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What do Women Writers Want from an Editor?

Laurie Garrison, Ph.D. is the director of Women Writers School, a blog and course provider that works mainly with female authors. She has recently self-published a manifesto for her business, Women Writers in the Twenty-First Century. Previously, she was a university lecturer, an internationally renown critic of Victorian literature and the author of the book, Science, Sexuality and Sensation Novels: Pleasures of the Senses. The online world is bursting with free advice for writers. Everywhere I look I see articles geared toward helping the writer shape her emails, pitches, proposals, synopses and, above all, her manuscripts into something an agent, editor or... View Article

Why I Self-Publish My Literary Fiction

Self-publish literary fiction Jane Davis

Self-published books are still largely associated with genre novels, while authors tend to turn to traditional publishers for literary fiction. We were curious to hear from someone who has been challenging labels and going against industry wisdom to carve her own niche in the publishing world. Indie author Jane Davis used to be bullied into changing her work just to fit into an easily marketable category. She decided to take matters into her own hands and self-publish her daring, award-winning fiction.  Eimear McBride used the platform provided by her various competition wins to urge publishers to back challenging fiction. McBride had spent... View Article

Is It Worth Partnering With A Book Marketer?

Partner with a Book Marketer

Since starting Reedsy, I’ve heard time and again that “what authors need most help with is marketing.” But that’s akin to saying startups like us primarily need help with fundraising; to me, it’s a startup founder’s job to raise funds when the company needs them, just as it’s a writer’s task to sell his or her book. Sure, help would be appreciated, but going as far as outsourcing? The best startups don’t do that. Of course, I can see the case for bringing on a marketing specialist, particularly when an author is not technically savvy or familiar with social networks... View Article

How to Make a Living as a Freelance Book Editor

Make a living as a freelance book editor

Today, our lovely editor and Reedsy advisor Rebecca Heyman shares her thoughts on building great author-editor relationships. In this article, Becca offers some brilliant no-nonsense advice on how to build your editorial skills, the requirements to establish yourself professionally, and how to go about creating the best job in the world! To a lot of people, my career sounds like a dream: I work from home, earn a great salary, and spend all day, every day talking and thinking about books. You know what? They’re right. If you’re in the book biz—either as an agent, author or an editor just... View Article

One big way that book publishing startups can succeed now

publishing startups

Our co-founder Ricardo was invited as a guest contributor on GigaOm to share his thoughts on publishing startups. Why have major publishers failed to carry the digital disruption started by Amazon? What can startups do to step in successfully? All answers are below! It’s been more than seven years since the introduction of the first Kindle. Ebooks market share seems to be stabilizing at around one-third of total books sold in the U.S. according to the latest reports. But ebooks are just the beginning–the detonator, in a way, of a decade-long disruption of the traditional publishing landscape. Publishers and agents... View Article

The End of The Indie Gold Rush? — A guest post for Bookmachine


I was invited to guest post for Bookmachine and decided to dig deeper in the point made by Kristine Kathryn Rush that we might be at the end of the indie gold rush, if there ever was one. Here’s to starting the year on a positive note! An  ALCS survey in the UK last summer crystallised industry concerns about whether career authorship is a viable profession these days. The report painted a somewhat grim picture for professional and part-time authors alike–regardless of whether those authors publish traditionally or independently. (For a crash-course on the industry landscape, I recommend Kristine Kathryn Rush’s... View Article