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Was Swearing in my Book Title a Sh*tty Idea?

There's More to Life than a Shitty Cubicle

When not traveling the world, Jeff Wheeland lives in California with his wife and baby daughter. This is his first novel and he may even write another if anyone likes this one. Hell, he may even write another if no one likes this one. In this article, Jeff talks about his decision to swear in the title of his novel, how doing so affected the marketability of his novel, and the role that sensitive language plays in the publishing industry.

What do Women Writers Want from an Editor?

Laurie Garrison, Ph.D. is the director of Women Writers School, a blog and course provider that works mainly with female authors. She has recently self-published a manifesto for her business, Women Writers in the Twenty-First Century. Previously, she was a university lecturer, an internationally renown critic of Victorian literature and the author of the book, Science, Sexuality and Sensation Novels: Pleasures of the Senses. The online world is bursting with free advice for writers. Everywhere I look I see articles geared toward helping the writer shape her emails, pitches, proposals, synopses and, above all, her manuscripts into something an agent, editor or... View Article

CEO and Novelist: An Entrepreneur’s Experience of the Self-Publishing Industry

In 2004, Leonora Meriel founded and managed Ukraine’s largest Internet company. In 2008, after becoming CEO of the company, Leonora decided to return to her dream of being a writer, and went on to self-publish her first novel, “The Woman Behind the Waterfall”. In this guest post, she discusses how her entrepreneurial background inspired her to follow her dream, and how it prepared her to take on the publishing industry.

“I like things a little more visceral…” — An interview with designer Stewart Williams.

We are proud to feature designer Stewart Williams on Reedsy. Stewart’s arresting, beautiful and original designs have spanned a large range of titles from novels to cooking to poetry and a range of non-fiction. We got some great insights into Stewart’s creative process, his approach to different genres and authors, plus the opportunities of a rich online presence. For the unconditional lovers of the written word, I’ve transcribed most of the interview below. But for those who want to take part in the discussion, you can directly join us on the hangout! Hi Stewart, thanks for joining me on this... View Article

Kickstarter for Indie Authors – Talking to Maris Kreizman of Kickstarter Publishing

Just like digital publishing, crowdfunding is something that makes being an indie creative totally feasible. Kickstarter is basically synonymous with crowdfunding, and the first place anyone should look when they’re getting ready to raise. Kickstarter has a whole section of their site dedicated to publishing projects. This is both an awesome way of supporting the community of publishers, and also a great place to go find cool books by new authors! Maris Kreizman is Publishing Project Specialist at Kickstarter. We talked about what’s most important to running a successful Kickstarter campaign, how you set the budget for your campaign, and everything... View Article

“Add your spirits of choice and stir”: Jessica Bell, Independent Author

Jessica Bell has written her way across a variety of genres: in fiction, a variety of thriller and drama novels; in non-fiction, writing guides including the ’…in a Nutsell’; poetry; and the vignette, a form she’s resurrected with the Vine Leaves Literary Journal. So where to start? With our interview below! We talked to Jessica about being an indie author, how she works creatively, her style, and the benefits of being part of great indie associations like the ALLi! Enjoy! Jessica Bell is Australian novelist, poet, and singer/songwriter/guitarist who lives in Athens, Greece. In addition to her novels, her poetry collections (including Fabric,... View Article