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Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing: Which one is right for you?

Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing

In the current publishing landscape, one of biggest consideration an author faces is whether traditional publishing is still their best path to success. In the past, the only way to get your book into the hands of readers was by working with a publisher who could get your book into stores. With the rise of online retailers and ebooks, any author can now access millions of potential readers without the backing of a HarperCollins or a Random House. In this post, we look at the benefits and drawbacks of both traditional publishing and self-publishing. With the help of a short... View Article

How to Perfect Your Submission: Tips From a Publisher

Scott Pack is Associate Editor at Unbound, the world’s first crowdfunding publisher. He is also co-founder of Abandoned Bookshop, an ebook imprint that publishes neglected and forgotten classics. On Reedsy he offers editorial services including developmental and structural edits, editorial reviews, critiques of query letters and submission packages as well as author mentoring. As a publisher, I receive a hell of a lot of submissions. That probably doesn’t surprise you. What may surprise you is that around 50% of the authors who send their manuscripts to me make simple errors that drastically reduce their chances of being published. Quite frankly, I was... View Article

Do I Need a Literary Agent to Find a Publisher?

Do I need a literary agent header

How important is it to have a literary agent to find a publisher? Writers & Artists Editor Alysoun Owen shares her experiences on the role of literary agents in the publishing industry. Who are they, what do they do, and should you find yourself one? Read to find out. Do I need a literary agent? The answer to this much-mooted question asked by thousands of first-time authors is ‘Yes’ (with the parenthetical caveat of ‘But sometimes no’). Allow me to explain… Nearly all fiction – for adults, YA and children – reaches a publisher via a literary agent, a person... View Article

“I’m a huge fan of self-publishing” — An interview with literary agent David Fugate

David Fugate Interview

You know we like to bring you some of publishing’s most forward-thinking voices here on the Reedsy blog. This interview is one we’ve been meaning to do for a while, so you won’t be disappointed… David Fugate is the founder of LaunchBooks Literary Agency. He had worked as a literary agent for 20 years before setting it up, and now represents renowned authors such as Andy Weir (author of The Martian), Scott Berkun (previously interviewed on this blog), or Chris Guillebeau. He has successfully represented a wide range of fiction and nonfiction projects to more than 40 different publishers that have generated in excess of... View Article

Agent-Assisted Publishing: Interviewing Robert Caskie from IPSO Books

Agent-assisted Publishing IPSO books

We started Reedsy around a year ago, thinking mostly about independent authors and hoping to give them, through our marketplace, access to a range of talent that has so far been exclusive to traditional publishing companies. Along the way, however, many different players have come to know about Reedsy, and agencies are one of them — and a very exciting one at that. While the role of the agent is often questioned in an increasingly disintermediated industry, we personally believe agents remain a key link in the publishing chain. Because agencies are closest to the author, and have their best interests... View Article

Launching Query Boot Camp

Query Boot Camp

One of the number-one frustrations we hear from writers is that their query letters go unanswered or elicit only form rejections. For authors determined to land an agent, this can feel especially disheartening–but Reedsy wants to help. We’re launching a new initiative here on the blog: Query Boot Camp. Every month, two brave authors (who shall remain anonymous), will volunteer their unsuccessful query letters and opening pages for review by Reedsy advisor and editor Rebecca Heyman.

The SF Grotto Writers’ Collective — An Interview with Julia Scheeres

In the past few weeks, we’ve been exploring different subjects around the writing craft on the Reedsy blog, giving a place for our exceptional editors’ experience and knowledge to be shared with writers. Today, we want to delve deeper into the subjects of creativity and craft, and interview Julia Scheeres. On top of being a bestselling author and a Reedsy editor, she teaches writing at a fantastic storytellers’ collective in San Francisco. This collective, The Grotto, is actually what we focus on most during our chat. Its founding story is an inspiring one. But we also discuss the narrative non-fiction... View Article

The changing role of editors — An interview with Lane Ashfeldt

Lane Ashfeldt Editor Author

“We tend to associate independent publishing with early-career writers getting their first break, since this is the kind of story that has tended to grab the headlines. But another significant group of authors choosing to self-publish are mid-career writers whose contracts for certain titles have expired.” We say on our homepage that our Reedsy professionals “know the publishing landscape better than a writer knows the taste of hot coffee”. So we like to regularly have their take on it. Today, we interview Lane Ashfeldt, a UK-based freelance editor who has worked both for a small press and directly with authors.... View Article

“The distance between me and my readers is the internet” — An interview with Bob Mayer

Bob Mayer interview

How can indie authors use eBooks to their full advantage, creatively exploiting their potential to be adapted over time and linked to an author’s whole output? Bob Mayer is a New York Times Bestselling Author who is not afraid to explore the incredible new opportunities available to authors. With 60 books published – both traditionally published and indie-published – Bob has sold over four million books. He and is also a leadership speaker and consultant, coaching authors on many aspects of writing and publishing. He is also CEO of Cool Gus Publishing and his latest book Time Patrol has just... View Article