork Reader

167,075 Subscribers

My name is Hannah. I'm here because I like to read and you're probably here for the same reason. I think we'll get along just fine.

Visit channel - Active since 2015 - Hosted by Hannah

Epic Reads

152,168 Subscribers

Epic Reads is your video destination for all things YA and teen books. We post new Book Nerd Problem episodes every Monday, Now Quoting to brighten your Fridays, Book Hauls once a month and more! You'll also find original digital episodes, interviews with YA authors, exclusive event access, and more cool stuff. Subscribe to our channel for tons of bookish fun! Epic Reads is brought to you by HarperCollins Publishers.

Visit channel - Active since 2010 - Hosted by Epic

Kristina Horner

151,945 Subscribers

Subscribe for vlogs about books and writing, cosplay and my many adventures.

Visit channel - Active since 2007 - Hosted by Kristina


146,236 Subscribers

Hey Whatsup Hello! My name is Emma. I'm 21 years old, residing in the Big Apple but vicariously living my life through young adult fiction. On my channel, you will find all things bookish, whether that means book reviews, book hauls, helpful tips for BookTubers & readers alike, literary discussions, author interviews, and more!

Visit channel - Active since 2014 - Hosted by Emma

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